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After legalizing all drugs, Oregon's disaster should be a warning.

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-15-23 8:10am

A while ago, we talked about how legalizing pot and other hard drugs was destroying Oregon.

The Oregon lefties thought this would be a great idea-and they legalized pot without even thinking about it-

And then- very naively- the democrats who control Oregon and a 58 percent majority of Oregon voters agreed to legalize all forms of public drug use.

Why not? What’s the worst that could happen?

Well-they found out: just a few years later- Oregon has a nightmarish drug problem-both inside and out of the major cities-

And a drumbeat that started with more local-and rural-politicians has no gained steam to the point that most Oregonians want to reverse course and re-criminalize all harder drugs- and they can’t get the uber-lefty governor and important state lawmakers to comply.

This week-GOP state senators asked Governor Tina Kotek to declare a state of emergency over the state’s awful drug problem and call a special session of the legislature to recriminalize drugs.

So far- Kotek hasn’t even responded to the plea.

Folks- fentanyl deaths have increased by 600 percent since Oregon decriminalized drugs there.

600 percent.

Overdose deaths, overall, have increased by a whopping 60 the point that.... every Oregon now... 3 people die of drug overdoses.

Wow. But still, democrats won’t admit that their ‘legal drug’ experiment has failed miserably and needs to be reversed.

According to several polls- virtually the exact same number of Oregonians who voted in favor of decriminalizing drugs- now want to recriminalize them.

56 percent of Oregon’s voters say ‘let’s reverse course here’...and that percentage will, no doubt, keep growing as the negative effects of their decision keep metastasizing.

Decriminalizing pot was dumb. Decriminalizing all drugs is idiotic and insane.

And Oregon’s experience proves it.

According to a recent lengthy piece on this, the law enforcers in Oregon have simply stopped arresting or ticketing virtually anyone who is caught using drugs publicly, anymore.

Why? When have the voters and the lawmakers made it clear that they don’t want this to be criminal?

This was another false promise made by the burnout crowd that gullible voters and dem lawmakers were stupid enough to buy: that if we decriminalize drug use, we can more easily get these people into treatment to turn their lives around.

Nope.Every state that has legalized weed is pretending that a portion of the sales tax that’s collected is going to go toward more treatment and intervention programs.

It doesn’t. It’s all lies to gullible people. 

And if the leftist elected officials in Oregon were left to their own devices, I’d predict that the voters of Oregon are simply ‘stuck now’ because they made one idiotic decision on one referendum question-

Except- a growing coalition of police chiefs, local city officials, and das is now starting to bring more substantial pressure and attention to this-and might just force Kotek and the leftists in Salem to change.

 Along with the ticket for public drug use-these users are supposed to get a hotline number and material that’s going to get them into treatment.

In two years- six thousand tickets have been written to public drug users. Most of them have gone unpaid, I’m sure. But all of 92 of them. Just 92-even took the first step toward getting help.

That. Is your Pollyannaish, democrat ‘take’ on drugs and bums, in a nutshell, folks. What they think will work-is all fantasy.

And before this decriminalization-people caught with small amounts of drugs on them were given the choice of court-mandated rehab or jail time.

Now? No jail time and no mandate to even explore rehab is the law.

How is that better? How is that ‘more helpful’?

How is that even a ‘kinder way’ to deal with drug addicts?

The total number of drug overdoses in Oregon- from last May to this May-topped 15 hundred. In a state that only has 4 million people.  

They’ve also seen the 3rd highest increase in overdose deaths over the last year- behind only Washington state and Nevada. 

And Washington state is another hellhole of decriminalized drug use...but even their leaders haven’t been dumb enough to essentially legalize ‘all drugs’ Oregon has.

Eugene, Oregon- rivaling San Francisco as America’s toilet.


Let’s be honest: Eugene is just the tiny ‘guest bathroom’.  Frisco is the ‘master bath’ of puke and feces.  It wears the filthy crown as ‘America’s toilet’.

photo credit: Getty Images

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