Sen Ron Johnson explain the real meaning of Trump's Ukraine phone call.


Listen as Senator Ron Johnson and I discuss the so-called "whistleblower", a hardcore anti-Trump partisan named Eric Ciaramella. Ciaramella is an intel operative who has direct ties to deep-state liars John Brennan and Susan Rice. He was also closely tied to Hillary's DNC operation and worked for candidate Joe Biden.

Since Johnson is one of the key senators working on Ukraine issues with President Trump, he has unique knowledge regarding the phone call between Pres. Trump and the leader of Ukraine. Johnson explains the reasons why President Trump considered withholding military aid to Ukraine--and the importance of investigating why Former Vice President Biden personally pressured Ukraine to drop a prosecution of his son, Hunter's company.

Johnson is currently asking Sec. of State Mike Pompeo seeking answers to questions regarding the way a consulting firm hired by Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company, appears to have used Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma’s board to possibly influence the US State Department on Ukraine issues.

Meanwhile, we have now learned that the Mueller Report cited Ciaramella on Russia/Ukraine emails. The same emails were eventually leaked to the press to cast a pall on President Trump. Was Ciaramella the leaker? It's starting to look that way.

Listen to Sen. Ron Johnson below.

Vicki McKenna

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