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Young Voters Are More Concerned With the Economy. That’s Bad for Biden

Jay Weber Show transcript 4-2-24 8:10am

A new Bloomberg poll tells us what we already know: young voters are more concerned about the economy than any other issue that the Democrats want to float in front of them- like student debt gimmicks-or abortion.

We’ve known this to be the case-but it’s good to see it validated-seven months away from the election. This still holds.

It also still holds for black and Hispanic voters...two other core demographics for the democrats that we see bleeding supporters.

· This Bloomberg poll shows:

I think you long-time listeners know this, but: if Donald Trump even ‘ties’ Joe Biden among young voters, he’s going to win a second term.

But if Trump-beats-Joe Biden in the youth vote? I don’t think you could come up with an electoral map in which Biden could win. The youth vote has become that important to democrats.

This Bloomberg poll is specific to the youth vote in the swing states-but if trump splits the youth vote in this manner- nationwide? - it’s a trump landslide. He’d win Minnesota, and Michigan and Nevada and maybe even Vermont or Maine.

Any states that were close in 2020 would probably tip trump’s way if he takes 20 percent of the youth vote away from Biden in fall.

The story doesn’t even mention the seven percent interest rates that now come along with that more expensive house.

At every turn-today’s young people are getting whacked with higher prices and more expenses. Even gas for their car is back up close to four dollars a gallon, again.

And the democrat activists and the Biden White House want them to care about abortion or climate change the most?

Not a chance.

I see the MSM constantly referencing the student loan debt relief that Biden has worked hard to provide for these young voters.

Except he hasn’t.

The supreme court shot down his attempt at blanket amnesty for student loan debt: Biden wanted to take something like a trillion dollars in student loan debt and foist it onto the taxpayers as a way to buy young voters this fall.

That’s clearly unconstitutional-

And so, instead, he and his team have come up with a series of much smaller efforts to define specific groups of people who can have their debt erased.

The problem is- none of those groups, so far, have really been ‘young people’. As in-people under the age of 30.

Biden’s regime keeps trying to buy the youth vote by forgiving the remaining student loan debts of people who are in their late 30s, 40s, or 50s.

How is that helping young people?

If anything-it should hack them off that ‘their’ relief. ‘their’ handout, never comes.

So, i hope that’s backfiring.

No, it’s by clear now-as we enter the start of the general election season-   that the Biden regime and the DNC have only one strategy left- to try to keep seats around the country and keep Joe Biden in the white house: lie.

Lie, lie, and then lie again.

If you aren’t familiar with the term ‘gaslighting’ yet, you will be by the end of this election, because there isn’t a single issue that you can point to, in which the Biden regime and the democrat party aren’t engaged in a campaign of lying about. The border, crime and lawlessness, the terrible inflation they touched off, the cultural attacks on our kids and families.

Every issue comes with its own series of lies and its own gaslighting scheme. Everyone.

I’ve been watching this stuff for 30 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it.

It's remarkable. Especially when it comes to the Biden white house: i have never seen a struggling presidential administration that wasn’t at least ‘trying’ to do better. Changing strategies. Relenting and pivoting away from bad policies. Being at least somewhat smart and-trying -to do better. Until Biden’s.

This President and these people running the Biden White House-instead of ‘doing better’ or ‘being better’ or at least ‘pivoting away’ from their mistakes-

All they do is double and triple down-and lie.

As we enter April -Biden and his team have decided that instead of fixing mistakes and/or being more accountable to the American people-

Instead, they are going to put all their energy and efforts into destroying Donald Trump and RFK junior...and gaslighting the American public as much as they can.

It’s a remarkable strategy-

And one that I’d like to say- cannot-cannot-work in a democratic republic such as ours-

But sadly- it doesn’t feel confident enough to say that. 

We have way too many people in this country who have lost their way and/or been lead down fraudulent paths...

And we have another group of ‘way too many people’ who are simpletons who never follow along or pay attention and then treat election day like a popularity contest, while having no idea what they are voting for.

As recently as 15 years ago, I would have said: this cynical, staggeringly dishonest strategy by the Biden democrats cannot work. The American people are smarter than this.


After what we’ve seen?

I can only hope and pray that’s the case.

story credit: Bloomberg

photo credit: Getty Images

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