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Much like the border, America knows who's responsible for inflation

Jay Weber Show transcript 3-21-24

We did learn yesterday, on the same day that the federal reserve said they were going to keep interest rates high for now because inflation is ticking back up-

We did learn yesterday that credit scores have fallen in the US for the first time in a decade.

What does it mean?

It means more Americans are struggling to pay their bills and missing payments.  It’s another sign that this economy-is not working-for the bulk of the American people.

Yep. Any ‘free money’ or ‘larger govt checks’ dried up for most people long ago. They came out of covid flush with cash and with a record amount of savings, in general, but then Biden’s inflation quickly started to cut into it in the fall of 2021 and has been doing so ever since-

To the point that the covid-era savings is gone. The excess stimulus checks or bigger govt welfare checks dried up a while ago....and meanwhile...we are still stuck with bidenflation.

In fact- after easing off from a high of 9.1 percent down to about three percent late last year- inflation is slowly starting to rise again.

Good grief. This long Biden-fueled nightmare still isn’t over.

In fact, recent measures show that US workers are starting to see their wages stagnate and easily available jobs dry up

If your wages aren’t going up but prices on groceries, gas, goods, and services still are-yeah-that’s a very real reduction in the purchasing power of your paycheck. Yes. Bidenomics is still harming us...and in various ways.

Yesterday-the fed chairman officially announced something that most of us figured was coming: due to the uptick in inflation over the first three months of the year-again- they will not-

Not-start to cut interest rates yet.

It’s worse than that- it’s ticking up.  We just saw February’s numbers and the cpi ticked up to 3.2 percent and core inflation ticked back up near four percent. To 3.8.

Not to be nitpicky, but people, the democrats, the fed, the Biden white house – can no longer say that inflation is falling.... or that it ‘remains elevated’.... when it has been going the wrong way now for three months.

Even if these are only slow upticks in the number...our measures of inflation...are...rising again. It’s not honest to suggest inflation just remains a little high.... or is still easing.

Those claims aren’t accurate anymore.

And I’m not trying to suggest ‘runaway inflation’ is around the corner, again. I’m simply trying to give a more honest assessment of where this economy is-

And how the American people are ‘feeling it’ and ‘dealing with it’ than the dems MSM accomplices are giving you.

The worst of the fears related to a recession in 2024 have faded away.... but prices for ‘everything’ remain too high and are still trending upward on most goods and services-

And when it comes to the essentials: groceries, gas, energy, rent-those prices continue to rise. Bidenomics is still crushing our grapes daily.

But the democrats cannot manage to figure out why the American people don’t believe this is a ‘great economy’ by other measures.

Because the measure that counts is: how is this economy affecting, helping, or hurting average Americans. Most Americans. And for most of us? It’s still an ever-more-costly nightmare.

And having Biden and Kammy and Tammy Baldwin cut some ads trying to deflect the blame for inflation and shrinkflation onto other people- like corporate fat cats- isn’t going to fly, either.

The American people know which president and which party touched off this massive inflation-and they know which party has spent three years ignoring it- or suggesting that we just ‘deal with it’. This is Biden and the dems doing-and everyone knows it- including the democrats who don’t want to admit it to their friends, or to pollsters.

They know their ‘people’ are responsible for this, no matter how much they spin and sputter and claim otherwise.

Same for the border crisis: they know which party touched it off and refuses to fix it. They just don’t want to admit that the party they belong to-and the leaders running it- are intentionally destroying America.

photo credit: Getty Images

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