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The face of lawfare

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-5-24 7:10am

So... President Biden’s scummy-highly partisan and biased- attorney general finally appeared in front of a congressional panel whose members want to hold him in contempt of congress for refusing to address numerous requests and demands-

Demands these congressmen can make because they are empowered to- by the law and the constitution. They are, after all, the people who -we the people-have sent to congress to help run our federal government and look out for our interests back home.

Part of that -is an ‘oversight role’. It means that Garland and other cabinet members and agency heads- even the white house- 

Are not supposed to be able to ignore congressional requests or try to steamroll over them. And yet, this is what numerous modern-era presidential administrations have done. At least on certain things.

But again-in the Biden era- we are seeing unprecedented levels of arrogance and uncooperating when it comes to dealing with congress.

And so- turd Garland finally appeared to answer some questions-and as you’d expect-it got heated.

One reason it did-is that right out of the box-he chose to be distant and arrogant and insist-in his opening statements-that he wasn’t about to be intimidated or bullied by this congress.

That-set the tone.

What followed is instance after instance of Merrick Garland, the attorney general of the United States- obviously lying to the American people...and lying to our congressional representatives.

I don’t know how else to characterize it, when, in most instances, when garland answered a question, he was obviously deflecting or lying.

For example-

At one point, congressman Matt Gates asked him if he or his DOJ have been colluding and coordinating with Fani Willis in Georgia and Alvin Bragg in New York-on these ‘state level’ cases to ‘get trump’.

Folks, the obvious answer is ‘yes’, because we already have the government logs and paper trail evidence of their meetings. Fani and Bragg-both- had direct interactions with the white house and dept of justice legal teams-as they formed their -state-cases against Donald Trump.

So, of course Merrick Garland is part of this organized witch hunt to smear and destroy Trump.
I have to say: I don’t have much use for Matt Gates, in general, but he had a good day yesterday, running Merrick Garland into rhetorical cull du sacs and exposing how garland was obviously lying.

Here's another example-related to garland helping rig these state cases: most of you have heard of Matt Colangelo by now: he was the number three man in Merrick Garland’s dept. of justice. That is-the pinnacle-of anyone’s legal career at the DOJ, right?

My god-you are three from the top. You’ve really arrived and are a major player.

Why would you-quit that-and end up in Manhattan -wanting to do ‘white collar prosecutions-in an overworked and chaotic court system?

You wouldn’t, right? But suddenly and unexpectedly-

And never explained-this was suddenly matt 

Colangelo’s career move.  Two months before he popped up as part of Alvin Bragg’s legal team prosecuting trump. It was an obvious set up. This was Merrick Garland’s hand-picked guy to go on special assignment and help Bragg ‘get trump’...and this scumbag lied about it, yesterday.

Gaetz Grills Garland About Matthew Colangelo Moving From DOJ To Bragg's Office: "I Assume He Applied For A Job"

Don’t kid yourself: Merrick Garland had-everything-to do with reassigning Colangelo, and he was clearly lying yesterday.

You don’t move out the number three man at DOJ without explaining yourself or telling anybody. And you don’t do it without that person-at the very least- publicly objecting as you harm his career in dc.

No, it only works out this way if you’ve given that person a ‘special assignment’ with the promise that he or she will be rewarded politically and/or career wise if they go and ‘do this thing’ for you.

Everyone knows how dc works...and I guarantee you. Guarantee you- Matt Colangelo is going to resurface in a few months-right back at the DOJ-under Garland. His desire to prosecute white collar crime in Manhattan will have just suddenly fizzled out.

And he’s going to end up in an even more powerful position in the DOJ or in DC- than he’s ever been in before.

Within months.

Merrick garland has-zero- credibility. Even Eric Holder and Loretta lynch had more credibility in this position than Merrick Garland does, and that’s not saying much.

This man is a hyper partisan scumbag who-very nearly-was on our u-s supreme court.

Since taking this position in Biden’s administration-this man has proven to be the biggest weasel to have ever held the position- and that’s saying something-if you look back at the history of the AGs position under democrats.

Not since J-Edgar Hoover have we had an attorney general who-so overtly- was focusing nearly all his energy on destroying his party’s political enemies.

Remember-trump has only been one target: parents who dared object to leftist indoctrination in their schools have been targeted for investigation and destruction. Catholics have. Pro-freedom and second amendment groups have- because leftists want to label them ‘terrorist threats’.

Merrick garland is a genuine scumbag. And he proved it again yesterday.

But aside from garland’s role in orchestrating this lawfare-  the republicans on this committee want to hold him in contempt of congress for refusing to release the audio of President Biden’s interview with Robert Hur, in Biden’s stolen documents case.


Robert Hur was garland’s hand-picked special prosecutor who investigated Biden’s decades of stealing documents-only to conclude that Biden wasn’t going to be charged because he was a confused old man. Remember?

Well, the republicans in congress want to hear for themselves how confused Joe Biden sounded on those tapes.

But garland and doj refuse to release them-even though they released the transcripts of that deposition months ago.

Garland, again yesterday, insisted the written transcripts were enough. He refuses to release the audio.

And yesterday, he had yet another new excuse, this time, about ‘protecting sources’ that might have been mentioned...

But folks.... that excuse doesn’t hold any more water than the DOJ’s last excuse which was- honest to God-  that with AI today, those audio tapes could be tampered with and could be manipulated to sound like Biden said all sorts of things that he didn’t.

Do you understand-why? - both of those excuses are idiotic?

Because we already have the written transcripts!!

We already know what Joe Biden-said

You can’t trick us with AI if we can follow along on the written transcripts, you jackasses.

We already know-what-Biden said in that deposition. Now we want to ‘hear’ how he said it.

How difficult is this to understand?

But for months now, garland and Biden’s minions have been insulting us with ridiculous arguments as to why the tapes can’t be released.

We want to hear Biden’s tone, and stalls, and stammers, and confusion that would obviously be reflected-in those tapes.

We want to hear the stuff that had Robert Hur concluding that Joe Biden is such a confused old man that he shouldn’t be held responsible for federal crimes he committed over decades.

That’s important because-gee- this man is the president of the United States! He’s making decisions for the US and the free world!

Moreover-he and his scummy minions want him to be for another four years- even if he gets so bad that he’s just drooling on himself!

We, the people, have a right to know if Joe Biden is dementated and confused and someone else is really running this country!

We have a right to hear the tapes!

Merrick garland is actually breaking constitutional order-and breaking laws himself, as ag- by not agreeing to release these tapes!

But he refuses.

His latest claim: it might taint other investigations if the tapes became public.

How? When we already know what was said and who was mentioned-in the deposition?

Garland did nothing but lie yesterday-and is as rancid as anyone else in this entire rancid administration.

photo credit: Getty Images

audio version of segment here > The face of lawfare

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