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Gov Evers vetoes his own maps

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-31-24 6:10am

As expected, -Governor Evers vetoed his own newly drawn electoral maps, and then tried to characterize them as ‘republican maps.’

And yes, the accomplices in the liberal news outlets played along with him and called these ‘republican maps.

As in-the very misleading J/S headline: Gov Evers vetoes republican maps passed last week.

That’s not what the governor did.

The more accurate headline would have been Governor Evers vetoes his own maps, blaming republicans.

Because that’s what Evers did. This was the attempt by the legislative republicans to resolve these maps issue-outside of court- 

And given that they are the body that has the power and responsibility to draw these maps, it was entirely appropriate that they do so.

And so, realizing that the far-left activists have successfully taken control of the state supreme court and are likely to decide on radically different and patently unfair new maps- yes-the leaders in the legislature tried to keep that from happening.

And in a strong move-they took the exact same maps that governor Evers’ team had submitted to the courts- made miniscule changes just to take out some of the partisan nastiness that Evers’ team drew into them-and then passed them and put themon the governor’s desk.

These were literally- 99 percent Evers maps.

The stooge vetoed them, anyway, yesterday, and then tried to pretend that he was standing up for Wisconsinites and wanted ‘fair maps’....and so...somehow...vetoing his own maps and pretending they- his maps! -were a republican gerrymander- was the only thing to do.

To recap: Evers and his team took the current maps and dramatically redrew them in an extreme partisan gerrymander -before submitting them to the courts-but if republicans make even a few slight changes-they’re the ones engaging in the partisan gamesmanship and the gerrymandering.

This is like Jeffery Epstein seeing a father hugging his daughter in the park and calling him a pedophile.

Folks- Tony Evers-cannot-take the high ground when his maps destroy the current and legitimately passed ones. 

This clown doesn’t get to destroy any sense that Wisconsin voters are getting the representation they voted for-

He doesn’t get to disenfranchise nearly half a million Wisconsin voters with his maps- and then pretend that republicans are the bad guys when they accede to his demands.

But that’s what Evers did yesterday, proving he’s a scumbag, even if he looks all ‘grandfatherly’ in his grey sweater.

Evers and Maggie Gau and the democrats are certain that they have four ‘bought and paid for’ left wing activists sitting in the supreme court, who will do their radical bidding.

Wi dems are banking on Janet Protosawitz, Rebecca Dallet, Jill Karovski, and Anne Walsh Bradley to dole out an angry, hyper partisan, nasty rebuke to republicans because they dared to move all sorts of great reforms to Wisconsin government during the Scott Walker era.

That’s -still-what this is about: payback.

But here’s a question: what if those four liberals on the court shock the state and actually do their jobs as credible supreme court justices and show some restraint?

Wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh air?

I’m going to label it highly unlikely, at this point, knowing what we know about these women and the activist pasts, but it’s not impossible.

This is a ‘new court’. Wouldn’t it make some sense and lend some legitimacy and credibility to this court if these four liberals-did- shock us? - and decided to select maps that aren’t as good for democrats as Evers’ maps are?

I would love to see Evers and Gau reject their own maps- that were offered by Madison republicans- only to see the supreme court screw them and choose worse maps for them.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Again- I find that highly unlikely, but it’s possible. 

After all Wisconsin has been thru and knowing what perceptions are, with this being their first big case- and with the nation watching for the decision-

Wouldn’t it benefit this new liberal majority to show some restraint and hand down a more reasonable and less partisan decision?

There were seven different sets of maps submitted to the court-and they can choose a set, or have their experts pick and choose from each to create new maps. Or the court could redraw them entirely.

But....if these justices wanted to be fair to both the voters-and the parliamentary and constitutional process that details how these maps should be drawn-

Well-then- they should adopt a set of ‘third party’ maps that were submitted by Rick Essenberg and his team at W.I.L.L.

Folks, the Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty actually submitted the best set of maps: they are the fairest, in the sense that they’re maps that address the alleged ‘problems’ with the current maps that the state supreme court liberals used as an excuse to overturn them-

Which is this ‘municipal islands’ issue-

And will’s maps fix the problem with the least amount of tampering or extreme moving of boundaries. In other words: it’s the map that tampers the least with the will of the Wisconsin voter-

And with the maps that the duly elected legislature drew and had approved in 2011.It’s their duty to do it. Not the courts.

And those maps survived all sorts of bogus lawsuits and scrutiny after they were passed. Both legally and constitutionally, they’re the most legitimate.

And so, will’s version of the new maps does what ‘any’ version should: it takes the maps that were created thru the process that is laid out legally and constitutionally- and only changes them to resolve the problems that today’s court claims to have with them.

And yes... The result is that a few more seats end up in democrat hands. Okay. If that’s the least-intrusive way to go about this- then this new supreme court should adopt those maps and honor the legal and constitutional and parliamentary processes around these maps.

And so I- hope against hope- that these four liberal supreme court justices will act as- justices first-and not left-wing activists.

I’m hoping for some karmac justice here: it’d be great if Evers blocked his very own maps from being put in place-then got worse ones from the supreme court.

It’s only a remote possibility-but that’s the reason that Evers should have taken ‘yes’ for an answer.

In life-and in politics- if you have a 99 percent ‘sure thing’ sitting in front of you- you’re a

Dimwit not to take it- because you want to hold out for 100 percent.

Ugh. I hope this backfires on him. Come on, karma.

And at 8:30 this morning, if our phone lines hold out, I’m going to have Lucas Vebber of will on to talk about the WI left’s move to dismantle act ten-

Will has also intervened in that case making its way thru the courts...

But there was also-this move-yesterday, by the Wisconsin institute for law and liberty, proving again what an invaluable resource Rick Essenberg’s creation has become for Wisconsin-in defense of its citizens-

Will lawyers also, yesterday, called on Janet Protosawitz to recuse herself from another ‘maps case’ that is being brought by a destructive old Clinton operative named Marc Elias.

This nasty clown is reaching into our state and suing to overturn our congressional maps, too. These are also drawn by state lawmakers.

And so, will is calling on Protosawitz to act like a judge, acknowledge her bias, and recuse herself from that case.

WILL has also filed a joint request with republicans in Wisconsin legislature calling on justice Protasiewicz to recuse herself  

photo credit: Fox 6 News Milwaukee

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