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Oh dear Lord, Evers appointed Lena Taylor a MKE Circuit Judge

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-29-24 7:10am

I cannot believe Lena Taylor’s going to be a judge: talk about ‘failing upward’.

This woman is a genuine idiot. She’s also a strident, race card playing hag with anger-management issues.

And gov. Evers is making her a judge?

What a joke.

This is a woman who’s famous around the Capitol for not really doing the homework. Not ever really knowing the issue. Not ever really knowing what’s being talked about on the senate floor-to the point that her staffers need to ‘manage her’ and ‘fill her in’ as the floor sessions play out-

And she’s going to hold people’s lives in her hands? She’s going to be the one making the call on other people’s futures-and what ‘justice’ is for the community?

Good grief.

This is like putting Homer Simpson in charge of a courtroom.

Lena Taylor isn’t going to -really-study the cases before her, and the fact that she-technically-has a law degree doesn’t make her a good choice to be appointed judge.

Good grief. Lena Taylor is Milwaukee’s version of ‘star jones’: she’s spent her entire adult life telling anyone around her that ‘she’s got a law degree you know. You know...I’m a lawyer.

Anyone who must constantly remind you they’re a lawyer-shouldn’t be a lawyer- much less a judge. And some people use it as a ‘credential’ to prove that they’re not dumb... Even if they are.

This is how Lena has always used hers. And now- good lord-

Now she’s a judge.

The other thing that needs to be said here- is what Daniel Bice pointed out when he reported the news of this appointment:  that for decades now, Lena Taylor has been trying to parlay her seat in the State Senate-into a higher paying job in government.

Just something-anything-with a bigger salary that was coming from the taxpayers. Lena Taylor has, famously, run for just about every office and asked for just about every bureaucratic appointment that she ran across.

See- her Senate gig pays about 57-thousand dollars a year. Very good -state-benefits, but Lena, for twenty years, has been looking for that safer-bigger-paycheck. 

She’s run for Milwaukee alderman, which pays 73-grand a year. She’s run for Milwaukee mayor, which pays even more.  She’s run for county exec, and for municipal court judge.

She’s talked about running for Governor and the US Senate over the years.

But more recently, Lena has discovered that she’s not popular enough to win any election that currently isn’t ‘her own district’...and so...she’s been angling for govt appointments, instead.

And I’ll be darned if she didn’t get one from Tony Evers.  Lena Taylor now gets a safe Milwaukee County Judgeship with a salary of 165-thousand dollars a year and rock-solid benefits-

And it’s so offensive to anyone who knows the ‘real deal’ on Lena, that it’s hard to describe.

And as bice says: it’s not known how many other applicants Lena Taylor beat out for this judicial appointment-but I’d love to know. I’m betting there were some quality candidates on that list.

Folks, she’s so ‘unfit’ for this position that it makes me wonder if this isn’t Governor Evers and Maggie Gau making a move to ‘get Lena Taylor’ out of the senate-and out of that Milwaukee seat- in favor of someone they like better.

Lena Taylor-has- pushed back on some of the Evers regime’s Milwaukee initiatives and far left pandering. Maybe they want her out for that reason.

story and photo credit: Fox 6 News-Milwaukee

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