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Before 100 thousand supporters, Trump's message was on point.

My friends- Donald Trump held such a massive rally in new jersey this weekend-that I was certain the right-wing media outlets were exaggerating the numbers.

When I read that 80 to100-thousand people turned up to Trump’s rally on Saturday, I thought to myself, ‘bull plop. These are ‘Breitbart enhanced’ numbers...or ‘Trump campaign enhanced’ numbers...

How many were there?

I know the man can draw 25, thousand without trying. I know he can pop a 40-thousand-person crowd- on occasion. And so, i had no doubt the crowd was big-but 100 thousand? Come on.

Folks-that is the official number that new jersey law enforcement gave to the associated press: somewhere between 80 and 100 thousand people were at that trump rally on Saturday.

And if you see the photos and video-it was- massive. I can believe the figures, upon closer review. Yeah.

In fact, afterward, the city leaders where it was held- wildwood- put the figure at ‘over 100-thousand’.

This, as Joe Biden can’t get 500 people to show up at one of his campaign stops-even though they are far better ‘publicized’, thanks to the MSM.

Thanks to the very biased u-s news media- everyone knows where joe is going to appear or Kammy is going to appear...correct?

These same news outlets almost never give people a ‘heads up’ on where trump is going to be ahead of time, do they? 

And that means people on our side hear it from...the alternative media...or on social media or word of mouth...

And trump can still fill a stadium with only a few days ‘heads up’ and no help from the MSM.

That’s impressive-and it speaks to the renewed enthusiasm around Donald Trump, given that Biden is the alternative. I have no doubt about that.

Tens of thousands of those people spent an entire day-in line camping out. Waiting to get in. Then heard trump ramble for an hour and the end of the speech and -at the end of a very long day – they still seemed as energized as ever.

America has simply never seen anything like this before.  And here’s another point i want to be sure to make: you cannot call this a ‘cult of personality’, anymore.

I see and hear the CNN and MSNBC talking heads and never Trumpers still trying to characterize these big crowds and Trump excitement as a ‘cult of personality’.

Clearly, there’s some of that going on.

But when he’s starting to out-draw the crowds that he did -when his schtick was ‘fresh and new’ in 2016?

This isn’t just ‘cultists. This is thousands and thousands more people who are genuinely excited and motivated about his campaign-and about voting him into office.

And yes, I’m aware of the Nikki Haley ‘trump hating’ faction of the party-and I’m aware that it could be as high as fifteen percent of the current republican party-

But I’m also aware of shifting sentiments that have all sorts of people who were-or are-turned off by trump’s personality...who are saying.

Number one: Donald Trump- did do-this job far better than Joe Biden has.... and...

Number two: Donald Trump-is being- treated terribly unfairly by the dc elites and the deep state, and no one deserves to be targeted like this by our government.

These crowds of people are not just ‘cultists’...and crowd size-like yard signs...are only ‘anecdotal’. They can end up meaning something-or meaning nothing-

But- you know that Biden and the democrats would love to be drawing crowds that are even

A-third of the size of Trump’s.

And an hour and a half of Trumpy rambling and sidebars can be a lot to wade thru-but I got to say-what’s on Trump’s teleprompter at these rallies is rhetorically ‘dead on’ terms of where he needs to be on messaging.

Trump said- on day one...we are going to replace Bidenomics with Maganomics. I love that line.

He blasted Biden on the border and the economy, of course. He talked about Biden’s insane and unrealistic push toward green energy-and in terms of ‘tone’.... came down at a perfectly reasonable place on electric vehicles.

Rhetorically-that’s pitch perfect: campaign between now and November by saying ‘let the consumers decide’ …and not just on cars.... but.... end the leftist war on our appliances...etc.

He also blasted him for caving into the America-hating pro-Hamas crowd here-and betraying an important ally. Trump said he’d let Israel win its war on terrors-and even challenged Biden and the dems to give back the donations of the anti-Semites funding their campaigns.

‘Return The Money Joe!’ Trump ‘Officially’ Calls On Biden To Return Donations Of ‘Anti-Semites, American-Haters’ Behind ‘Campus Uprisings’

The democrats won’t do that-but its’ a great attack line-given the number of high-profile democrat donors who have been slamming Biden over abandoning Israel.

I tell yah Biden’s decision to block arms shipments to one of our ‘most major’ of allies in a time they are fighting a war on terror-  massively backfired on Biden and his team. What a blunder.

It had Donald trump saying again, if you’re Jewish and voting for Biden, you’re out of your mind.

At different points during the event- trump brought on guests- like Lawrence Taylor-a former NFL linebacker- who had this to say:

This is Trump going after the black vote and trying to shore up the gains the polls say he’s made with black voters.

I’m still skeptical that we are going to see a sizable shift in the black vote in fall-I assume more of them will simply stay home, instead-


Listen to Sean Trende, the very credible ‘data guy’ and pollster at real clear politics, who makes the point that I’ve been making: it only takes a small shift in the black voting pattern to decide this election in the swing states.

Sean Trende: Polls Showing Eroding Black Support Highlight Serious Problem for Biden

We are still six months away from this election. We are about four months away from when the early voting starts-and so- i do not want to -ever-leave the impression that this election is already decided. Trump’s going to win it.

We have no idea whether that’s true.  Especially when dems are outspending republicans by hundreds of millions of dollars in ads and get out the vote ground operations.

Do not-ever-start to believe that Biden can’t win this. Over-confidence is a campaign killer.

photo credit: Getty Images

audio version here > Before 100 thousand supporters, Trump's message was on point.

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