Take Our Colleges Back!!

via The Weekly Standard by  SCOTT YENOR

Conservative criticisms of the modern university are as old as modern conservatism itself. And yet criticism has not led to a reformation of the university. Quite the opposite: Despite conservative complaints, our universities have continued to drift even farther away from the ideas and forms that allowed Western Civilization to give birth to the academy in the first place.

But perhaps we’re nearing a tipping point. The rise in student debt, combined with the increase in campus radicalism, has caused the public’s once-durable support for higher education to slip. A solid majority of Republicans now thinks universities have a “negative impact” on society. But it’s not just Republicans. A survey in early 2017 found that just 14 percent of Americans had a great deal of confidence in higher education—this down from 42 percent in 2005.

We can trace this public skepticism to a genuine transformation in higher education. Scholars have documented the professoriate’s marked left-wing turn over the past decade. We’ve now seen violence break out at premier institutions such as the University of Missouri, Middlebury, and Berkeley. Formerly radical schools such as Evergreen State in Washington have gone from “extremely progressive” to quasi-insane.

The complete story here > Take Our Colleges Back: A Blueprint for Rolling Back Campus Radicalism

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