Don’t Panic Over Omicron

Jay Weber Show transcript 12-22-21 7:10am

So, some of the biggest vaccine bullies in the media are now getting it.

CNBC’s loudmouth, Jim Cramer, has been on a jihad against the unvaccinated-and has gone so far as to call for a nationwide, mandatory, forced vaccine...

And now he’s got covid, despite being double-vaxed and boosted.

Stephen a. Smith-the ESPN loudmouth who has been bashing any NBA player who chose not to get vaccinated- now has covid. Despite being vaccinated. He hasn’t gotten the booster yet. So, ESPN’s biggest loudmouth -insisting the vaccines will protect you- has covid.

And i want to be clear right off the bat- i am not trashing the vaccines. I believe in them. I am not mocking people who got vaccinated for being stupid. I am triple vaxed.

I am pointing out the lunacy of the position that these vax bullies in the leftist media are taking.


It is not a -moral failing-if you catch get a case of covid.

It is not- a personal failure- if you test positive for covid.It does not- make you dirty- if you test positive for covid...

But it’s people like Cramer and Smith, along with Fauci and Biden and the bullying vax hustlers who have worked overtime to make Americans feel that way: as if it is some sort of moral failing if you don’t get vaxxed and catch covid.

Well- they got vaxxed-and caught covid. So, did they fail the country, too?

Are they not ‘patriots? According to Joe Biden?

Are they to be looked upon a dirty, disgusting people who probably weren’t washing their hands or wearing their masks?

Jim Cramer looks to me like he might be the sort of guy who has his fingers in his nose a lot.Is he a dirty, booger picking, covid leper now?

Jim Cramer-just last week-called for a mandatory national vaccination effort and said, yes, we should bring out the military to force it onto people, if possible.

He and smith have both advocated that, yes, yes, people should be fired for not getting vaccinated: yes, forced unemployment was just fine, because we got to protect America from covid.

Well? They’re both well vaxxed, and caught it. Should they be fired now, for potentially spreading it in the workplace?

And neither of their cases sound serious- probably because of the vaccinations they had. Their symptoms are mild.

But that should be the argument for getting the vaccine, shouldn’t it.

Because it would be more honest: getting vaccinated isn’t going to guarantee you don’t get the virus...but it will make it far more likely you get only a mild case of it, and it is likely to save the lives of the old and vulnerable.

And for the very first time, yesterday, we heard the Biden white house admit that. Take that narrative, when promoting the virus.

It is the narrative they should pivot to, and they should drop the bullying effort, all together. It is high time to tell Americans: you know the risks by now. You know about the vaccines by now. So ‘you do you’.

But we know 80 percent of the people in the hospital are unvaccinated and we know these vaccines work well against the virus. You aren’t bullet-proof, no. But you are better protected. Especially the elderly.

I also heard a Biden official say for the first time that -even as omicron sweeps most of the cases will be mild with a quick recovery.

Now- Joe Biden didn’t say that in his speech yesterday, i don’t believe....

But- his minion admitted it in follow up interviews, afterward.

Again- it is high time that Biden’s admin and the CDC leaders start telling some simple truths about covid.They would have -far-more credibility with the American people.

For the first time yesterday-I heard CNN’s medical expert, ‘something woo’’s an Asian doctor...and I’m blanking on her name....

She said yesterday: don’t wear a cloth mask. They are useless against covid. They are just a fashion statement, at this point.

Hey, I consider that a partial win...but she should have included -paper, and all masks that aren’t a medical grade mask-in that assessment.

It’s time to admit: the masks are useless.

What was it?Maybe two weeks ago that we started talking about this omicron variant that they were dealing with in South Africa?

Do you know that it is-already? - the dominant strain in America?

Now-that-is a fast spreader.

Our CDC says omicron is now responsible for about 73 percent of the new covid cases they are seeing. That’s nuts.

That. Is a fast spreader.

But again-it’s not deadly.

We are already talking about, presumably, hundreds of thousands of Americans who are carrying it, and so far, there is only one omicron related death in America. It’s a guy in Texas who was already health-compromised and unvaccinated.

In fact-this guy had already had covid once and fought it off, so he probably thought he had lasting immunity. But he couldn’t fight off omicron with his existing health complications, is what doctors are saying...

And so that’s-one death. One. So far, in America, related to omicron. There’s still no need to panic. But it is such a fast-spreader-

And so infectious-that it’s already accounting for 3 out of every 4 new cases in America.

So, you see how fast it’s taking over. One week-it was about one of every ten cases. The next week. It was 7 out of every ten.

But having omicron take over as the dominant strain and crowd out delta is a good thing, according to these experts who say it could signal the end of the pandemic if a mild form sweeps thru the global population, everyone fights it off and gets some natural immunity, and we move forward.

I have also read about a doomsday scenario in which researchers are saying: if someone would have the more deadly delta virus and then catch the omicron virus-the two could mutate into a super-virus that is both a super-fast spreader and as deadly as delta.

That! Would mean cause for more global alarm than this omicron variant.

But before you panic- remember that even delta-isn’t that deadly.99 percent of humans are surviving the delta strain, and those who it kills are nearly all over the age of 70 and unhealthy.

We need to keep this all-in larger perspective.

Which is why Biden, Fauci, and the leftist bullies in these major cities shouldn’t be crying wolf and rushing to more shutdowns over omicron. If it’s a mild strain, treat it like a mild strain, and admit it- or the next time, when a deadlier strain could be coming- no one is going to believe you.

Folks, our federal government, and most of our state and local public health offices have lost-all credibility- because they have been engaged in overhyping and scare tactics in attempts to manipulate the public for nearly two years now.

Omicron is in nearly all 50 states-and is in 89 countries around the globe now. Literally-millions of people are carriers. Millions.

Folks, we have eight recorded deaths. Eight.

Seven in Britain and one in Texas....all related to immune compromised people.

Don’t Panic Over Omicron.

And I don’t think most people are, despite the left’s attempts to ratchet up the fear and closures, again.

The president’s speech yesterday was both useless, and already too late. It was just more pushing of vaccines and testing, instead of moving forward with better fixes.

And it’s too late because omicron is already here. And we’ll get to Biden’s speech later.

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