WI woman attacked by homeless man and bucket of feces as CA hits new low

Many of you have already heard the harrowing, horrifying and utterly revolting story of Heidi Van Tassell, the woman who was violently attacked by a homeless man as she was getting into her car outside a restaurant in Hollywood, California. What you may not have heard was how this Wisconsin-native, turned California resident was dismissed by the same system that enabled California's homeless crisis in the first place. When a man beats you, drags you out of your car, then pours a bucket of steaming liquid feces on your head, and leaves you to dodge traffic on Hollywood Boulevard, you would EXPECT he would be arrested, incarcerated--or placed in mental health facility for a very long time.

That didn't happen. Instead, he's back out on the streets--and she is left to fend for herself in a city and in a state that put her attacker's welfare above hers, and everyone else's.

I met Heidi only this past weekend, via email. I had briefly discussed her story last week on air, apparently leaving the impression that she didn't want to see her attacker incarcerated. She heard about my segment from a WI friend, and sent me a very nice email explaining that although she believes the man is profoundly mentally ill, she WANTS him taken off the streets--for a very long period of time.

I apologized to Heidi for leaving the wrong impression about her reaction to her attack, and asked her on my program. She agreed.

Heidi Van Tassell is a nice woman. She follows the law. She pays her taxes. She worked hard and made a go of a career in a place where it's tough to succeed. She deserves better.

Listen to Heidi tell her story in her own words below.


Vicki McKenna

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