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Don't fall for the "but he loves his son" defense. Joe Biden is corrupt

Jay Weber transcript segment 1 9-15-23

It’s been a fun week -as house republicans launch an impeachment inquiry into President Biden’s corrupt influence peddling schemes with his family members.

I-really- triggered a listener yesterday when i said everyone in Washington DC knows Biden was doing this. They already know he’s guilty. And now, for democrats, even as they pretend there’s no evidence of joe’s corruption.... it’s a matter of shooting Hunter Biden in the face to try to save his daddy- and the circle the wagons around Joe....

Folks, the effort by democrats to shift the ground again to oh, of course hunter’s a criminal scumbag, but Hunter’s not his father- is already underway. We’ll get to that in a minute.

But let’s start with the claim that was so triggering to Matt in Milwaukee, yesterday: that we already have a mountain of evidence that strongly points to a family corruption scheme with joe on top of it...despite the dissembling and lying that the democrats are doing as they insist there’s no evidence here.

I hope you heard speaker Kevin McCarthy’s response to an AP reporter as reporters caught him in the hallway yesterday, and she repeated this idiotic claim like the propaganda parrot she is: why are you doing this, despite any evidence?

That’s a very strong answer by McCarthy that knocks down the claim that there’s no evidence here...

But, on Twitter/X, I’ve also posted a long, detailed missive that oversight chairman James Comer put out yesterday with 22 pieces of evidence that suggest Joe Biden was ‘influence peddling’ right along with his son and was profiting off of it....right along with his son.

I won’t go thru it, because it’s so detailed, but it’s got every date, time, fact, and bit of circumstantial and prima-facie evidence that his committee has uncovered so far. And it’s not all it-just 22 instances of it.

Prima facie evidence means.... there’s enough smoke here to create the strong impression of wrongdoing...and there’s enough for a judge to take this to a trial. To proceed with a criminal or a civil case.

In Latin, prima facie means ‘at first views. As in just based on what we have here...everyone can see a pattern of criminality, corruption, or wrongdoing that warrants further investigation-at the very least-and in Biden’s case- let’s not pretend it doesn’t.

Comer lists specific dates of meetings the Biden’s took with Hunter’s business associates related to Ukrainian deals and trying to influence US policy for Burisma and other ‘clients.

One involved an attempt to get a leader from Kazakhstan to be the next u-n secretary general.

For example-one bullet point: in February 2014, then-vice president joe Biden dined with oligarchs from Russia and Kazakhstan who funneled millions of dollars to hunter Biden and his business associates.

They have the evidence of the meeting. They have the sworn testimony of Devin Archer-etc. They have details on business meetings with Chinese business associates and money exchanging hands.

Comer includes the documentation on a meeting in May 2017, in which a Biden family associate emailed Hunter Biden and other associates to formalize how they would divide the profit from their deal with CEFC, an energy company linked to the Chinese communist party.   In that email, the associated   indicated joe Biden would receive 10 percent. He was the ‘big guy’ referenced, which has been confirmed by Tony Bobulinski.

This is what made me angry when matt called yesterday claiming there was no evidence: if liberals -intentionally- don’t follow along. If they are willfully ignorant as the details on this investigation have some out-

I’m not going to reach back and try to recreate six months’ worth of accumulating evidence like some performing chimp...when they call in and say ‘...where’s the evidence. Cite your evidence’ he was.  Your ignorance- is not my burden- in that instance....

He just wanted to call me a Klansmen and a child molester but I suggested he check out what Jonathan Turley and Alan Dershowitz are saying about this impeachment and this Biden scandal-because they are stone-cold liberals.

But they are also honest men. Both Turley and Dershowitz make it known-they are liberals. They didn’t vote for Donald Trump. And yet, as constitutional scholars, they have a reverence for both it- and the law- and aren’t going to lie or corrupt the constitution over politics.

And also-because they aren’t idiots- they see the clear pattern of corruption here, with money hidden in family members’ accounts. At least twenty shell corporations. Material on Hunter’s laptop that spells this all out.

This is where we are with joe Biden’s obvious corruption and criminality, now.

And still-these democrats are trying to insist that-until we have video of joe Biden taking a briefcase full of cash with a dollar sign on it-we have no proof.

Come on. You insult my intelligence-and your own-with that nonsense.

Jay Weber transcript segment 2 9-15-23

I did a segment on impeachment earlier and talked about how the democrats are trying to insist that-until we have video of Joe Biden taking a briefcase full of cash with a dollar sign on it-we have no proof- and that’s idiotic.

James Comer and house investigators already have a mountain of proof-and since a lot of it came right off of Hunter Biden’s laptop - every major newsroom in America has access to that proof, too, and instead, they are protecting Biden and participating in this foolish pretext that ‘there’s no proof’.

Democrats and liberal listeners: before you leap on that bandwagon and go ‘all in’ on the claim that there’s no proof- I’d wait a few days- because the effort is already underway by your party’s leaders to shift gears again- toss Hunter Biden under the bandwagon and finally admit he’s a corrupt, criminal, scumbag.... but then insist- his dad isn’t.

Joe’s just a loving father who liked his son’s friends.

So-before you go all-in on ‘there’s no evidence Joe did anything wrong’ and make yourself look like an ass at the BBQ this weekend- wait a bit-and watch how quickly this is evolving.

Get your new marching orders and silly talking points, first.

The truth is that everyone in Washington dc already knows Joe Biden is guilty. They know he’s corrupted and was hiding money with hunter.

And so, even as they pretend there’s no evidence of Joe’s corruption.... they have set up their new set of lies -which revolve around finally admitting it: hunter’s a scumbag crook. But then insist- he’s not his daddy...and his daddy did nothing wrong.

