Mark Belling is the afternoon drive time host on News/Talk 1130 WISN-AM in Milwaukee. Mark is one of the best known local talk show hosts in America. Mark's show is a mixture of his principled conservatism, lifestyle issues and anything else "I feel like talking about."

2/22/2024 Today's moon landing - LIVE audio.

2/21/2024 Eric Hovde joins Dan at 5 pm.

Guest: Eric Hovde joins Dan previewing his race against Tammy Baldwin. Charges filed today against Adam Westbrook for possession of child porn. President Biden and student loan forgiveness.

2/20/2024 Haley NOT dropping out. Hip Hop fun!

Democrat Jamaal Bowman wants hip hop to have a seat at the house. Nikki Haley will NOT drop out of the race. Vaccine misinformation from the past 3 years; after studies show some side effects of the vaccine. Biden slowing EV standards down according to MSNBC. And... new Beatles movies?

2/19/2024 Robin Vos joins Dan LIVE!

Assembly speaker Robin Vos on the new maps and Governor Evers. Dan asks Vos about criticism he doesn't fight hard enough for the Rebublicans. Tammy Baldwin event - protestors out of hand Sunday downtown Milwaukee. Convicted drunk driver who killed 5 gets... just 25 years.

2/15/2024 Fani Willis testimony today.

Dan O' Donnell on the Willis testimony; covered her live testimony. Mark Belling joins Dan to talk about legislation and a vote in Madison that reeks, regarding the grid and power plants. Dan updates us on the Kansas City shooting and who the suspects are ... White House responds with more... gun control?

2/14/2024 Dan O' Donnell - shooting at Chief's parade.

Fitchburg police station proposal gets heated. Shooting at the Chief's victory parade celebration today. LIVE coverage of the mass shooting, killing one and hitting 22 victims - fluid story covered all afternoon. And, it IS Valentine's Day ... Dan's thoughts.

2/13/2024 Dan O on Fat Tuesday! Wisconsin traditions.

MPS referendum. KJP defends President Biden as best as she can during press conferences, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to do. Will Michelle Obama run for Presidency? Dan explains why she will NOT run. The alleged Trans gun woman.

2/12/2024 Dan O' Donnell - Woke Super Bowl.

Houston shooter's pronouns. KJP tries her best to defend Biden's cognitive abilities. Dan asks about the Black National Anthem at Super Bowl and wonders what the white anthem could be... tune in to find out!

2/8/2023 Biden's document ruling; SCOTUS on ballots

SCOTUS on if Trump should be on ballot. Biden's document case. Bucks make a couple of trades today.

2/7/2024 Dan O' Donnell - Biden and Pelosi talk ... age.

Trump leads for first time ever in a Marquette poll - EVER! Wisconsin a critical swing state. Pelosi endorses Biden (sort of) and concern over his age. Can Biden just fix the border like that? Yes, he can, if he wants to. A Chippewa Falls mass murder plot.