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Gov Tony Evers screwed everyone in Wisconsin on Good Friday

Jay Weber Show transcript 4/1/24 8:10am

For those of you in the audience who think i go too far when i call Joe Biden or Tony Evers scummy...or slime bags...

Come on: I wouldn’t be using those terms if they didn’t fit the actions of these men.

On good Friday. The Friday before Easter. The Friday in which all sorts of Americans are either already off on vacation with their families for spring break- or are preparing to leave with their families for a spring break.

The Friday afternoon before Easter- Governor Tony Evers and his scummy handlers decide to finally act on dozens of bills-and veto over 40 of them. They wait until no one’s looking. Until no voters are paying attention. Then they veto all sorts of popular measures.

This wasn’t just a classic ‘Friday document dump’. This was a ‘we are so embarrassed we are doing this; we’re going to do it late on a Friday’ dump.

This was a: we are so ashamed of vetoing a middle-class tax cut when we have a massive surplus that should go back to the taxpayers...move.

This was a: we are so ashamed to be vetoing lasting tax reform for seniors -so we can continue to tax them even in retirement.... move.

This was a: we are so ashamed that after years of pretending we need to help families with childcare- we are denying it to them now...move.

That’s what this was. Gov Evers’ moves on Friday-were super-scummy.  He vetoed over 40 bills and was too cowardly to at least own up to his actions or explain why he was doing so.


That’s a slime bag. 

We have at least ‘mentioned’ some of these bills over the last several weeks or months, and some of them we have talked about extensively.

Including GOP lawmaker’s-third attempt to return some of the billions in excess surplus money back to the taxpayers.

One bill Evers vetoed would have provided the very sort of middle-class tax break that he has been pretending he wants to see for two years now. Yet he’s vetoed it three times, now.

But that was just one of dozens of things he the point that anything that could have been considered ‘pro-taxpayer, pro-Wisconsin, pro-education, or pro-law and order’...he vetoed.

Honest to God.

This was the work of a socialist America-hater of the sort that Maggie Gau and Evers’ other handlers are....and he clearly went along with it...just like Joe Biden is doing.

Tony Evers seems to still have all his mental faculties, but he, too, is old and tired, and so, as long as he’s back at the governor’s mansion by two o’clock for his afternoon pudding, he’s willing to do or sign just about anything these radical activists put in front of him- or ask him to do.

It’s genuinely pathetic. Literally anything that seemed or looked reasonable related to the legislature’s spring session- Evers vetoed on Friday.

Right down to allowing the DNR to set a new limit on a wolf hunt. With that move, Gov Evers and Maggie Gau even went out of their way to insult farmers in Wisconsin, who have been having significant and growing problems with wolves in Wisconsin. 

These vetoes were just an ‘f-u’ to all sorts of different constituencies and groups of Wisconsinites: it was a Tony Evers ‘screw you’ to nearly all taxpayers...

Screw you to all young Wisconsin families needing childcare-

Hell-it was a screw you to childcare providers!

It was a screw you to all retirees on fixed incomes.

Screw you to farmers.

Screw you to hunters.

Screw you to law enforcement.

Screw you to communities struggling to find new teachers.

Which is also a ‘screw you’ to the families in those communities seeing a teacher and superintendent shortage.

It was a ‘screw you’ to anyone wanting to get racism and wokeism out of our classrooms.

This was ugly, on Friday, my friends.

photo credit: Getty Images

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