Bull plop. We already know he did. Joe Biden’s been lying about this for about four years and has already been caught in at least four different lies.

Watch as democrats shift the ground again to oh, of course hunter’s a criminal scumbag, but hunter’s not his father-  

The scummy Jamie Raskin was trying to sell that mularkey yesterday, as the top democrat on the committee that’s uncovering so much of this evidence. He sees it first-hand. He knows James Comer and the republicans already have joe ‘dead to rights’ on the proof. And so, he’s shifting to: Hunter’s the criminal. Joe’s just a loving father.

Good grief.

And I’m not guessing, here. The insider blogs have stories about how this is the new narrative: Pelosi, Schumer, Biden’s team-will have every democrat out there pushing the new theme: Joe’s just a loving father.

Watch for it.

And yes, Hunter Biden being indicted on three-gun charges-finally-yesterday -is part of it.

Yes. The new charges against hunter are part of the new scheme to protect joe. Critical, in fact.

Because the second part of this narrative is: and Hunter will be prosecuted.

So-to pull together the new spin. The new effort to gaslight the public-it’s going to be Hunter’s engaged in wrongdoing. And look...he will be prosecuted for it. But there’s no evidence joe Biden did anything wrong. If he’s guilty of anything, it’s being a loving father.

Why do they no longer plan to defend hunter?

They’ve been defending and deflecting for hunter for four years-and don’t pretend they haven’t. These same people insisted hunter’s laptop was a Russian disinformation campaign.

They’ve denied any influence peddling or wrongdoing related to Hunter’s foreign business deals. For four years it’s been: hey, every American has the right to do business in foreign countries. The president’s son and brother are no different. They’re just global businessmen.

And now? -the week impeachment inquiries begin? Democrats suddenly have no interest in defending hunter?

Why? What’s changed?

What’s changed is: republicans have a mountain of evidence that-prove- prove- influence peddling schemes and criminality. That’s what’s changed.

Raskin and the dems -know-

 (Listen to me, democrats in the audience so you don’t sound silly at the BBQ)

Democrats-know- republicans have hunter dead-to-rights on both selling access to the vice president and taking the tens of millions of dollars that he got for it-and hiding it in shell companies and the bank accounts of other family members.

The democrats-know- hunter’s a proven criminal.

But this is getting serious now. They can’t deny that any longer. That part of the Biden family corruption scheme they now need to cop to..

Okay, okay, Hunter’s corrupt...

But they still think they can gaslight the public into believing that Joe Biden had nothing to do with it.

They think you are dumb enough to believe that hunter and James Biden were selling access to Joe Biden’s vice presidency-without joe knowing it-and whenever they had to prove they had joe’s confidence-they’d call him up and talk about the weather.

This is what they are going to try to get you to believe: that a 40-year senator and 8-year VP was too naïve to understand what his brother and son were doing-and how they were making money off of him.

And they still have no explanation for the references to money for ‘the big guy’ or why hunter was paying all of Joe and Jill’s bills and major expenses.

They still can’t explain why Hunter was complaining that he had to give half of his money to dad.... etc.

Those are all very inconvenient facts that prove they’re still lying and that they-know- Joe Biden is corrupt.

And if you want to choose to continue to believe their bologna.... whatever. But they’re insulting your intelligence, and you’re letting them.

As Miranda Devine of the NY post puts it: gaslighting the entire country is their only defense.

It’s the only one the Biden’s have. Luckily. They have a very compliant lapdog media that will act as their accomplices on it.

But yes, my friends-remember-Hunter Biden is staying in the white house. He’s around joe constantly now. He’s said to be ‘advising’ the president on things. Joe and Jill Biden brought their coke fiend, hooker using son into their fold...where they can watch him.

And this week- when McCarthy officially moved forward on impeachment and unlocked new legal tools for house investigators to use to find more of the truth....Suddenly... Biden’s team needed a new strategy-

And it was: son, we’ve protected you all we can on the tax evasion and gun we’re going to have to use you to protect daddy.

I guarantee you that some version of this conversation took place this week:  look, we got to let David Weiss charge you for the gun stuff. And it’ll sound ominous. It will convince the public you aren’t getting special protections from me...but you’ll never go to prison.

We’ll string out the court case for a year...and see how this goes. If we -really need you to take a hit-we’ll allow for a trial and a conviction. If we can’t stop it- but then I’ll pardon you the minute the election is over.

Remember- I’ve got nearly three months to pardon you-even if i lose. I promise you won’t do prison time. I’ll erase it from your record.

But- we need you to take a hit for daddy here.

Tell me that that conversation didn’t take place this week- and probably with Jill standing right there. She’s as involved in this family corruption as anyone...and is scheming to save hunter just like joe is.

Johnathan Turley suggested that we really could find out how much joe loves his son here-because if Hunter’s convicted and sent to prison- a pardon before the election would destroy any chance joe had for re-election.

Even the ‘but I really love my son’ nonsense wouldn’t be enough to save his presidency...or fly with voters.

In Turley’s scenario- Biden pardon’s his son. Admits it’s’ an abuse of power and says he won’t run again.

I don’t buy into that for a second: the Biden’s are going to try to engineer the pardon-after-the election. If they can delay the trial long enough. And I’m guessing an entire team of white house lawyers and having Biden operatives on both sides of the table will be enough to do it: Biden’s team can orchestrate and manipulate hunter’s private lawyers-

And they can orchestrate and manipulate Merrick Garland’s DOJ and David Weiss’s prosecution. There’s still no way Hunter Biden ever goes to prison, here.

Now-you’ll sound a lot smarter at the BBQ.   

photo credit: Getty Images

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