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In Wisconsin, even Democrats and Independents need to vote yes and yes

Jay Weber Show Transcript 3-28-24 7:10am

Then there are the two referendum questions that are on every ballot-statewide-related to banning Zucker bucks: allowing outside billionaires and special interests to funnel money to Wisconsin’s municipal clerks as a way to ‘buy favor’ with them and ‘help’ process the election.

Man, this is scummy, and anyone thinking it’s okay is intentionally kidding themselves.

I’ve heard democrats-and some notable Wisconsin never-Trumpers- insisting that this is a made-up issue. It’s giving in to the crazies. These aren’t important referenda.

That’s ballcap.

This was a very real attempt by Mark Zuckerberg to deliver the 2020 election for democrats by infiltrating the ballot collection and counting process. The money went heavily to democrat cities-

Here in Wisconsin-it only went to places where the democrat vote is prominent: Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha, Racine. 

And of course, it’s election tampering that needs to be banned.

And so-vote ‘yes’ on both of those questions when you see them Tuesday or if you early vote yet today or tomorrow.  I see the J/S was also claiming these questions are confusing.

No. They’re not.

The first one bans outside funding of our clerks’ offices and ballot process.

The second one bans the same billionaires and activist groups from providing ‘free’ ballot harvesting or ballot counters for municipalities. This is a way to slip left wing activists into the clerk’s offices on election day.

Of course, it is.

I thought belling had a great, clarifying, analogy last week in the Waukesha freemen. He wrote in his column:

Vote yes and then vote yes

And i say this to democrats and independents listening, too. If you want fair elections instead of rigged ones and tampering-

Because if this isn’t banned here it’s only going to encourage both sides to start doing it- every election-

So-if you want fair elections instead of rigged ones- you too, should be voting ‘yes’ and ‘yes’.

And as for the claim that a constitutional change isn’t the way to do this, and lawmakers should pass a law and have the governor sign it-


The republicans tried. Tony Evers vetoed an entire package of election reforms in the wake of the 2020 elections. Because democrats want to keep the avenues for cheating open.

And so-that’s a fraudulent argument, too. We have to deal with this now, while we can, because we have a democrat state party-and national party-who have a whole host of new moves they want to ram into place-if they can- to keep rigging elections in their favor.

photo credit: Getty Images

story credit: The Washington County Daily News

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