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Get ready for 8 months of MSM lies and narratives

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-29-24 8:10am

One of the themes of today’s show is: we have a such a high number of gullible idiots in this country who ignore the news. Ignore current events. And then get their ‘news’ off Tik Tok or from the daily show-that it has become very easy for the democrat party to simply lie to, and gaslight, and manipulate the voting public-

And they’ve really begun taking advantage of that fact.

It was Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barrack Obama who, in this era, started to ‘really understand’...just how ignorant and gullible most of the voting public is, and they really started to use it to their advantage.

But the democrats and those running the Biden white house have now genuinely taken this to an entirely different level.

The Biden white house intentionally hired a spokeswoman who is an idiot, herself, and made sure that she’s willing to openly forward the daily lies she’s given...

That’s Karine Jean-Pierre.

This white house seems to have a strong ‘office of misinformation’, where they come up with the lies and the spin that’s going to work best on the moron masses-instead of what’s going to work on the American people.

Look. You’re disgusted. You know today’s democrats are openly lying to you, daily. You wonder- do they think I’m an idiot?

The answer to that is: they might know you are in the group that knows they’re lying-but they’re talking to the other idiots.

If 2/3 of the country is so uninformed that they’ll believe the lies- what is the incentive to tell the truth? 

If you can trick and manipulate 2/3 of the country-why worry about what the other third thinks of you? Or knows you’re lying?

This is what’s going on here. 


This becomes-very important-as we look ahead to the next 8 months of politicking-

And- and- becomes super-important when we start talking about Trump’s court cases. Like it or not, 2/3 of the country isn’t really paying attention. They don’t understand that all these court cases are ginned up nonsense meant to destroy trump-

And so-as they play out- we are going to see instances in which Donald Trump is genuinely being railroaded and treated unfairly- and being ‘convicted’ of things.

Understand that 2/3 of the public isn’t going to recognize that...and so...most of them will believe the narratives that ‘Trump’s a rapist’....

Or....’Trump caused the insurrection. That’s proven now because he was convicted of it.

Or...trump sold documents to the Chinese.

Or whatever nonsense comes out of these bogus trials. 

On Friday, it was the settlement in a defamation case that most of the left-wing pundits and social media spinners want to claim was a ‘rape’ case.

No, it wasn’t. Donald trump hasn’t been convicted of rape. He was blamed-in a civil trial-by a jury in civil court- of ‘defaming’ E. Jean Carrol after she came out of nowhere- several years ago-and claimed trump assaulted her in the the dressing room of a department store.

This claim is so bizarre that her story seems to have been stolen from an episode of law and order. She can’t say what year it was. She told now friends and has no witnesses.

Oh, and by the way, the dress she claims she was trying on- hadn’t been invented yet or put out in a retail setting yet.

Moreover-E-Jean Carroll has been known in the elite social circles to be a complete nut-job and the least reliable or honest person on the east coast. She’s a certifiable loon-who came out of nowhere looking to destroy trump by accusing him of rape.

Not a single part of her story checks out. It’s obviously made up. But in 1993-after trump called her a lunatic that he’d never even met, in response-

Carrol found a lawyer friend and sued trump for defamation. He was never charged or convicted of rape-because there never was one.

But- in a state in which ‘everyone hates trump’ it was easy to go to civil court-and never have to prove the rape-  and instead try to prove ‘defamation’.

An earlier jury fell for her nonsense and this trial was to decide how much money Donald Trump owes this lunatic-who only ever lied and defamed-him!!

Friday, a Trump-hating jury decided that figure should be 83.3 million dollars.

Unbelievable. Breitbart put out a list of fifteen things that everyone should know about this smear-but the MSM won’t report or make clear.

15 Facts About E. Jean Carroll’s Allegations Against Trump the Media Don’t Want You to Know

She’s also being funded-in her legal cases-by a democrat party activist and other big donors who are openly motivated to ‘get trump’. There’s nothing about this court action that is either ‘honest’ or ‘defensible’.

But the net result is that- voters who are listening with half an ear...or are only getting their information from twitter or Tik Tok or the daily show-will think that trump is a convicted rapist, now-

And you’ve already got people like James Carville forming and forwarding the lie.

Trump was never charged or convicted of any such thing. Instead-he categorically denied having anything to do with E-Jean Carroll, or even knowing her. And she sued him for defamation, in return.

That’s what played out here. The facts of the fake assault are actually -all in Trump’s favor.

Which is one reason that -if you notice- even the MSM outlets and the left-wing accomplice websites haven’t been covering this E-Jean Carrol claim over the years-and didn’t really report the story until last week- as this defamation verdict came in.

Folks: everyone on the east coast knows that Carrol is a wingnut and a the point that even trump-hating newsrooms didn’t want to touch her story or forward her lies- realizing Trump could turn around and sue-them-for defamation

To me-the biggest evidence that E Jean Carrol is a liar is that -even the leftist ‘get Trump’ media shied away from her story. They know she’s lying.

And trust me-the Wash Post and NY Times and newsrooms with big enough staffs at least investigated her claims when she initially made them in 2018. The newsrooms know there’s no evidence of the actual crime. As in-zero.

And so, they chose to ignore the story rather than detail that fact and exonerate Trump.

They’d rather have half of the country believe that Donald trump -is- or at least-could be-a rapist. It benefits their side of the political aisle for that to be the case.

I will again remind you that former prosecutor and national review contributor Andrew McCarthy is a never-Trumper.

And even he said over the weekend-Trump can win this on appeal.

No. That time has already run out. Nikki Haley’s not going to appeal to 2/3 of grassroots republicans...and the better choice of Ron DeSantis is no longer available.

Trump will be nominated, and this is going to be what the next 8 months will be like now.

story credit: BREITBART

photo credit: Getty Images

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