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Trump's legal battles are proving there's a two tiered legal system

Jay Weber Show transcript 3-18-24 8:10am

After last week-there can be no doubt that Donald Trump’s delay tactics against the democrat’s lawfare is paying off.

Not only is he delaying these cases in various ways, hoping to keep them out of court over the next seven months-

But with each ‘win’ in court, Trump and his legal team are building the case to the American people that there ‘really is’ a two-tiered justice system in this country.

Repeatedly, we’ve been seeing Democrats caught in what are clearly criminal acts-and legitimate ones- getting off scot-free-as their accomplices in the court system try to rig false cases against Donald Trump and conservatives.

The Fani Willis debacle got most of the attention last week-

But on Thursday of last week- a federal judge in Florida delayed Trump’s federal documents trial, again, as she weighs two arguments from Trump’s lawyers as to why the case should be dismissed.

Meanwhile-the weakest case against trump is the one out of New York- where Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg won’t prosecute crime-but won’t give up on trying to prosecute trump.

This is over a payoff eight years ago to Stormy Daniels that past prosecutors at the state and federal levels agree-does not- constitute a crime. It was a legal non-disclosure agreement, but Bragg can’t let it go.

He's making a ridiculous argument and trying to jump between state and federal legal systems...but that case was set to go to trial next week I believe.

But Trump’s attorneys managed to get at least a one-month delay on that one last week. 

Bragg and the trump-hating judge on that case will still be super-motivated to get this case to trial before the election...and so...delaying it more is a gamble for Trump’s team.

It is because these two trump haters wouldn’t think twice about scheduling a trial that ends in a trump conviction right in the middle of October-just a week or two before election day. 

They won’t adhere to the basic DOJ rules of fair play that say...if we are close to an election. We don’t move forward on cases that could affect an outcome.

Alvin Bragg and this trump-hating NY judge probably can’t wait to drop a conviction that affects the election....and so.... I see them insisting on getting this trial in before election day.

Trump’s team better have some inventive new ways to delay that one.

But- folks- the democrats are really getting nervous. Joe Biden and the white house team are said to be really...getting upset that none of this lawfare is working. Neither of the federal trials is underway. Both are at risk of being delayed until after the election.

The dems are getting downright PO’d over this.

The democrats are sitting back -stunned-that none of this is working out.

They built in three redundancies to the documents case...and still...they have nothing to show for it.

Unfortunately, the chances are still good that Bragg can get his silly case done and taken to a fraudulent ‘guilty’ conclusion before fall. But the other three cases are legitimately starting to look as if time is running out.

The two federal cases-cannot-move forward until the supreme court decides the immunity question in June. Then they’ll be met with another flood of legal wrangling by trump’s team.

And Fani’s case is now  both-in shambles- and a joke.

Last Friday, the judge in the case, Scott McAfee, made a ridiculous ruling that allowed Fani to stay on the case-as her lover removed himself as lead prosecutor-

But both lied to the judge-under oath-about numerous things, including about when their affair started, and so that has left both under an ethical cloud...and now Fani’s got to move forward with the case?

As Jonathan Turley said on Friday: the best thing for Donald trump may be for Fani Willis to continue on the case because she’s damaged goods.

Turley said Willis has one last chance to do the right thing and remove herself from the case-but won’t. That much is clear.

Meanwhile- on the question if whether she can salvage the case and move it to trial before November fifth.

The left will still be able to smear Trump as a felon. And then, if that conviction is later turned over on appeal because a more honest appeals court agrees fani never should have remained on the case-

Well then- who cares?  The democrats-for their political purposes-need a trump conviction.Nothing else matters-including whether that conviction is overturned on appeal.

Folks-before election day- by God-they want to be able to call trump a felon.  That’s all that matters. Any which way. Any way. Anyhow. 

They set up no fewer than four bogus criminal cases to do this-

And so far? No luck.

Ironically- it would now be in the democrat’s best interests to have Willis remove herself from the case, name a new prosecutor, and try to get him or her up to speed, quickly.

We know that the Biden white house coordinated with Fani Willis to bring this case in Georgia.

After Friday’s decision- Biden’s team would be wise to pressure Fani into removing herself from the case, too, and focusing on regrouping and getting the conviction ...instead of focusing on Fani’s political future... Which is why she’s insisting on staying on the case.

Fani Willis is a political climber in Georgia. She wants to be a-g or governor someday. And so, her motivations related to this case are now even more personal.

If-this case was about ‘getting trump’ and being a hero in her party- before she and her lover were discovered bilking taxpayers out of money to spend on themselves- well, now this case is about ‘getting trump’-and- ‘rehabilitating her image and her political career’- correct?

But-this lawfare -so far- has only been backfiring on the democrats. These bogus cases have only worked to

A) have trump’s supporters rally around him.

B) lure other trump supporter ‘back to him’ due to the great sense of unfairness here.

C) expose Joe Biden as a criminal. Remember, Biden and Garland’s insistence on prosecuting trump for stolen documents predicated a closer examination of Biden’s stolen documents and so far-only joe is the proven lawbreaker. He cavalierly and intentionally broke numerous federal laws and is a proven criminal now after the Hur report.

And d) another thing this lawfare has done-is expose the absolute truth-that America-does have- a two-tiered system of justice these days. Criminals go free-as conservatives and left-wing enemies are targeted for destruction or investigated as terrorists.

photo credit: Getty Images

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