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I can't understand why American Jews STILL vote Democrat

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-7-23

Here’s more reason to like Gal Gadot- the lovely specimen who plays wonder woman.

Gal Gadot, Israeli stars involved in screenings of Hamas atrocities to Hollywood executives

This is a great idea-because the world needs to know what really happened on October seventh. How horrific and inhumane it was and how much the Hamas terrorists were enjoying it-

And most especially- people who are cultural influencers and have power in society need to see this-and know the truth.

This is a very good idea by Gadot and those who are organizing it on her behalf.

This is the footage that we were talking about, not long ago, that Bibi Netanyahu and his team screened for the media members over there in Israel covering the war.

The reports afterward said that these reporters sat shocked, crying, squirming, and covering their they saw first-hand what Hamas’ terroristic butchery amounted to.

This wasn’t even ‘quick executions’ in a lot of instances...but was instead...intentionally slow pain and torture. Torture of children. The elderly. Entire families.

The western world needs to know-even if we don’t all need to see it-for ourselves.  

And most especially-those numbskulls and evil little idiots on our college campuses -who might follow and admire these Hollywood stars and LA leftists-  need to see it or know it for themselves.

And as for the divide that the democrats now find exists in their party- because they’ve let so many antisemites filter into the tent over the last 20 years-

Good. Let’s hope it finally forces the decent, freedom loving, America loving democrats who still exist in that party and under that tent-to do something about it.

Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz is one of them. He’s also Jewish, of course, and he’s saying that this vile, leftist anti-Jewish hate will turn millions of American Jews from blue to red.

As in-voting republican.

While I agree with Dershowitz’s anger and sentiment-I don’t agree with his conclusion. I will not believe American Jews are willing to finally abandon the democrat party until i see it-first hand-

This is very similar to the skepticism I have over black voters turning republican-but even more so. There’s at least some evidence that the ranks of black republicans and conservatives is growing.

I don’t believe for a minute that trump or the GOP will get 22 percent of the black vote, which is where polls not put it.

Bull plop. Black voters always seem to either stream back to the democrats or stay home come election time.

But when it comes to American Jews- it’s infuriating to see how loyal they have remained to the democrat party-and over generations-even though the democrats have given them virtually no reason to.

The claim that millions of Jews will stop voting democrat and either ‘vote republican’ or wander into the political wilderness.

Again-I’d love to see it. But since I’ve been following closely current events for 35 years and have never seen it before- I cannot predict it now.

Even now. Even after October 7th and the activist democrat’s reaction to it-

Even now-I think all this talk of a major political realignment for America’s Jews is being overblown.

Its wishful thinking for people like us, in this audience, who would love to see some common sense and some ‘reasonable’ response from America’s Jewish voters in the wake of this Hamas massacre and the leftist response to it here in America.

As one columnist puts it: the liberalism of America’s Jews is proverbial.

They are so heavily invested in the democrat agenda, otherwise, that they will even find reasons to overlook the rise of rabid antisemites in their own tent.

In America today- 6 in ten Jews say they consider being Jewish as more of an ‘ethnic’ thing than a ‘religious’ thing.  Their religion is ‘leftism’.

And so, no, I don’t foresee a significant shift in Jewish voting patterns- a year from now- when the butchery of October seventh will be largely forgotten.

That might sound harsh or incorrect-but the pace of life and current events moves so quickly now...that most voters have forgotten what happened 8 weeks ago- much less 8 months ago.

And given that there is-zero chance- Biden’s regime and the European leaders allow Netanyahu and the Jewish government to bomb and kill Hamas fighters for the next 8 months-

Most of the fighting and dying will have been wrapped up by this time next year-

Unless it blossoms into a much wider war-and that’s what a bumbling Joe Biden and Anthony Blinken -and EU leaders- are currently trying to avoid at all costs.

It’s still more likely that Israel is giving a slightly longer leash this they can keep this effort up for a few months or so.... before the western leaders reign Bibi in-

Then that we are still talking about Israel ‘at war’ with racist protestors at the state capitols- a year from now.

But i would love to see most democrat voters and elected leaders turn on Rashida Talib and these other racist squad members.

It’d be great if the others pushed these bitter, anti-American haters out of their party.

Sadly, that’s not likely, either. But maybe.


It turns out that four of them already have democrat primary challengers-and so, it’s a start.

photo credit: Getty Images

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