Mark Belling is the afternoon drive time host on News/Talk 1130 WISN-AM in Milwaukee. Mark is one of the best known local talk show hosts in America. Mark's show is a mixture of his principled conservatism, lifestyle issues and anything else "I feel like talking about."

5/23/2024 Target down, Nvidia up today! Odd economy.

5/22/2024 More Biden gaffes. Butker backlash.

Harrison Butker backlash after his commencement speech. Biden's speech to NAACP full of mistakes... 9 total!

5/21/2024 The death of Red Lobster. Best cities in America to live in. Local pervert in trouble.

All you can eat doomed Red Lobster and their business model. US News & World Report's list of best cities to live in. Stelio Kalkounos, managing partner of Five O'Clock Steak House, has been indicted for allegedly sex trafficking a minor.

5/20/2024 Mark addresses lower standards in education. Sean Diddy Combs apologizes.

Mark finally watches the Barbie movie! Sean Diddy Combs video released... clearly showing he beat up his girlfriend. Educational standards have dropped.

5/16/2024 Trump and Biden agree to debate... BUT, there are rules. Who will benefit the most?

Earlier than normal election year debate scheduled in June for Trump and Biden. But, rules are no live audience, microphones turned off ... does this help Biden? Mark makes the case it could hurt Trump.

5/15/2024 WIAA has turned into a "Karen" - rules are rules! Local

WIAA story that explains what Mark has been claiming for years - WIAA is about power and "rules are rules" people that run it are a bunch of Karens. Ascension cyber security issues... they are not alone! Insider trading and meme stocks.

5/14/2024 UWM essentially caved in to protestors. Perversion on the internet. School fight.

Charges filed against an assistant principal. UWM just caves on the protestors ... Mark reads their statement, which sounded like it was written by the protestors. Perverts and the internet ... ads targeted to specific groups. Inflation in America.

5/13/2024 Trump holds a huge rally; polls show him up in swing states. Seinfeld's Duke speech.

Coffee taken off the CPI, costs have driven up so high - 78% in a year! UWM protestors booted out, but who won this stand off? Stormy Daniels just wasn't a good witness. Jerry Seinfeld's speech at Duke shows he is stepping out of his liberal bubble.... sort of. Mark plays the speech.

5/9/2024 Biden lies and lies and lies... Ascension health has big time computer issues.

Ascension health cyber attack. Biden's campaign lies continue. President claims he inherited inflation and is lowering it.

5/8/2024 Backlash if Biden loses... Mark addresses the "what if's" - Trump trial and Stormy.

Holman Jenkins Wall St. Journal column on coverage of Trump and potential backlash if Trump actually beats Biden! Double standards on the trial and Stormy's testimony. Where does someone really live? Listen to find out Mark's thoughts!