Vicki McKenna is a converted conservative, and reformed Marxist. She graduated Beloit College w/a degree in Communism (sociology), and pursued graduate studies at the University of Denver in applied Marxism (social theory). After realizing that in order to pay rent, she would probably need an expanded skill set beyond Revolution 101, she decided to embrace her inner-false consciousness and get a job.

A sluggish economy at the beginning of the 90s meant she'd have to think outside the box, and realized that her training in Social Justice double speak made her perfectly suited to the world of Media.

A few tax returns into her career it occurred to her that perhaps this whole collectivism thing was a whole lot of nonsense, and after a chance encounter w/former Congressman Mark Neuman, she found a book by Milton Friedman at the Beloit Public Library.

That is when the fog of socialism parted permanently.

Embarrassed by her wasted days of misspent college, and determined to share her wonder at how she could pay so much for a education that taught her so little, she embarked on a career that would help her share the pathway out of economic and political ignorance with others--and the Vicki McKenna Show was born.

She's been called a Nazi (not true, she abhors Hitler and supports Israel), Atilla the Hun (she confesses to liking this one, although she's never conquered any countries in central or eastern Europe) and a "self-loathing so-called woman" for daring to reject her college indoctrination, and think differently in the People's Republic of Madison and beyond. But she also knows how true the old cliche is: if they're shooting at you, you're over the target.

She's won a bunch of media awards, spoke truth-to-power on all the cable news stations, except MSNBC--because of course not. She likes guns, dogs, football, veterans and 80s pop culture--and she once got arrested at a U2 concert.