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1.6 million illegal gotaways under Biden

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-16-24 7:10am

The democrats and their accomplices in the media don’t want the American people focusing on the open border and the continued and terrible problems that it poses for us.

As senator Ron Johnson told us this week: ten thousand illegals are now being let in each day-by the Biden regime. It’s all intentional. They’re trying to flood the country with illegals.

And since we are approaching an election -with this being the second biggest-worry of America’s voters- the dems, the Biden regime, and their powerful propagandists in the MSM are trying their hardest to keep any negative news related to the border-out of the news.

I could bring you stories every week of crimes and deaths caused by illegal aliens that should-should-be making the national news- but don’t.

This week- it’s an illegal scumbag from El Salvador who is one of those ‘bad actors’ that has gang ties to a violent El Salvadoran gang and somehow ended up here.

And now he’s murdered a woman in west Virginia by lighting her on fire.

This isn’t a story that should ‘go national?’

It’s the same story over, and over, and over again: under Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas and today’s democrats- we aren’t even singling out and deporting the scumbags or denying them entry into the country-

As president trump has put it: these central and south American countries are literally cleaning out their prisons and their mental institutions-and pointing all of their ‘problems’ northward: you’re free if you go to America.

And they are.

And Biden and dems are welcoming them in.

You might have seen this update-but probably not: do you remember the group of illegals who attacked and beat up two cops in times square this winter?

Five or six of them ganged up on these police officers-and assaulted police officers.

This used to be a huge, huge ‘no-no’, back when we had responsible das and judges, and lawmakers who supported our police- and valued law and order.


In New York?

There wasn’t a chance that Alvin Bragg was ever- ever-going to prosecute these scumbags and punish or deport them. If you remember, Bragg didn’t even want to arrest them, until community outrage forced him to.

It’s now months later-and sure enough- they’ve all cut plea deals and -at worst-a few of them will spend a few months in jail.

So- no consequences. For assaulting police officers.

This is the illegal who was already re-arrested while out on bail for the police assault. And still the judge didn’t do anything to him.

It’s infuriating.

Also ‘new stuff’ you should know -related to the border-

The latest govt stats prove that Joe Biden has allowed for more ‘gotaways’ to cross over the border and disappear into the country -in just three years- than the previous ten years combined.

I’m going to simplify- but- on average-Barrack Obama was racking up about 160-thousand ‘gotaways’ each year....during the trump era-that number dropped about 135-thousand gotaways-

Under Biden-it’s exploded to ....390-thousand in 2021....606-thousand in 2022....and 670-thousand in 2023.

In just three years-Joe Biden has let 1.6 million illegal aliens into this country with ‘no contact’ with border agents. We saw them cross. Couldn’t or didn’t- stop them.

And there were far more that were never seen. What’s; the figure on ‘unknown gotaways’?

We have no idea. Obviously.

But this is-at least- 1.6-million illegal foreigners in this country- who we have- no idea who they are- or what their purpose for coming is. Is it peaceful? Is it drug and gang and human trafficking depredation? Is it- terrorism?

Is it spying for China, or Iran, or Russia….etc.?

We have no idea. Because Joe Biden put no priority on catching them and stopping them.

And now this dangerously dumb president of ours and the members of his party who have allowed all of this to go on- don’t want to be held accountable for it by voters-come fall.

Biden, his clown-faced spokeswoman, all of his minions- keep insisting that president Biden has quote...done more than anybody’ to secure the border.

They’re lying to you. Flat out-they think they can destroy the country right in front of you-and you’re a big enough idiot to ‘take it’.

Stop voting Democrat!

There’s a different series of govt stats that was put out this week that gives us a hint of the type of people Biden and Mayorkas have let into this country over the last three years.

Ice says they arrested over 170-thousand criminal illegals last year.

I said ‘arrested’. Not ‘deported’.

Of those 170-thousand criminal foreigners who shouldn’t even be here-

It’s stomach-turning.

And yet-all of that is being ignored.

You know what ‘border related’ story is national news today?

Drug overdose deaths are down.

That’s the national story that most accomplice media members aren’t even really linking to the border crisis and the fact that foreign fentanyl coming over Joe’s border is killing 110-thousand Americans each year.

Well-wait- but that number went down three percent last year- so it’s only 107 thousand. Let’s celebrate.

So, on top of everything else, Joe Biden and the democrats are letting the foreign drug cartels kill us Americans at a much higher rate with their poison.

They pretend to care-and do nothing.

Tammy Baldwin has a ridiculous ad running in which she talks about her mom being an addict-and how this issue ‘hits close to home’ for her.

And yet-she never talks about it. Has never done anything about it.

Tammy Baldwin is the WI senator who barrack Obama’s white house personally gave a report on the drug theft and abuses going on at the Tomah VA. Tammy Baldwin-famously did nothing.

She hid the report-including hiding it from WI’s other senator-Ron Johnson-and the abuses and deaths continued.

Yeah-tammy cares so much about drug abusers.

Now she ignores her and her party’s role in the fentanyl crisis.

 this border is a catastrophe in-so many ways- that the dems and their accomplices in the media refuse to acknowledge, or address with the American people.

Hell-on top of everything else- this border represents a massive, massive new financial burden for American families.

This is getting-zero-attention

This uncontrolled mass migration is killing America from within- and the democrat party is supporting it. Watching it happen. Encouraging it. And desperately trying to cover it up and keep it out of the headlines.

If you want anything that resembles a prosperous and comfortable America for your children and grandchildren. Dammit. Stop. Voting. Democrat.

photo credit: Getty Images

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