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Some of the gold bars found in Sen Bob Menendez’s home were stolen.

Jay Weber Show transcript 12/6/23 8:30am

Man-do I love this story: some of the gold bars that were found in corrupt Senator Bob Menendez’s home were part of a 2013-armed robbery.

They were later recovered and carefully cataloged by the guy who was robbed.... only to have the same dip-shizzle turn around and then give them to Menendez at some later part of a bribe or payoff.


This would be like Al Capone reporting a robbery and cataloging the serial number of every 100-dollar bill that was taken...only to get it back...and then use it to bribe the mayor.

Capone never would have been that stupid.

But a guy named Fred

He’s the guy who had his gold bars robbed from him in 2013.


He knew it. He made sure investigators knew it.

Then he gave some of the gold bars to a bribe.

What a dope.

The story says Fred even signed stolen property release forms that had the exact serial numbers on them-in order to get the gold back...which certified they belonged to him.

Six years later-they were found in the home of Bob and Nadine Menendez as part of a corruption investigation.

I’d say they have Day-Beez dead-to-rights and it also compelling evidence in the case against the Menendez’s. (menend-eye?)

As in, senator, how did Fred’s gold bars end up in your house?

Are you going to claim they were repayment for money you lent him to buy a truck? Because- President Biden’s already using that excuse, sir.

What dopes. Ole’ bob is facing 45 years in prison if convicted, but still won’t resign his seat, because he thinks he can ‘beat this rap’, too. Menendez is one of the sleezier senators of the past two decades-in dc-

And he’s been investigated before-without conviction.   But when federal investigators went after him again-it was clear they were going to be sure they had the mountain of evidence that they’d need to put he and Nadine away for a long time.

I highly doubt he’s weasling out of this one. Imagine being 66 and looking at spending the rest of your life in prison.

If i was him-I would have already fled the country. Because the feds have him-flat out convicted- this time.

You know prosecutors are going to use Day-Beez and his driver to turn ‘states evidence’ against the Mendendi- as part of a plea deal to cut time off their own sentences...

This isn’t going to end well for Bob and Nadine. New jersey power couple.

They got a little sloppy after managing to slip out of the noose after the first federal investigation.

You’d think they would have gotten-more carefully- not sloppier.  But that’s the arrogance that comes along with the notion that you’re untouchable. That you’re an elite who can get away with a Biden...or a Clinton.

If anything, this is a win for civil rights in America, because bob Menendez loved to wear his Latino ethnicity on his sleeve.  It’s not just old, white powerbrokers who go to prison for taking bribes in dc, anymore. Bob’s breaking the ‘gold ceiling’ on that...

photo credit: Getty Images

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