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Anne Walsh-Bradley's retirement puts the WI Supreme Court back in play

Democrat strategists panic over the loss of centrist, young and minority voters

After 3 years after promising to recover fraudulent covid relief money, Mayorkas makes his first appearance in front of congress today.

Inflation ticked up to 3.5%

The latest jobs report was as good as the Biden administration would have you believe, Ukraine funding back in play on the hill

Trump takes the emotion and political sting out of the abortion issue

The NAIA conference bans biological men from competing in women's sports, DC insiders are genuinely surprised that Biden **beeped* up America's role in the Hamas war.

Sen Ron Johnson joins the show at 6:40

Trump raised twice the amount as Biden in a weekend fundraiser, Biden in Madison it buy some more votes today.

President Biden on Israel, MPS & Eric Hovde

Ben Yount is in for Jay as he talks Chicago's migrant problem, Eric Hovde joins the show and MPS asks for more money.

Oregon & Drugs, Trump/Biden Wisconsin Polls and the IRS & the middle-class.

Governor Evers says drop boxes are secure & safe, Wausau's mayor lost and Benjamin Yount is back!

Recap of the Primary election results, JR Ross and Robin Voss join the show

todays young workers suck, RFK Jr validating Trumps claims and more on a Wednesday!

Election day...and Opening Day for the Brewers

Trumps path to victory is clearing for him, A new Bloomberg poll finds younger voters turning on Biden, When will America wise up to embrace nuclear power

Biden's White House goes out their way to insult Christians

Mike Nichols of Badger Institute on the State school's absentee problem, Gov Evers screwed pretty much everyone on Wisconsin on Good Friday