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Hey Wauwatosa, you're famous nationally and internationally

Jay Weber Show transcript 11/13/23 7:40 am

If you want more evidence that Wauwatosa- a once conservative community -has been taken over by liberals-

Get this: Jim Piwowarczyk from Wisconsin right now is reporting on a letter that was sent out to Tosa city employees- from the deputy city administrator- related to Christmas decorations.

This woman- Melissa Cantarero Weiss- instructed city workers to avoid using red and green in to celebrate Christmas in public spaces.

Instead-she said- non-traditional holiday colors would be more inclusive.  Decorate counters with purple and blue, was the directive, and use ‘snow people’ rather than Santa Claus, who is dressed in red, after all.

This is the sort of thing that’s so ridiculous you’d think it was a joke-but nope.

This was a three page letter from Weiss to city workers...and she makes it clear her boss-city of Tosa administrator James Archambo- is on board with the move.

Piwowarczyk notes that Archambo-as the top bureaucrat in the city-makes 185-thousand dollars a year. Weiss-the deputy putting out the letter- makes 140-thousand dollars a year.

And this is what Tosa residents are getting for their money: an ‘anti-Christmas’ movement from city hall.

And I know they’d reject the notion that this is an anti-Christmas move-but how else would you describe it?

Weiss isn’t using ‘Christmas’ in her letter (she’s using holiday) and... she’s banning red and green to be more inclusive.

Here’s one question i have-in all sincerity: who’s complaining about red and green? 

Is there a group, or a different religion, that has a beef with red and green being used during the Christmas holiday?

In the letter- Weiss:

If red and green- or a Christmas tree, make you feel uncomfortable- that’s your problem. It really is.

The rest of us shouldn’t be giving in to this sort of bullying and ‘exclusionary’ move.

Because what Weiss is doing-is- an exclusionary move, counter to what she’s insisting.

As other city workers pointed out, who are upset with this: even the Biden white house doesn’t go this far. Even they have several Christmas trees and decorate in mostly red and green for the holidays.  We have a national Christmas tree-every year. It hasn’t been banned by an administration yet.

What is the point of this, really? Other than to anger 97 percent of Tosans and city employees?

There is genuinely-zero-need for this.

Which raises the question-who was the crybully in Tosa’s city government who was walking around and getting offended at all of the Christmas decorations going up on the offices?

What woke Grinch has decided this warrants ‘action’?

Was it Weiss, herself?

Okay- so not all employees and residents celebrate Christmas. But the vast majority do, and in general, those who don’t still enjoy the decorations and the season.

You -really do-have to do a deep dive into the demented, left-wing gene pool, in order to find people offended by Christmas. And yet, the left is trying to kill if off every year.

Rick Essenberg has the best ‘take’ on this posted on twitter. He says...

I agree with him completely, and we’ve talked about how and why the cry bullying left and their constant beefing are -never-legitimate.

They’re just finding things to be offended by and then trying to hold the rest of us to ridiculous standards that-they-want to dream up- and can change by the minute.

I’m not going to play that game. You shouldn’t either.

Years ago, we used to say on conservative talk radio: you don’t have any right -given by God or government-

You don’t have any right to ‘not’ be offended.

This is a country that is made up a vast and diverse group of people. All with their own opinions and customs. And we do not need-nor should we have- some ‘government of central planning’ that tells us all what we should think, believe, or celebrate.

That sort of thinking genuinely is totalitarian and socialistic. And we need to reject it. Even something like this.

I hope Tosa residents make a stink and force Weiss and Archambo to rescind this. Because it’s not ‘inclusive’ it’s exclusive.

Folks-‘inclusive’ means just that: it doesn’t mean that the majority opinion or majority traditions get ignored and shoved aside.

Story and photo credit: Wisconsin Right Now

It even made the Daily UK Mail

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