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The Dems ‘voter replacement scheme’ is finally obvious

Jay Weber transcript 3-15-24 6:10am

Elon musk and his followers on ‘X’-conservative and ‘other’- have been focusing on how these tens of millions of illegals who the democrats will allow to pour over our border -forever—unless republicans regain control- are already politically damaging to republicans and Americans.

Even before the left gets a change to do a mass amnesty and make them all US voters.... just their presence here is benefitting the dems and is part of their ‘voter replacement’ agenda.

We apportion out congressional seats -not by the population of ‘citizens’ in each state...but by the overall population of each state-meaning- illegals count toward the number of congressmen that each state gets-in dc. 

Several states, like California, already have more house seats than they should have-because they have so many illegal aliens living in their states.

One estimate suggests that California has five or six congressional seats that it should not have- because it has so many illegals.

Imagine if republicans in the house today had six fewer dem votes to overcome.

Moreover- overall population also decides how many electoral votes each state gets. That number is equal to the number of senators and congressmen a state has.

Every state only gets two senators...and so...for Wisconsin...we currently have two senators and eight congressmen: we get ten electoral votes. Yes?

And so-you can see how the mass influx of illegals is going to affect representation in congress-and in the electoral college.

This mass influx of illegals-knowing that they are going to naturally flock to the largest population centers. The biggest cities in some of the bluest states-

This is already having the effect of boosting blue-state representation that has been waning as more and more -Americans- move out of the blue states and big cities.


If covid, high crime, and high taxes have been driving voters out of the blue states for the last ten or 15 years-and they have-

What quicker way to ‘refill’ your population centers than open our borders and let the illegals flood in?

This is what the democrats are doing. It’s being done intentionally. And they already have a significant incentive not to close the borders. Don’t they?

And you can say- but jay-those illegals are going to end up scattered all over....and there’s some truth to that.... but they are going to initially flock -and primarily flock-to our biggest cities in our bluest coastal states.

Folks-why do you think that the Biden admin has been flying planes of illegals into Rockford and then bussing them into Chicago? 

They are -really-motivated to have them locate in Illinois. Huge numbers of illegals just naturally want to end up in New York and LA and boost the overall population of failing blue states.

About 180-thousand illegal aliens have been transported to NY during the Biden era and no matter how loudly new Yorkers howl Biden just keeps dropping more off. Coincidence?

These new census figures show that Biden’s open borders have been the biggest factor in the growth of US population-and they have boosted urban growth- in particular.

As in: cities.

As in: big cities that leftists control.

By coincidence? These are the three heaviest drop off areas for illegals.

If you think it’s a coincidence, you haven’t been following along. Joe Biden and his regime are literally trying to refill their bluest cities and states with illegals-to replace all the Americans they’ve had move out on them...due to high crime, high taxes, high standard of living (ironically)...too many illegals....

These census stats show that nationally illegal immigration accounted for 70 percent of the population growth that America saw in 2023. My god.

Those are the biggest cities in two of the most important swing states: Philly and Milwaukee.

I’d also point out that-if Cavalier Johnson wants to grow the city of Milwaukee into a population of one million-and the only reason our population grew last year was due to illegals-

Gee- what does that suggest his plan should be?

More illegal aliens.


So far under Biden, the Dems have allowed 10-million illegals into this country- if you count the ‘got aways’-and you need to- because they’re here.

That’s a group of people that is larger than the populations of nearly 40 of our states. That’s how much Biden’s regime is-intentionally-changing the demographics of this country.

As Elon Musk recently posted:

And they aren’t even really keeping it a secret, anymore.  When democrats are ‘winning’, they love to tell you about it-and they think they are winning, here.

Just keep reminding yourself and your friends and family- any voters you run into-

Joe Biden could fix this terrible border mess in an instant, and he refuses to.

It’s currently harming their party, and still Biden won’t relent.

That strongly suggests they have a larger motive. That moment is- eventual-permanent-control of this country.

And they will have won that control by flooding the country with foreigners and giving them handouts paid for by the rest of us.

So, they don’t really care who they are angering now.

In fact-if black voters thought they held a special place of esteem in the democrat party’s hierarchy.

Think again. You’ve lost that status to illegals.

Biden could stop it today. Instead, he refuses and pretends as if he doesn’t have the power.

He blames republicans. He deflects and gaslights any way he can-

But this president-who has the power to close our borders within a day- flatly refuses and lies about it.


This president and his party pretend to care about the American people. They can bloviate ‘with the best of them’ when it comes to pretending, they care about America’s underclass and middle class....

But Biden and his party ignore all the high crime and human suffering that his open borders have created. It has literally sparked the human slave trade-in addition-to the sex-slave trade. Biden does nothing.

It had led to a massive flood of very dangerous illegal drugs into this country. Fentanyl, alone, is killing 110-thousand Americans a year.

Biden does nothing.

The caravans have become famous for raping and sexually abusing of women and children that occurs along the way. Hundreds of bodies are found along the border and bloated in the Rio Grande every year now.

Biden does nothing.


After a 22 year old nursing student is killed by an illegal alien gang member that Joe Biden’s regime let into the country....joe Biden can’t even remember her name....but goes out of his way to apologize to the murderer and the illegal alien community for correctly labeling the murderer-illegal.


This man and his party are deliberately flooding the country with illegals and it’s having deadly consequences. If you’re still voting democrat- you’re voting against your own country, your own community, and your own family’s success and safety.

photo credit: Getty Images

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