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Vote YES to get rid of Zuckerbucks, Mobile Voting Vans and Park Voting

Jay Weber Show transcript 3-19-24

If these referenda pass- as you’d think they will- they will take effect immediately meaning that mark Zuckerberg and his scummy activists at the ‘center for tech and civic life’ can no longer do this in Wisconsin.

During the 2020 race, Zuckerberg and his wife took advantage of the chaos related to covid and sent 400-million dollars to municipalities across the country-mostly in swing states and almost exclusively to democrat-controlled areas.

In Wisconsin, it was Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Racine, Kenosha...

Ten million of that 400-million dollars grift flowed into Wisconsin...along with activists from this bogus ‘center for civic life’ who helped operate the ballot collection and ballot counting process.

This was way- way- out of bounds and should be illegal. But since no one had ever been bold enough to do this before- literally try to take over the election process by heavily influencing or even taking over clerk’s wasn’t illegal.

And remember- given a chance to ban it-Gov Evers and WI dems acted to keep this form of election tampering legal.

These two changes to our state constitution are meant to block the same attempt in 2024 that Zuckerberg’s activist group already admits they are engaged in- as well as the same sort of activities from any other group or billionaire.

I believe this is the Journal/Sentinel’s coverage in front of me-which covers how this money was used by the municipalities-and even the liberal j/s treatment cannot make this sound ‘reasonable’.

The J/S doesn’t mention that the Green Bay clerk’s office was pretty much ‘taken over’ by Zuckerberg’s left wing activists and had close access to the ballots and control over the counting.

None of this should ever have been allowed.

The J/S does its best to pretend that this is ‘needed funding’ ...that’s only needed by the municipal clerks because their state and local governments don’t provide enough taxpayer funding. 

Then fight that fight-don’t pretend that outside influences don’t taint the election.

Okay....then how does she explain Green Bay’s city leaders shoving the elected clerk to the side in 2020 and allowing Zuckerberg’s team to run their election?

The Racine city leaders under mayor Corey Mason -bought a mobile van to focus on the democrat-neighborhoods and provide a convenient-and cajoling- invitation to vote. But only to select parts of Racine?

How does she explain Madison’s scummy ‘vote in the parks’ events, which unsecured ballots cast in a questionable manner were then collected and kept-for hours- in unsecured collection carriers that anyone could have gotten to. Stole. Stuffed. Whatever.

2020 was a debacle of -actual-cheating schemes by Wisconsin and national democrats here-and let’s not pretend it wasn’t-even if our pathetic judges in Milwaukee and Madison didn’t have the guts to admit it and take a serious look at these forms of game playing afterward.

In general-our judiciary in Wisconsin has always been too cowardly to get involved in checking out allegations of fraud and ensuring we have fair elections-and so Wisconsin republicans have had to- with reforms like voter id and banning ballot boxes.

And now we have a democrat governor who is blocking even more common-sense reforms and enabling the cheating...

And worse-we have a leftist Wisconsin supreme court whose members had their seats on the court purchased by left wing groups from around the country who want any reforms that amount to ‘election security’ destroyed.

For heaven’s sake-president Biden just suggested voter ID laws need to be banished nationwide in his state of the union address- when polls show 85 percent of Americans say they want them-and we need them-to ensure fair elections.

So-if most people want to know their vote counts. If most people know cheating when they see it-and they know Zucker bucks is cheating...

If they know mobile voting vans and ‘voting in the parks and mail-in voting sure seems to invite cheating-

Why are today’s democrats insisting on all those things: destroying voter id and ballot integrity...while encouraging sloppy ballot handling, no oversight, and all sorts of things that seem like cheating schemes.

Why would democrats be supporting all of that?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out: for hundreds of years in this country- the democrats have never wanted to play fair. Have never wanted fair and honest elections. Have always engaged in rigged elections and cheating schemes- all the way back to Tammany hall in the 1780s... with New York’s powerbrokers controlling and rigging elections so they could control New York. It’s that political machine that literally morphed into the democrat party in New York and became the main organizing structure of the democrat party as it grew across the country in the 1820s.

In short-the democrat party of America was borne out of cheating schemes and rigged elections. Why would they be any different today?

It’s infuriating that we-in Wisconsin-seemed to finally be getting a handle on the cheating with voter id laws and more careful election laws...and then here came covid and the excuse to blow open new holes in the dam with mail-in voting.

And hey-if it’s the way you want to vote-and vote early-it’s being normalized now- at least for now-and so, if you want to do it, go ahead-

But it provides new openings for fraud...and my biggest fear is that-given how long the dems have been using mail-in voting in some of their deep blue states-they’ve got all the ‘ways to cheat’ down pat...and so we’re going to see more of them again-in fall.

As the American spectator puts it this week: the 2024 election could literally be ‘lost’ in the mail.

As in-republicans lose again- due to mail in voting.

I’d much rather see people stop and vote absentee early-at their clerk’s office. At least then, you know your ballot got there-and got counted.

You also know that if you voted early-the dems can’t steal your name and ‘vote for you’ which is something else we’ve been seeing way too much of in Wisconsin and around the country: people who insist-i went to vote and was told i had already voted.

If you vote early-yourself- the democrats can’t steal your name and vote for you- later. That’d also be a reason for voting early.

I’d love to see mail-in voting banned in the future, but so long as it’s legal, early absentee and mail in voting needs to be encouraged on our side of the aisle, too.

photo credit: Getty Images

story credit: J/S online

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