Ever notice how the liberals telling us what a bunch of knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing racists we are for not supporting liberal woke politics are mostly WHITE?

Take Pete Buttigieg, for example. This guy is so white, he looks like a South Park character. But there he is--at a campaign event, telling everyone that all the Trump supporters (all 63 million of them!) are RACIST.

This guy is polling around 4% with black voters. Meanwhile, the Mean Orange President, Donald Trump is pulling in around 34%. Trump is beating the failed mayor of South Bend by EIGHT TO ONE! But white-as-a-sheet-wearing-Klansman Mayor Pete says THOSE black folks are...say it with me: RACIST!

Not to be outdone, the pale, pasty figures of avowed socialist Bernie "Doc Brown" Sanders and neo-socialist Elizabeth "1/1024th Native American" Warren ALSO have already pronounced President Trump a "white supremacist".

Guess those black Trump supporters are too stupid to realize they're voting for a white supremacist? Must be.

Hey, I'm not the only one noticing all the woke white people. Woke black people are ALL WOKED UP, over it, too!

The Democrats and their enables really HAVE become so desperate that they'll say ANYTHING. This is weapons-grade bigotry.

I do worry a lot about it, though. Public schools all over the country (including ALL of them in WI) have been busy trying to indoctrinate YOUR children and grandchildren into their warped, "woke" and racist world, as I recently explained in a piece titled "Racism 2.0" I published at Empower Wisconsin.

I had a chance to chat about all of this with Project 21's Horace Cooper. Mr. Cooper is a retired professor of Constitutional law and a former senior legal counsel to the US House of Representatives. Oh, and he's BLACK. Imagine what he thought when he found out that, according to the left, HE is also a white supremacist-supporting racist! Have a listen!

Vicki McKenna

Vicki McKenna

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