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The crush at the border

Merrick Garland's frustrating testimony on the hill

Chicago's mayor proposes city-run grocery stores, Cong Tom Tiffany on Garland's testimony, Sen John Fetterman is the poster child of today's Democrat party

Mayor Johnson's budget raises taxes and fees.

Biden caught lying again about bringing down healthcare costs, Looks like the UAW strike is fizzling

Rep Rob Brooks on the latest AM/FAM stadium funding bill

Trumps miss on the abortion issue, Biden and the Democrats are killing off the American dream for young people.

This could be the week that the sand shifts under Biden's wobbly feet

Jack Smith orders a gag order on Donald Trump, AOC and the left get hammered over the illegal immigrants in the blue cities, Green Bay Grapevine

The Fed Gun charges on Hunter is just the start to protect Joe Biden

State Senate had a busy day overriding Tony Evers, Cong Glenn Grothman on the inflation increase, Green Bay Grapevine

Bidenomics must be working with inflation ticking up again

The "age" question is really building steam in DC, Crime is so bad, it's spilling into the suburbs in blue cities, The impeachment inquiry is needed

Speaker Robin Vos on live with new GOP redistricting plan

Kevin McCarthy announces an impeachment inquiry, The question that should be asked by the media..WHO'S REALLY RUNNING THE COUNTRY

None of the New Mexico lawmen are willing to enforce the Gov's ban on carry

Dems are in a panic over the Biden nightmare, A major UAW auto strike is looming, and a vote for Biden is a vote for Kammy

NM Governor's lawless ban on gun owners

Big Packer win, 2/3's of Californians say no to reparations, Oil prices are going to spike again