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ACLU sues over RNC's protest zones

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-7-24 6:40am

So…. this ‘protest zone’ issue for the RNC convention in Milwaukee here next month-still-isn’t worked out. 

It’s ridiculous that the secret service simply will not acknowledge that Pier Marquette Park is a stupid place to put it- not only because it is in in between the two main streets that convention attendees need to walk in order to get to the Fiserv-

So-not only is that location inviting clashes and conflicts and potential violence…but also…

I don’t know if some of you heard the latest: there’s some landscaping there that includes a bunch of red bricks. You know, the kind that they will lay down in different patterns to create a sidewalk or a patio.

Apparently, there are bricks as part of that landscaping that could easily be pried up by protestors and used as projectiles-

So that has become part of the issue- and still- whoever is making these decisions at Biden’s secret service simply won’t agree to assign a different, more logical, less dangerous protest zone.

The secret service director is still giving reporters a bunch of very generic, reassuring, unconvincing statements -indicating this will be a ‘safe and secure’ convention- but her lack of concern over any of this-and her generic dismissals of concerns and questions-is approaching overt jackassery…if you ask me.

And now the ACLU has sued over a so-called ‘marching route’.    

Months ago, the Milwaukee common council unanimously approved a specific route in which ‘marches’ will be allowed-

And again-this is all done to help law enforcement and help keep the city safe-while also protecting the first amendment rights of protestors.

They have a right to protest-but they don’t have a right to disrupt the entire city or create dangerous situations or violent conflicts and call that ‘protest’....and so….one way that law enforcement and lawmakers have dealt with these things over time is to create specific ‘protest zones’ that allow them to say to the protestors: you can protest ‘here’.

That way-when the protestors insist on making trouble in other parts of the city- they can be managed or arrested. It sounds like Cavalier Johnson is going to let groups protest pretty much anywhere they want-anyway-though

So- in march-the city council- at the urging of the secret service, I’m sure- approved a specific route for protest marches.

Now the lefty activist groups are suing over it.

And get this- the actual route hasn’t been specifically outlined yet.

And still-the ACLU is suing.

A j’/s story says:

ACLU sues City of Milwaukee over Republican National Convention demonstration plans

What’s interesting about this is- these protest zones have been used at conventions on both sides of the aisle since the Clinton era…and in Chicago just a month later….in august….as the dems have their convention… the Chicago/DNC protest zone is three miles from the convention center.

Three miles. And apparently, these same organizations have filed lawsuits down there to challenge them.

So, the rabid activists are ‘on the march’ this year. 

If these protestors can’t get into the Fiserv and disrupt things…if they can’t physically clash with convention goers….they won’t be happy.

They got to sue to try to make that happen.

And again- you don’t want to alarm convention-goers. There are expected to be 50 to 60-thousand people coming to the city to enjoy themselves and party and participate-

But when Jeffery Norman, the police chief, is saying he’ll get help from the national guard if necessary- it gives you a sense of how concerned these leaders-are-about safety behind the scenes.

And they should be.

And let’s be clear: they should be-and they need to be- because democrats and liberals became so unhinged in the trump era that they suddenly decided that violence and rioting-are- protest.

For 250 years-violence has never been considered legitimate protest. The democrats agreed-getting violent. Rioting. Was ‘out of bounds. That is not protected protest and its outrageous behavior.

And then-

Because they lost an election in 2016 that they had worked hard to rig and win- they came unglued.

Suddenly-in 2019 and 2020- violence and rioting-were okay with them. Burning down and looting our cities -was- okay with them-so long as the rioters and looters were on their side. 

And don’t even bring up Jan sixth: that was a few hundred idiots and nearly all of us on the right and in the GOP denounced that immediately.

So, lets acknowledge who both the RNC-and the DNC- are planning for-and are so worried about this year: left wing protestors. It’s always the leftists who are feeling the need to get aggressive and riot.  

These secret service plans…national guard alerts’…aren’t being put in place because there’s a worry that the proud boys might turn up in Milwaukee or Chicago.

Nope. That’s the leftist myth that these democrats try to sell…

Instead, they are worried about Antifa, BLM, and the quote ‘dozens of leftist organizations who have announced they are protesting the conventions this year.

Folks-the ACLU isn’t suing because the heritage foundation or the landmark liberty foundation are planning to disrupt the city.


The left always wants to claim the KKK or white supremacist groups are ‘conservative’ groups when they’re not. They are borne out of old southern democrat hatreds…. but just for argument's sake-

The ACLU isn’t suing because the KKK or neo-Nazi groups can’t protest these conventions ‘close up’ and clash with attendees outside.

No-the ACLU is a rabidly leftist organization now, itself, and is only suing because Antifa and BLM and socialists for justice and Jew haters for Palestine…  

Those types of groups…cannot get close enough to clash with attendees. That’s why these lawsuits are being filed. This is all-leftist- activism….

And sadly…. most of it is ‘anti-America’, anti-capitalism, anti-west activism.  

We have America-hating groups demanding a prominent role in this year’s conventions- and we’re all supposed to bend over backward to accommodate them…

Or not speak up when Biden’s secret service keeps these haters 3 miles away from the Chicago convention site-but puts them just a block away from the Fiserv here in Milwaukee-and practically gives them the bricks to throw at republican protestors as they walk by.

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photo credit: Fox 6 News Milwaukee

audio version of the segment here > ACLU sues over RNC's protest zones

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