UNHINGED: Rashida Talib thinks my winks are conspiracies~~Vicki McKenna


On Tuesday, far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) accused conservative witness Vicki McKenna of engaging in a "conspiracy" for "winking" during a congressional oversight and reform hearing on vaping.

Mckenna, a 51-year-old Wisconsin woman who quit smoking after 23 years with the help of vaping products, was invited by Republicans to speak at the hearing. Tlaib, disturbed by the witness' apparently conservative personal politics, tried to discredit Vicki through a bizarre "conspiracy" charge — even though it was President Donald Trump, a Republican, who recently pushed a flavored vaping ban.

"I was reading because I wanted to know more about you and your beliefs and I respect that — we all have different beliefs," started in the Democrat. "But you call yourself a 'converted conservative' and 'reformed Marxist'? Are you a conspiracy theorist?"

"I think my politics are entirely irrelevant to this hearing," McKenna replied.

"Oh okay, why were you winking at one of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle? You winked," Tlaib pressed.

"Because I know Glenn Grothman," Vicki answered.

"So the winking —," interrupted Tlaib.

"He introduced me. He's a friend of mine," said McKenna.

Tlaib then amped up the the strange attack on the witness.

"Okay, [I] understand," she said. "I didn't know what the winking was, 'cause I thought maybe there was something, like a conspiracy thing going on there. I didn't know."

Vicki asked the congresswoman, "You think theres a conspiracy in this hearing, ma’am?"

"No, no," Tlaib, seemingly annoyed, answered. "People are speaking truth here, and you can provide information —."

"May I address the truth?" asked McKenna.

"Well the truth to you is very different for the majority of people in this room who do believe children are being targeted," the Democrat told McKenna.

"The truth for me is that I quit smoking with e-cigarettes and so did eight million other people," the witness answered.


Vicki McKenna

Vicki McKenna

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