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Wisconsin's Lefty Supreme Court wants unmanned drop boxes back

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-14-24 7:10am

We knew this was coming: elections have consequences-

The new liberal majority on the Wisconsin supreme court wants to insist that their fellow justices simply ‘got it wrong’ on drop boxes just a little over a year ago-when the conservative leaning court made the correct call-

Correctly ruling that state law forbids them unless they are inside a clerk’s office-

But see-it’s tougher to ballot stuff and ballot harvest and engage in leftists cheating schemes if they can’t anonymously stuff dozens of them into unmanned drop boxes here- as they can in other states.

And so- part of the quid pro quo for democrat donors nationally ‘buying’ the supreme court seat for Janet Protosawitz-

Was that she and the other left-wing activists on the court masquerading as judges would reinstall the ballot lawlessness when they took control.

And so-here we go.

Yesterday, the court heard arguments on a lawsuit backed by activist democrats to overturn the ban on drop boxes here...and another ruling that bans clerks from filling out missing address information on absentee ballots.

There’s also nothing that allows them to do that in state law-but -when it came to the covid election of 2020- the Wisconsin election commission and several liberal clerks decided that it was okay...and just claimed they could do it on their own.

They cannot.

And so-we are all going to pretend that there’s some drama here- before- a few weeks from now-the newly leftist court is going to ignore state law and allow for unmanned drop boxes to be scattered all over Wisconsin again, to help democrats cheat.

And based on the news reports-it doesn’t even sound like the liberals on the court even tried to come up with an alternative version of the law that allows them to approve these unmanned drop boxes.

The best that liberal activist Jill Karovsky could do is insist-  hey- this court just got it wrong a year ago.

Oh-and along with the slanted coverage of this hearing- both the Wisconsin State Journal and the j/s stories, along with the ap, all claimed in their stories-

Very generically- that drop boxes were allowed all thru the 80s and 90s-including in conservative voting areas-until they became controversial during the covid election.


The only drop boxes that were used-and legal- pre-covid were the ones that were inside-or just outside- the city clerk’s offices. Folks, before the democrats simply invented the notion that unmanned drop boxes could be scattered around Wisconsin like mailboxes- 

They were only allowed inside the election offices, basically. If the local clerk oversaw the elections, he or she would have a place where people voting absentee could drop their completed ballot-in some instances-rather than hand it directly to someone behind the desk.

That was really the only way drop boxes were being used, pre-covid.

And so, this claim that they were used for decades before conservatives objected to them-is crap. We objected to the claim that it was legal to scatter unmanned drop boxes all over the city, as if they were ‘sharing libraries. Completely unmanned. That was-not- the norm- nor was it considered ‘legal’ until  the democrats invented their ‘legality’ in 2020, using covid as an excuse.

So-a lawsuit banning them made its way thru the court system and our court- pre-Protosawitz-banned them from usage. As was proper. Because they aren’t legal...and-

And- if democrats want to make unmanned drop boxes legal-they should have to get a bill thru the legislature than legalized them and makes them law.  

A law should be created thru the law-making process-which is via the legislature and governor signature. 

Instead-here dems are cheating again- looking to get their way from an activist court.

Swing justice- often the squish- Brian Hagedorn-actually asked the salient question: why aren’t we reading the existing statute on this faithfully?

As in-why are we pretending something is allowed by law when it’s clearly not?

The answer to that is: this is now a supreme court controlled by leftists who don’t care about the law or the constitution if it doesn’t fit their side’s political needs.

That’s -genuinely-the answer to that question.

Less than two years ago- a court without Janet Protosawitz on it- and with an additional textualist who thought the supreme court was meant to rule on the law and the constitution-as written and as intended by the authors-

Decided that drop boxes were illegal...and if dems wanted them to be legal...change the law to legalize them.

Yesterday- the Protosawitz court started the process of ignoring the clear intent of any law that doesn’t allow today’s activist left to do what they want to do-

Including find new ways to inject sloppiness and loopholes to cheat-into our election process.

The leftists on the court are going to rush to decide here- because we are just three months from the august primary and six months from the November election- which is likely to be decided by another razor thin margin...the type of election that can be cheating schemes.

Voters have the responsibility to make sure their ballot is accurate and turned in on time, and that they only vote once.  If they blew the deadline because that mail-in or absentee ballot sat on their kitchen table and the never-did-drop it off at the clerk’s office as intended- tough. That’s on them. There is no legal or constitutional guarantee that it needs to be counted.

The social contract here-is not- you can be a lazy dimwit and miss election day deadlines-and still get your ballot counted.

And no, drop boxes don’t make that any more or less likely. It’s a specious argument.

photo credit: Getty Images

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