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Don't kid yourself, Biden's illegal border invasion will continue

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-5-24

My friends-as I indicated yesterday: this -very late- attempt by President Biden to control the flood of illegals into this country is an orchestrated sham that the Biden team knows will never be in effect before the election.

It will be stopped in federal court, instead.

It was mere minutes after Biden held his bogus news conference rolling out his fake fixes that the ACLU and other leftist groups said they would immediately sue-

And they knew they’d win-because this is the exact ‘asylum order’ that they managed to get stopped during the trump administration.

Yesterday, i said, president trump issued several executive orders that very effectively ended the illegal caravans and eventually closed and controlled the border-

But somehow-instead of adopting any of them and putting them back in place- for some reason-the Biden regime was returning to the -one- executive order that trump wanted to put in place that had been stopped by the court.

So why would Biden’s team choose that one to try to implement?

The answer was simple: because they want it to be immediately stopped in court-so the open border situation continues -as it has-

But they can say they’ve tried to control the border but just can’t. Ugh. We got stopped in court. We’ve been telling you we don’t have the authority to do this.

That is the excuse-and the situation-that they are setting up- hoping ignorant and gullible voters buy it. The ACLU was the organization that sued to get Trump’s very similar order stopped...and put out a tweet yesterday saying:

The Biden white house insisted that this new rule was taking effect immediately- and of course they need to follow thru and put it in place so that it can be ‘frustrating and shocking’ when the ACLU gets a federal judge to stop it within a few days or a few weeks.... but this is what’s going on.

Meanwhile-even if the new set of rules that Biden put in place- was- really going to take effect long term, it would still let in nearly two-million illegals each year-including 25-hundred per day thru the border crossings and ports...and tens of thousands more per month being flown into the u-s directly using Biden’s scummy ‘border app’....where the illegals from around the globe just apply on line and get in-still illegally-mind you-

But get in that way.

So, this isn’t an actual border fix. As I, and others have been saying since they included these thresholds in their failed border bill: this is worse than doing nothing because it-normalizes- a level of illegal immigration each year. And even at 25 hundred a day plus the other ways Biden is letting them in- it amounts to normalizing a level of two -million illegals each year being allowed in. And that doesn’t count ‘getaways’ of course.

This is not a fix.

Yesterday was-all theater-with President Biden kicking off his press conference by immediately blaming republicans and others for the border crisis-he-created.

Remember- joe Biden and his team crowed about taking 64 immediate executive actions-within the first days of being in office-that reopened the border and dismantled Trump’s border security. They followed it up with another 3o or so over the ensuing months-

So -in total- Biden’s regime has taken at least 94 separate executive actions to reopen this border and increase the flood of illegal aliens into this country.

Then they sat back and watched as many as ten million illegals flood into the country over the last three years, alone: seven million officially counted at the border entries and ports-and another two to three million ‘gotaways’.

And the democrats want it to continue.

This is what today’s democrat party-wants-to be happening.  Don’t be dumb enough to believe otherwise.  And only voters can stop it-by voting for trump in fall. That is genuinely the only thing that fixes this.

Biden’s regime has-famously- let criminal cartels create new drug routes, human slavery operations. Sex slave operations. He’s allowed terrorists in-and his own administration knows it. He stopped deporting even-criminal-illegal aliens. Illegal rapists and murderers were allowed in-and once their sentences are served here-they are let right back out onto America’s streets to victimize more Americans, again.

Biden ended construction of the border wall. Dropped remain in Mexico and the safe third country agreements. He lost all track of illegal children crossing the tune of tens of thousands.

Under trump, democrats insisted every young child was precious. AOC wept in front of an empty cage in a stunt related to ‘trump separating families and losing children’...

At that time-the number of kids who couldn’t be matched with parents or relatives was in the hundreds. Now it’s in the tens of thousands and the Biden regime stopped trying to match the kids long ago.

Whatever. Dems only pretend to care about women and children. Biden and Mayorkas have been the greatest aiders and abettors of women and children being sold into sex slavery by the cartels.

They don’t care.

And now Biden and the dems are going to try to trick you into believing they do? Just for a few months? Because an election is coming up and they insist the American people are really-this- stupid?

Don’t be this stupid, and don’t let your friends and family be this stupid, folks.

As Senator John Cornyn said yesterday: this bogus executive order of Biden represents no -real change-at the border. It’s an election stunt.

SEN. JOHN CORNYN: This is all an election year, deathbed conversion by Joe Biden. Basically this executive order, which would be, by my count, roughly the 95th executive order he’s issued, does nothing to change the ability to hold people as opposed to catch them and release them. And it actually says the first 2,500 that come across the border, get in free, will be released into the interior of the country. And as you’ve seen, Neil, today we find out their intention is once the front door has caused the room to get too crowded, they’re simply going to open the back door and dismiss 350,000 asylum cases that have been pending before the courts.

I’m annoyed to find that even a few conservative news outlets-like the wash times- are dumb enough to be claiming that Biden’s move mirror’s trump’s, somehow. As if it’s genuine.

It doesn’t. And it’s not.

As the center for immigration studies said: this is papering over all the problems that Biden and the dems have caused at the border and at our ports of entry. It’s falsehood and fantasy.

Oh-and here’s another way you know this is a false bluff: the Biden team says they can carry out all these new fake deportations with their existing level of funding.

Now, come on :democrats propose a massive change in policy- but don’t insist they need billions of dollars more to do it?

Does that sound like democrats, to you?

It all comes back to what we on the right have been saying for three years: this illegal invasion is intentional. It is all of Biden’s own making. And he could have ended this with a few strokes of his pen-at any time over the last three years- if he'd wanted to.

Here's Ted Cruz, yesterday.

Every part of the administration’s claims was fraudulent, yesterday.

For example: why let 25-hundred illegals in each day before some ‘trigger’ finally goes off and people start being denied and deported?

High encounters of- who? Or what?

Illegal immigrants.

Right? So, these aren’t ‘legal migrants’ and allowing 25-hundred of them in each day isn’t quote...preserving our legal immigration system.

Every part of what he said is a lie: letting two million people into the country illegally every year-is not ‘preserving legal immigration’.

He’s not even right about trump’s fixes. They weren’t shameful and inhumane. They were ‘doing the bare minimum to deal with the problem legally’.

Trump wasn’t helping criminal cartels make billions thru sex slavery and drug running. Trump wasn’t allowing for hundreds of dead bodies to be found along the border every year and ignoring it. 

Trump wasn’t allowing for coyotes to rape and abuse women and children as a matter of routine. He wasn’t helping Chinese nationals slip into the country to build massive marijuana and drug operations- using foreign slaves to do it.

Whose border policies are inhumane?

And yet-nearly half of the American people believe this BS that Biden has addressed the border, now?

Come on.

You can’t be this stupid.

photo credit: Getty Images

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