A judge appointee for some pot?

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Why can't Trump drain the swamp?  Because the senate is sitting on Trump nominees for the Department of Justice.  Despite Session's confirmation, the Obama administration is still running the show at D.O.J.

J. Christian Adams has more here: http://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/373051-obama-holdovers-at-the-justice-department-still-run-the-show

It's even worse than you think.  Adams researched exactly WHO the Obama admin selected to embed in the most powerful positions at D.O.J. The research was mind blowing--every single one of the hand picked D.O.J lawyers selected by Obama were far left, activist minded radicals.  Read about it here :https://pjmedia.com/blog/every-single-one-since-2009-obamas-doj-civil-rights-division-hired-only-leftist-lawyers-hundreds/

Wait, it gets even WORSE.  The REASON the senate is sitting on Trump's important D.O.J division head nominees is absurd.  Sen. Cory Gardner, a REPUBLICAN, is holding up the nominees over his disagreement with Jeff Sessions...over POT. 

Listen to the interview:

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