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Putin prefers Biden

Jay Weber Show transcript 2-16-24

The democrats have spent nearly ten years now pretending that Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin’s buddy or Putin’s stooge-

And right from the start-it was a false smear that-in way too many circles- they got to stick.

They even insisted that Putin helped get trump elected...because he didn’t want Hillary following Barrack.

Bull plop. Barrack Obama has been the weakest president, when it came to Russia, of the entire modern era. He let Putin talk right into Crimea and take it over. He refused to push back as Putin propped up the butchers in Syria and made new alliances with Iran and China.

Trump was tougher on Russia-and then came Biden. Feckless, predictable weenie. Joe Biden.

You might have seen what made news globally, yesterday: a Russian TV reporter asking Putin who he’d prefer to win the fall u-s election...and Putin saying: Biden. Because he’s predictable.

Folks-that right there-should be enough to permanently sink joe Biden’s campaign. The fact that Biden gets the full endorsement of Russia’s brutal dictator.

Heck- Putin even stood up for Biden on the ‘age’ thing: 

"When I met with Biden in Switzerland -- true, that was several years, three years ago -- people were already saying he wasn't up to it. I didn't see anything of the kind" 

Biden is predictable. Putin is admitting I know what joe’s going to do even before he does it. He’s got a pattern of weakness and foolishness.

The most dangerous opponents for western enemies are unpredictable ones-and tough ones. Like Churchill, Reagan, Thatcher. The predictable squishes like Obama and Biden are easy to handle, and easy to manipulate, and certainly in the Biden era, Putin has proven that to be true. Again.

Trump is both tough and unpredictable-and that combination scares global bullies and rogue leaders like Putin and the mullahs in Iran. Trump reacts and hits back at their BS.  Biden and Obama find ways to ‘not react’. Not engage.

So, of course Putin wants joe Biden around for another four years. He could control half of Europe by then.

I also know what some democrats are saying: but it’s trump who is promising to end the Ukraine war in just a few days, if he’s elected again.

Yeah. That’s talk.

Unserious talk. Donald trump knows it will take longer than that-and he knows that any ‘resolution’ to this war must have Putin and Russia on the losing end of it, so that they aren’t encouraged to resume the effort or invade other countries on Putin’s wish list.

Trump’s not an idiot...and Putin knows that any ‘end’ to this war doesn’t mean Putin’s happy with the result if Trump engineered it.

Trump reacted to the news that Biden got Vlad’s endorsement by saying: good.

"President Putin of Russia has just given me a great compliment, actually. He's just said that he would much rather have Joe Biden as president than Trump," Trump told the crowd in North Charleston. "Now, that's a compliment. A lot of people said, ‘oh, gee, that's too bad.’ No, no, that's a good thing." 

Yep. Trump and the GOP should use this endorsement for all it’s worth: who do America’s enemies want to be the u-s president? Joe Biden.

Who do the enemies of democracy endorse for US President? Joe Biden.

The ads write themselves.

And if you wondered whether the Biden White House finds this flattering or helpful- they refused comment yesterday, other than to say: Putin should stay out of America’s elections.

That sentence, alone, convinces me that the democrats will be happy to take any Russian interference in 24- on behalf of Biden.

Are you kidding me?

Folks-yesterday-we got wind of a plan by Putin to put Russian nukes into space. The Biden regime was trying to keep that news from us-and just shrugged and downplayed it when the news came out.

Do you think that would be president trump’s reaction to the news? Or any other president’s reaction to the news?

Do you think any president-other than Biden-would have let a Chinese spy balloon fly low and slow...over the entire latitude of the United States...without objecting or shooting it down?

‘President joe’ did exactly that.

So, how do you think the Chi-Coms evaluate Biden? Like Putin?  Weak and predictable?

Of course, they do.

Oh-and Putin also burst tucker Carlson’s bubble.

Tucker was granted a rare interview-as a westerner- all of the other networks were jealous and labeling tucker a ‘traitor’ -over agreeing to do an interview that any one of them would have killed for.

As such-tucker had a very good week last week. But then he ruined it my saying some of the most asinine things about Russia that anyone with a brain has uttered- suggesting it’s better than America.

And now this: now a slap in the face from Putin, who says, he expected a tough interview, but Tucker sucked up to him, instead.

Putin even suggested that Tucker’s lack of tough questions made the entire thing ‘less of an event’. 


The truth is- if Vladimir Putin had wanted a tougher, more challenging interview, he wouldn’t have chosen Tucker.

He chose Carlson because-since the Ukraine war started-tucker Carlson has been on the wrong side of it-and on the wrong side of our need-as western nations-to stop Putin’s invasion of former soviet countries in its tracks.

Tucker is right on some things. He’s ‘very right’ on some things’ and he’s also-surprisingly- ‘dead wrong’ on some things.  He also believes more conspiracy theories that you’d think a bright guy like him would.

And on Ukraine-he’s been wrong. Whether he’s intended to or not, he’s carried water for the Russian side of the equation-and so of course Putin chose him.

story and photo credit: Fox News

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