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Cong Bryan Steil on live to talk about the debt ceiling showdown

Biden's new regulations are starting to take hold

New poll finds a full 65% of voters say Biden is TOO OLD, It's finally sinking in for voters in Chicago...UH-OH....

GOP Governors sending illegals to Blue Cities sent the right message

The pushback on woke companies picks up steam, Ron DeSantis will announce his run tonight on Twitter, The argument to shared revenue in Madison

Senator Tim Scott announced his bid for Vice President

Putin got screwed on his "great" hypersonic missiles, Trump spent 15 million attacking DeSantis already, McCarthy says Biden caved to the Sanders crowd in the debt ceiling debate

Latest on the debt ceiling fight

Tim Scott is in, The trans movement is losing steam, The Marxist horde is coming for subway hero Daniel Kelly

Pelosi and Schiff's plan to use and abuse Feinstein

DeSantis enters the race next week, Scott Manley of WMC on live with a push for parity in per-student funding.

It's clear Kevin McCarthy is winning the debt ceiling war

GOP has to get serious about their abortion messaging, Liz Warren's consumer protection bureau is likely to be shout down.

Everyone knew Hillary coordinated the hoax from the beginning

The wave of gender-bullying and wokeism isn't going to stop because the left hopes to wear you down, Evers meets with the GOP over budget

The Durham report and GOP Biden findings completely ignored by MSM

Ron DeSantis closes the deal on DEI reform, The HOP continues to haunt, Now the nannies want to remove flavored milk from school lunches

Joe Biden Labels White Supremacists as Biggest Terror Threat to the Nation

Congressman Glen Grothman talks about terror threat to the Nation and Biden family corruption / Ron DeSantis had a very good weekend in Iowa as Tornado warnings keep Donald Trump away / Biden labels white supremacists as biggest terror threat to the nation