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Cong Tom Tiffany joined us to talk about this bogus border bill

Jay Weber Show transcript 2-6-24 7:10am

Guy Benson- fellow talker and columnist-Guy Benson really crystalized why this new senate border bill is such a farce.

Even if it -was- a good faith effort to finally close and control the border by the democrats-and it’s not-

Joe Biden has obliterated the trust issue and has eagerly ignored and undercut existing laws for three years.

And so- how can Biden be trusted to follow thru on-any part? -of this border agreement?

Especially when-numerous parts of the agreement-give the president and his administration the ultimate power to ‘suspend’ or ‘end’ many of these provisions that would claim to be ‘border enforcement.’

We’ll get to some of them in a minute, but this is what senator Ron Johnson immediately identified as his number one concern on any border bill-when we talked to him two months ago-as these negotiations started.  

How can we possibly trust Biden? Here he is with Trey Gowdy on fox this weekend.

Yep. Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas-and Biden’s entire regime for that matter- have proven repeatedly that they cannot be trusted. In the Biden era, everything is a lie or a trick.  That’s become a ‘theme of the show’ for three years now.

And so, now we are expected to trust him with a border bill that is written to give him an ‘out’ on nearly every provision? From building more wall to ‘ending catch and release’, to ‘detaining illegals now’, to ‘implementing a 90 day asylum process’, to ‘resuming deportations’?

All of those come with an ‘or not’ in the fine print that still leaves Biden with the ability to simply ignore any part of this that he doesn’t like?

No. It’s a terrible bill. It has all sorts of changes and built-in provisions that -cannot- be honored. Things that are simply impossible and impractical-in practice. It has other provisions that Biden and Mayorkas simple -will not- follow.

And so, it’s useless. It’s a pretend border bill meant to get the democrats past the fall election.

And sadly, Mitch McConnell and a few well-meaning patsys allowed themselves to be used as accomplices, here.

Why would five thousand illegal entries per day-or per week- be acceptable?

Why would-any-of these provisions and carefully crafted compromises-be necessary?

Folks, when you stand back and examine this bill, you come to understand that-none of it- is reasonable or necessary.

We can close and control the border now. With no new bill. And we can collect asylum claims now- as the illegals stand on the other side of the border or apply from their home country.

There is zero need to allow in-any- number-of illegals each day- just to make asylum claims. They can do that on-line or at a port of entry, and then head back into Mexico to await a court date.

There is zero need to normalize ‘some number’ of border crossings in any way.

And then-you find all the exemptions. They all amount to new loopholes and new lures for more illegal immigration. They genuinely do.

Folks, if the president can erase that new standard for nearly 3 months at a time and then-at some point-it can only be enforced for half of the year-at most- what good is it?

Why would we agree to-any? -sort of nonsense or new loopholes like this?

It’s an amazingly detailed compromise related to the border that-somehow- still doesn’t secure the border!

As one dem lawmaker put it on social media as he celebrated this: the border never closes! Huzzah-huzzah.

It includes hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid-but not even a billion dollars to build more border wall.

There’s only a measly 650-million dollars inserted into the bill to build more wall and that is money that has already been passed by congress for the wall-that Biden should have spent by now.  This is a pathetic cheat.

Congressman Tom Tiffany joined us this morning with more…  

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