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Convicted liar Michael Cohen's testimony destroys the prosecution's case

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-15-24 6:10 am

We have an increasingly ‘Mars versus Venus’ situation in our news media -which makes it harder than ever to define what the ‘truth’ is in certain situations.

This bogus Trump trial is a great example of it. If you only watch Fox News,-you think that nothing about this trial has gone ‘right’ for scummy da Alvin Bragg and his team...who are trying to convict Donald Trump on completely made-up felony charges...

But if you watch nothing but MSNBC-you think Bragg’s case has ‘gone great’ and that he’s days away from a criminal conviction.

The truth lies somewhere in between-and it completely depends on how the -jurors- have been viewing this last few week of testimony-thru their prisms and their biases.

But it certainly doesn’t hurt Trump’s chances that -four weeks later and now that the Bragg prosecution is done presenting its case- it still isn’t clear how, exactly, Donald Trump is supposed to have broken the law. Nor is it clear what sort of ‘second crime’ is attached to this.

Weeks later! People! And at the end of the prosecution’s case- 90 percent of the people inside the courtroom-and at home as observers-still don’t really know what ‘crime’ trump committed.

Bragg’s team did what we-and most legal experts-thought he was going to do- before the trial ever started:  everyone with a legal degree knows there’s no real crime here and that Bragg is abusing the justice system- and so- they knew ahead of time what the strategy would be: drag trump thru the mud. Get a bunch of sleazy or scandalous things out about his. And how he might conduct his personal life...

And then hope that the jury is distracted or confused enough by that-that they convict trump of ‘crimes’ because they see him as a sleazy character-even if he hasn’t actually committed any crimes.

That’s Bragg and the Trump-hater’s hope for this jury.

My hope-is that there’s at least one or two jurors sitting on that panel who are willing to be honest with themselves-and are willing to keep the sort of skeptical distance that any juror or serious person should-

And so now-they clearly see: Bragg didn’t prove his case. 

In fact- if jurors were paying attention-they would have seen every single witness of Alvin Bragg’s testify to something that harmed his case and helped prove trump has done nothing criminal, here.

Hope Hicks testified that trump wanted to cover up the stormy fling to keep his family from knowing about it. If that was his motivation-Braggs can’t ‘prove’ his motivation was the 2016 election.

Then stormy herself had her story completely unravel on she was exposed as taking part in an extortion scheme...and as she sat on the stand for two days and admitted she hated trump. Wanted to harm him. Is bitter to this day. And worst of all-she repeatedly changed her story.

Then you had Michael Cohen, who trump haters and the MSNBC set want to insist was a great witness who put a dagger in-and sealed a Trump conviction-

But folks-the jury heard that Michael Cohen’s version of events surrounding this hush money payment have changed several times-and even heard a recording that Cohen made of what was supposed to be a private conversation with trump-

They played it in court- and in the phone conversation- you’ve got Cohen-telling- Donald Trump what he’d done to ‘take care of this stormy thing’.

It was clearly-Cohen- explaining how he was handling it-and not- not-Trump telling him how to handle it.

This is the thing that legal scholar Jonathan Turley points to as ‘destroying Bragg’s case’.

Michael Cohen Just Blew Up Bragg’s Case Against Trump

But naturally, the MSM and Biden’s accomplices are pretending as if Cohen’s testimony was damning for trump...or sealed the conviction.

Instead- more credible attorneys and former prosecutors are saying: if this judge has any integrity at all-, he should dismiss this case with an acquittal before it ever gets to the jury...because...

Part of his responsibility is to sit and listen to what the govt’s case is against any given person...and determine whether the charges are legitimate and/or they have proof of the criminal action that’s being alleged-

And Bragg and his team-don’t.

They’ve presented their entire case now. Cohen was their last witness. Trump’s team gets to put on his defense now-but before they do-they will ask Judge Merchan to simply toss out the case because Bragg hasn’t proven any crime.

Merchan-if he had an ounce of integrity-would.

And this isn’t just me saying it: it’s veteran legal minds from both sides of the aisle- shocked and stunned that Bragg was goaded into bringing such an idiotic case -in the first place.

So how does this go-for Trump?

The crazy thing is-we still have no idea. His fate is still going to be determined by a highly biased judge and a jury of 12 New Yorkers from liberal boroughs who almost certainly hate trump.

As Turley insists with the prosecution’s case on life support- Bragg really needed Michael Cohen to offer some new evidence or to clearly state Donald Trump intentionally committed fraud to conceal something. A crime? Maybe?

But-Cohen didn’t. The only thing Cohen said is ‘Trump knew he was going to pay for the NDA and try to bury it before the election.

Okay. That’s not proof that trump ordered him to or came up with the scheme...knowing he’d be committing crimes. And that! Is what Bragg having to prove.

I’d take it further than that: their incomes over the last several years have-literally-depended on how much sleaze they could sell- on Donald trump.

Both Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels have been monetizing their association with trump for seven or eight years now: stormy literally wrote a book and went on tour to the nation’s strip clubs taking her clothes off and demanding big money....

Cohen has been angling for a reality show-after trying to parlay his reputation as ‘Trump’s lawyer’ into bigger paydays.

These aren’t believable people-but worse than that for Alvin Bragg neither one of them were interested in controlling themselves on the stand.

Stormy literally treated it like an acting audition-and put on a fake show- and neither of them could stop themselves from relentlessly trashing trump both-outside the courtroom-and during their testimony.

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