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Biden working hard to keep the "DEATH TO AMERICA" vote this fall

Jay Weber Show transcript 4-10-24 6:10

So- just two days after removing some troops from southern Gaza to appease the Biden admin and de-escalate the international tension over their war-

And also-apparently-in the hopes that it would be a gesture that would encourage the Hamas leaders to accept the latest cease fire deal-

Two days later-Benjamin Netanyahu is doing a rhetorical ‘about face’ and saying that the Israeli military has set a date for the invasion of Rafah-

This southern city that represents the last stronghold and hiding spot of Hamas leaders and fighters in Gaza.

It sounds like Israeli officials wanted to leave room for Hamas to finally. Finally. Finally. Agree to a cease fire... So, they backed the troops off.

We all saw how Hamas reacted: their leaders ludicrously claimed a victory-and rejected the latest US brokered deal-

And so- now Bibi is back at it. Making it clear, ‘we-will-complete this mission as promised, then’.

And I say, ‘good for him’. This bit of backing off from Rafah that the IDF has done...has created some space for at least some Palestinians to exit Rafah and head back home to the rubble that was once their homes-in other cities-

That, too, is advantageous to Israeli’s planning-given that over a million Palestinians who were living in Gaza fled to Rafah when they were displaced. Giving them some time and space to flow back out and wander back home means fewer are in that city when the final siege and battle do take place.

This is going to bring more condemnation and smears against Netanyahu and Israel from the Biden white house and US Democrats- but who cares?

Last week, Biden begged Bibi to agree to an immediate cease fire with Hamas. Israel was willing to agree-and even made some de-escalating gestures-

It was Hamas who once again said no-

And so, how many times can Hamas refuse cease fire deals before they- they- get correctly blamed as the irrational and evil actors in this morality play?

Hamas leaders just keep saying no- when all they’d need to do to end this is say ‘yes’ and release the remaining 130 hostages- most of whom are probably dead by now.

But maddeningly- instead of condemnation and demands on Hamas- we have a democrat administration and a bunch of democrats elected officials who are- honest to God- obsessed with getting the ‘death to America’ vote.

Some of those Muslims in Dearborn that the democrats are so obsessed with keeping under their tent and voting democrat- were literally chanting ‘death to America’ at a big rally this weekend.

These are the people Biden, Schumer, Bernie, and squats with unions are pandering to. Unbelievable.

I guess it proves that there isn’t anyone too extreme or evil for the democrats to welcome into their tent- so long as they represent a potential voter.

America's Jew-hating Muslim activists showing their strength in Michigan and Minnesota are literally the ‘death to America crowd’ now, and the Dems are still pandering for their votes.

Any democrat who is interested in being honest with themselves-knows that’s an accurate situation under the current leaders of their party.

And it’s ugly.

Friday- senator Liz Warren was taking to a Muslim crowd in Boston-and claimed that Israel is engaged in a genocide.

Folks-this is the dumbest, most outrageous claim out of all the claims that the anti-Semites and pro-Hamas protestors in America have made-related to this war.

Israel has worked hard to protect as many Palestinian civilians as possible from harm has possible. They have allowed huge numbers of humanitarian aid trucks into Gaza-that Hamas then just commandeers and steals-

They have done all they can to time and target their strikes so there’s a minimum loss of life-

To the point that-even if you use Hamas’ inflated death toll figures- which everyone knows are bogus-

Even if you believe that 30-thousand Palestinians have died so far in this war- that doesn’t even come close to constituting a genocide.

Not when there are two million Palestinians in Gaza and most of them would have been easy pickings for Israeli bombs, troops, and artillery if Israeli leaders wanted them all dead.

If this was an attempt at genocide- hundreds of thousands of Palestinians would be dead by now.


Even Hamas can only pretend the number is 30 thousand. That’s an inflated death toll-and it’s one that includes at least 13 thousand Hamas fighters according to the Israelis. Probably more.

At the start of the war- we were altered to Hamas’ game: they had their jihadists dressing like civilians as a way to engage in surprise attacks-and- so that-if they were killed, they’d be counted as a civilian death. Someone not in uniform.

It was an intentional decision by Hamas leaders before any of the shooting started in Gaza: this is one way we are going to lie to the international community.

And Biden and Warren and most of America’s democrat leaders seem to be buying it. Or are at least willing to forward the convenient that they feel the need to pander for jew-hating voters.

It is idiotic to call this a genocide. If genocide -was-Israeli’s intent- boy- would they be bad at it.

Right now- over a million Palestinians are said to be in Rafah. If they wanted to eradicate them all- Israel be bombing Rafah indiscriminately in an attempt to kill them all now, like rabbits caught in a barrel.

Yesterday, in the wake of squats with unions pretending as if this fits the definition of genocide-

Biden’s own defense secretary wanted it known to the international community: we see no evidence of a genocide here.

Hamas fighters tortured, raped, and killed every Jewish person and westerner who they came across, during those terrible hours.

That! Had the hallmarks of a genocide: the intentional attempt to wipe out an entire race or ethnic group.

And yet, squats with unions haven’t felt the need to declare that publicly.

Senator Tim Kaine criticized Israel for not allowing more water and humanitarian aid into Gaza-which is also a false accusation: it was the Biden admin and Anthony Blinken that insisted that the u-n would ensure the aide wouldn’t be stolen or horded by Hamas.

Biden said-we will ensure it gets to the Palestinian people in need if Israel allows it to flow in.

Israel has been allowing it to flow in. Hamas fighters -probably in league with the pro-Hamas u-n officials who have been in Gaza for decades- steal it and block it from getting to the Palestinian people.


Because Hamas wants the humanitarian crisis. They want the reports of starvation and suffering. They want the video of desperate, starving Palestinians to be beamed that they can blame it on Israel and the west.

photo credit: Getty Images

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