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Biden administration cancels remaining oil and gas leases in Alaska

Jay Weber transcript 9-8-23

I’ve been trying to detail some of the truly unamerican, anti-capitalist, and insane regulations that Joe Biden and his regime are piling onto the American people- and doing it all so fast-and with so little notice that the u-s media can’t keep up.

And that’s if they would even-want- to report the stories.

The blazing speed at which the Biden regulators are slapping new taxes, new fees, expensive new regulations and compliance costs on Americans and as impressive as it is mortifying.

Half the time-probably ‘most of the time’- they aren’t even following the public notification laws that we have surrounding any new regulations. They’re just ramming them home and springing them on the rest of us.

And many of them are very significant and consequential and harmful.

Yesterday’s move was another example: with the wave of his hand- Joe Biden canceled all oil and gas drilling in the Alaskan arctic sea and wildlife refuge.

This, too, simply ignores actions that were taken during the trump administration to sell new leases to the energy companies up there- which should represent a binding contract-

But eh- not when dems are in charge: Biden’s regime just arrogantly insists that those leases are no longer valid. They’re just dead. Off the table.

This is just the latest -wildly unnecessary and crippling move that the Biden team has made when it comes to our energy sector.

Suddenly, no ‘pay off’ to the eco-zealots and their activist groups is too big and too extreme. The Keystone pipeline was a huge job creator and a huge win for everyone- and Biden snuffed it out on his first day in office-because he’s a slave to the eco-zealots.

The made zero sense. The Canadian oil it was going to transport now needs to be moved by truck, ship, and railcar, where there’s more risk of an accident and far more carbon pollution created just to move the oil. The zealots don’t care-and so neither did joe or the radicals running his regime.

Then, in the ensuing three years, we’ve seen Biden’s team place millions of additional acres of federal lands and waters off limits to drilling and mining...even as they pretend, they are going to create millions of new green manufacturing jobs here.

With what? If we can’t mine for the materials, we can’t build the batteries, cars, and windmills.

So it’s all a series of dangerous lies and decisions.

And this one is the latest.

In fact- it was such an outrageous move ‘out of the blue’ that lawmakers from both sides are infuriated over it.  Joe is even ignoring some of his own party members

The horrid Deb Haaland, Biden’s interior secretary, is pretending as if the leases that were sold during the trump era didn’t go thru sufficient environmental review, first, and so that’s why they have a right- nay-a responsibility- to cancel them.

And they have no trouble finding lefty judges in Washington DC to agree with them.

Do you know that other countries will keep drilling up there?

The left wants to gloss over the fact that -if we don’t drill for it- Russia and China and other countries will. Including Canada.

As God awful as the Trudeau era has been for Canada-even he hasn’t moved to kill off drilling for oil as aggressively as Biden has here. He knows it’s a vital part of Canada’s economy...and so...other countries are going to go after this oil-and most of them- like Russia and China-will go about it in a far dirtier, far less responsible manner.

But- thanks to Biden and Haaland we can give ourselves hugs and virtue signal...and pretend like we’re doing something for Mother Gaia.

They’re not.

All they are doing is willingly giving up America’s energy resources-and global energy power- to other countries. In some instances- enemy countries.

These are truly ‘America-hating’ moves, folks. There’s nothing ‘environmental’ about them. Every one of these moves only leaves the ‘fossil fuel extraction’ to our foreign enemies and foreign countries whose drilling and mining methods are far more damaging, polluting, and toxic than any of our processes.

This green movement is a complete farce, and the left is using it to implement central planning, and socialistic control of our lives, because they can’t sell their socialism more honestly.

The American people would reject it-and so they are implementing the same sorts of harnesses, controls, and burdens on the American people-and on capitalism- 

They’re just doing it in a different, sneakier way.

Folks- the Biden regime and America’s crybully eco-zealots have just empowered Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and the rest of OPEC- to further control and manipulate the oil and gas markets-and build their countries at the expense of ours...and our energy policy.

I know Joe Biden and half his team would insist that ..her. We love this country. We’re trying to do our best for it....

But genuinely, people, this move and the outrageous regulatory jihads that they are on- are anti-American, anti-capitalist, and harmful to this country.

They aren’t helping build the country’s future. They aren’t directing us onto a stronger, more sustainable path for the country.

They are stripping away rights. Crushing the citizens under new burdens and restrictions, and making the country weaker with every knife stroke.

photo credit: Getty Images

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