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The second Robin Vos recall attempt is the same as the first

photo credit: Wisconsin Right Now

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-6-24 6:40am

When we ‘last left’ the second Robin Vos recall attempt-the organizers had submitted a second ‘more legitimate’ attempt to actually get enough signatures to force a recall.

And yes-

This would be a recall in a district that speaker Vos is no longer going to be serving in, anyway, as of next year: all the district boundaries have changed.

And no-this recall wouldn’t affect his campaign to run and serve in that new district-which he intends to do.

And so, yes, this entire recall attempt is a grand waste of time and money that’s being orchestrated by some combination of bitter conservatives who hate Vos for personal reasons....and activist leftists who are only too happy to help annoy and antagonize the speaker...

So, it’s just a farce.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not real.  I assume that the folks behind this recall didn’t half-ass and fake signatures for a second time-or they’d really look dumb-

And so-I assumes the bulk of these signatures now collected are real and valid-and a recall election may happen.

But for the record- Jessica McBride of Wisconsin Right Now has been looking at the signature paperwork that was submitted...and reports today that.... the bulk of the people behind this aren’t even from Wisconsin.

It-again-makes you question how legitimate this effort to ‘get Vos’ really is-and who’s behind it. Because it seems quite apparent now that-it is not the voters in Vos’s district that want him gone.

Instead, it’s a smallish group of whiners and carpers....who want to pretend that there’s all sorts of community ‘buy in’ here.

McBride reported:

 About two-thirds of the 114 people who collected signatures to force a recall against Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos were from out of state, a Wisconsin Right Now review of nomination papers found.

A post on social media offered $2,000 a week to out-of-state circulators willing to come to Wisconsin to collect signatures against Vos, and one circulator listed a local hotel as his home address before crossing it out.

Now-that doesn’t mean that the signatures are illegitimate or need to be tossed out-but it does suggest that this is an effort that has so little genuine, organic support that its organizers need to pay people to do the leg work.

It strongly suggests that.

McBride reports:

The Wisconsin Election Commission has not yet ruled whether the recallers submitted enough valid signatures. The WEC also has not determined whether a recall could even go forward, since district boundaries were redrawn.

Of the 114 circulators in the second Vos recall, about 38 were from Wisconsin. That means that two-thirds, or about 67%, were from out-of-state. They came from Washington DC, Arkansas, Hawaii, California, Illinois, and other states.

So, there may be a bunch of problems with this batch of signatures, too. We’ll have to wait and see whether the Wisconsin election commission accepts them as valid.... or at least enough of them valid to force a recall-

Then there’s this: last week, a man I’d never heard of before stepped up to challenge Robin Vos in this recall election.

The move came the day after JR Ross and i had talked about how- on top of everything else that’s silly and unserious about this Vos recall- is the fact that its organizers don’t even have a better alternative to Vos. They don’t even have a candidate of their own to run against him-

In either the recall or the more legitimate august primary election.

My question was: why even go thru the effort if you don’t have a plan for ‘who comes next’?Is the scummy Adam Steen going to run again?


A day or two later-J/S did a story about how one ‘Andrew Sigg-eel-ski has announced he’s running in the august primary for his new district.

Fine. So, Vos-will-have a challenger. 

East Troy man announces primary challenge to Assembly Speaker Robin Vos he an East Troy businessman? Student? Lawyer? Janitor? 

Who is Andrew sig-eel-ski?   I assumed he was a perfectly legit member of that Vos district who wanted to run for office-and sure-he probably felt robin Vos was failing the constituency. I assumed he was a Vos critic.

Okay. He seems to pass the smell test so far, right?

So, i was prepared to hear about a decent private sector resume, here.

This guy’s just a very questionable pretender, too!

So much for a legitimate primary challenge to robin Vos.

Then-according to Jessica McBride’s story-we learn that Andrew sig-eel-ski is one of the activists whose been collecting recall signatures against Robin Vos-

Again-that’s fine. That’s his right-

But when he signs the recall papers himself, he lists a Waukesha address. 

Well-Robin Vos’s district -old or new-doesn’t extend into Waukesha County. 

So- is sig-eel-ski going to move into the new district if he wins? And do voters in Racine County want some carpet bagger on the ticket from two counties over- representing them in Madison?

Once again- nothing about the efforts to recall or replace Robin Vos adds up.   Once again-it looks to me like it’s a group of bitter people who either have personal vendettas against him-

Or who fell for that very simplistic idea that-if you don’t walk in absolute lockstep with Donald Trump and think what he thinks and genuflect to his every whim- you’re some RINO.

And i don’t even think this is being driven by diehard trump fans-so much as it’s being driven by people who have developed personal hatreds of, and agendas against, Robin Vos over the years.

That’s what it looks like to me.

But come on: a three-time drunk driver with a criminal record living two counties away? And that’s the best these recallers have-to primary Vos?

Folks- it turns out Andrew sig-eel-ski is a guy who apparently-lives-in Waukesha County and who has been convicted of drunk driving three times.

story credit: Wisconsin Right Now J/S online

audio version of the segment here> The second Robin Vos recall attempt is the same as the first

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