Mark Belling is the afternoon drive time host on News/Talk 1130 WISN-AM in Milwaukee. Mark is one of the best known local talk show hosts in America. Mark's show is a mixture of his principled conservatism, lifestyle issues and anything else "I feel like talking about."

9/21/2023 Hit and run story with a twist. Low bail.

9/20/2023 The left always does as they're told.

Democrats, the left, tend to always do what they are told; no questions or arguments. Why? Mark gives several examples, including nobody questioning Biden's performance. The left doesn't follow their own low standards. Garland being questioned under oath regarding Jan. 6th. Another high school football program is dumped: Waukesha South won't play due to lack of players.

9/19/2023 Senate lowers dress standards. Lying.

After Senator Fetterman dresses in shorts and a hoodie, the Senate votes for a casual dress code. Did they just lower standards? Biden's lies about Hunter continue to mount. Trump's stance on abortion on Meet the Press Sunday. UAW strike.... what is Trump's position?

9/1823 - UAW strike Day 4: GM threatens to send 2,000 workers home

UAW strike Day 4: GM threatens to send 2,000 workers home, Ford cuts 600 jobs / Teacher turnover at 11%, according to recently released data / The real data behind the new COVID vaccines the White House is pushing / John Fetterman can now wear shorts on the Senate floor thanks to dress code rule change

9/14/2023 MGM is hacked. Thursday Football picks!

A startup sees gold in offering 3% mortgage rates - Roam, allows sellers to transfer their mortgage loans to the buyer alongside the house. A psychedelic counselor in Waukesha walks around town naked. Mark's weekly Football preview and picks!

9/14/2023 Biden is beyond confused at this point.

The President hits new lows while and Vietnam and literally is taken off the stage. Why is the Cudahy football coach stepping down? Immigration policies in the U.S. are plain stupid. Mark explains why. And, a space record is set!

9/12/2023 Election commission. Milwaukee Co. jail.

Mark discusses Meagan Wolfe of the elections Commission. Aaron Rodgers season ending injury discussed. Milwaukee County jail inmate deaths. Brewer's David Stearns will leave for the N.Y. Mets. NY Times wonders why Joe Biden is not liked. Green Bay Packer's dominance over the Chicago Bears the last 30 years.

9/11/2023 Allegations against Michigan St. coach.

Racine dance academy instructor charged with child pornography - academy does not inform parents. The fight over electric vehicle chargers goes all the way up to the secretary of energy. Allegations against Michigan State coach, Mel Tucker, by a woman while they had a phone conversation. Coco Gauff's US Open victory... A star is born.

9/7/2023 College rankings unveiled. Football Thursday!

Marquette ranks as #1 college in the state. UWM doesn't even crack top 400 nationally. Crime in Milwaukee, just like Chicago, is out of control. Rental car companies buying up electric vehicles. Thursday football picks!

9/6/2023 Chicago crime skyrockets! Obama/Tucker.

Larry Sinclair's claims of sex and drugs with Obama. Crime riddled Chicago is one more example of the left's leadership not working. UW Madison attack on a female student.