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Bidenomics is not working. Core inflation is nearing four percent again.

Jay Weber Show transcript 3-14-24 6:10am

Biden has been insisting that the economy is strong and getting stronger and exactly a week after his state of the union address, a report comes out that says inflation is ticking up again. Core inflation is nearing four percent again. That’s after it ticked up in December and January, too.

Good grief.

As the Wall St Journal puts it:

We Still Don’t Believe How Much Things Cost

The high prices of items like coffee and milk have consumers grumbling about inflation across the board, even as it has cooled

The extra pain that Joe Biden and the Dems have been causing American consumers and businesses for three years now-isn’t over until this inflation rate is down-at-or below- two percent.  We aren’t there yet-and over the last three months have been going the wrong way.

Not in a major way-but we are on an upward drift.

Right at the end of the show yesterday, i answered the question: so, when will Biden and Powell get inflation back down around two percent?

My answer is- they won’t.

Not if they keep going at this rate. Joe Biden’s economy has been marked by too much govt money sloshing around and raising prices and spending...he spent six trillion in 2023. Is going to spend more than that this year. Has plans to spend 7.3 trillion next year if congress will let him.

He-and we-cannot keep spending other people’s money like this and expect inflation to come down. 

Powell has exhausted the few tricks that the fed must manipulate spending and drive inflation lower. Joe Biden and the dems will not relent on their excessive govt spending.

And until dry up some of the excess money in the economy inflation won’t end- and it’s not likely that it’s dipping below three percent any time soon.  

As for the rate cuts Powell and Biden have been talking about? Well- this is a political question now, isn’t it:

The fed under Jerome Powell has a decision to make: are they honest managers of this economy? Or are they members of the deep state who will do the democrat’s bidding and-cut-interest rates even though we still have nearly four percent core inflation?

I’m betting on Powell and the rest of them to be ‘rate cutting political hacks’...but we’ll see.

They’ll likely cut rates so that Biden and the dems can-pretend-for the few months right before the election that ‘inflation has been vanquished. We saved the economy’.

It was an economy that didn’t need saving...and so far, no one’s believing the relentless gaslighting from the left.

For heaven’s sake, people, the CEO of the family dollar announced that they’ll be closing a thousand stores soon- and he blamed inflation and the pinched consumer budget as a main reason:

This economy is still bad enough that people can’t afford to shop at the family dollar?

My god. 

This is like the CEO of McDonalds admitting a few weeks ago that: it’s true...more and more people can no longer afford McDonalds.

Hey, chip, want to go to McDonalds?

Nope. Too rich for my blood.


And now it’s the same story for the family dollar? Even cheesy plastic flip-flops for the kids aren’t in the budget, anymore?

This is-not- the measure of a strong economy, my friends.

The Wall St Journal has a lengthy piece today in which they talk to all sorts of people who say they’re still shocked at how much everything costs.


The bad news is- these prices are the ‘new normal’. Even if we can get inflation down to a more reasonable level- most of today’s prices are going to stick around.

This is simply the new- much higher-cost of things- because half of the country’s voters decided to put a bunch of dangerous dopes in charge.

I hate to break it to you: but these prices-are not-going down.

Even if the climbing prices and shrinking boxes come to an end- these prices today that you are paying for things are the new normal.

What’s the lesson, here?

Stop Voting Democrat!!!!

photo credit: Getty Images

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