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This new border bill is filled with new lies

Jay Weber Show transcript 2/1/-24 6:40am

So- once again- we get a very fiery defense of the border bill that is currently being negotiated in the senate-

And once again- we get a senator insisting that no, no, this is a strong bill that doesn’t normalize illegal immigration-

But also, once again, we aren’t given a real explanation of how we are wrong, or what ‘incorrect information’ those of us against this deal are working off.

Yesterday’s fiery insistence that the rest of us have it wrong-came from Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema-who  was a pro-border democrat until she was run out of the party for it.

She’s one of the few people inside the room as this is being negotiated. And she claims- speaker Johnson, Ron Johnson, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, me-

Anyone who is characterizing this deal as a normalization or capitulation on illegal immigration is wrong.

Let me break that down for you-because she’s parching here.

The rules apparently-do-allow for up to five thousand illegals crossings each day-but- but -instead of just getting their names and waving them into the country...which is ‘catch and release’....

Sinema is saying no, no- what happens is they are held and processed and evaluated and if they aren’t eligible for asylum they will -eventually? -be dumped back into Mexico or flown home?

I still don’t get that part of what she’s claiming-because it makes no sense to let up to five thousand illegals each day....and hold them....rather than simply deny them entry in the first place.

There has got to be-

There has got to be- a loophole that allows the Biden Admin to just release them into the country as the sun goes down, or something. It’s dumb to ‘welcome’ and ‘process ’five thousand crossers each day and then hold them. We don’t have the facilities-or the Obama era cages-to do that.

The system will never work that way. As it is-we have such overworked immigration judges that we are giving the illegals crossing today- court dates in 2031.

There is no way- zero chance-that we can move to a system in which illegals are held or see a judge within 90 days.... And even notice that most of them will be let into the country on some generic sense that ‘yeah, you might qualify for asylum’.

They don’t. Don’t let them in in the first place.

This is another complicated series of ‘pretend steps’ that would allow Joe Biden and all future democrat presidents to run open borders. Even if it was at a more deliberate and steadier pace.

This is an awful deal. Mitch and senate negotiators got played again. Just demand a closed and controlled border.

And by the way- all of this is predicated on the believe that this Biden-era homeland security department can close the border and control border crossings.

Well, hell, they’ve been claiming for 30 years they can’t do that. Now they propose a new system that has them being able to do it at moment’s notice? When have we hit some magic number of illegal crossers- at one or two in the afternoon of any given day?

Bull crap, this is ‘workable’.

And how dumb do they think we; the American people are?

And how dumb or gullible are Mitch McConnell and senate negotiators?

Newt Gingrich was on Laura ingram’s show Tuesday night-and had a wonderful take on all of this.


photo credit: Getty Images

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