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8.6 million in just three years of open borders

From the ‘Democrats are destroying everything’ file- the union for border patrol agents posted this, yesterday, on their Twitter/X feed:

That’s from the National Border Patrol Union... In reaction to a new govt report that counts the number of illegal aliens that Joe Biden and the democrats have allowed to flood into this country since Biden took office at 8.6 million.

8.6 million in just three years of open borders.

Moreover-the report indicates that nearly two million of that number is ‘got-aways’- meaning illegal crossers that our border agents spotted-but could not manage to corral and arrest. They saw them sneaking in the country but couldn’t stop them.

That’s what the ‘got-away’ figure is. And I’m convinced that most Americans have no idea how many of these illegal foreigners Biden and his govt are letting into the country, because when you go on message boards or social media.... it’s clear that all sorts of people think that most of the illegal aliens that Biden’s border patrol is dealing with- are deported or barred from entry.

No, no. Nearly all of them are-let in! And this 8.6-million new illegals figure verifies that.

It wasn’t so long ago-in the bush and Obama era-that the government estimate was that about eleven million illegal aliens were in this country.

It was more than that-but the Bush and Obama governments and the media minions all wanted to stick with that figure. Eleven million.

Well-if Biden has already let in nearly nine-million illegals during his term...which works out to nearly 3-million illegals per year-

(You know where I’m going with this)

It means that by the time Biden’s first term ends next year, he and his putrid team of America-haters will have let 11- million illegals flood into the country and in just four years will have doubled that long-standing estimate of how many illegal foreigners are in this country.

In one term-Biden will have taken this country from 11 or 13-million 21- or 23 million. And his fellow democrats will have supported it and quietly cheered it the entire time.


What do they hate-so much-about this country, that they would allow this sort of invasion of poor foreigners to flood into the country who are then added to the crushing burdens of our welfare system, our schools, and hospitals, and police departments...and other public services.

Why? Would any administration who cares about this country allow this?

And in the case of these ‘got-away’ groups- of which two million more illegals join their ranks in America under Biden-   we have no idea who any of these people are. They aren’t bothering to register a bogus asylum claim with the government like the people Biden and Mayorkas are allowing in. Many of them will have criminal records and be gang members from south American countries.... right?

One great indication that they are up to ‘no good’ is that they run from the border patrol agents who are trying to get to them. Folks, in Obama and Joe Biden’s America- most illegal aliens who could get across the border would then -go searching-for a border agent. They want to be picked up. They want to be taken to a processing center to be fed and given a shower and new clothes and a place to say.

They have their ‘magic words’ memorized so they can claim a bogus need for asylum.  

This is so out of control that most illegal crossers aren’t running from agents, anymore, they are seeking them out. They want their shower, their meals, and a bus ride to Chicago or Jacksonville, or wherever.

And so- if groups of people are fleeing from the agents and not wanting to be caught-that’s a strong indication of criminal behavior...or criminals and terrorists who don’t want to be caught.

I still marvel at the fact that we must have had hundreds if not thousands of dangerous global terrorists sneak into this country by now and no one seems to care.  Biden and the democrats will just spin a new tale and somehow try to blame it on republicans when the next major terror attack occurs inside this country...and hundreds or thousands of Americans die.

The democrats who are responsible for letting the jihadists in will simply spin and lie and claim that they couldn’t close this border because the evil republicans didn’t want to fix the broken immigration system...

Which is a load of crap, of course: we could close and control this border-today- and it doesn’t have anything to do with any other change needed in our immigration system.

Sincerely. The two are not linked in any way.

Yes. Immigration reforms are needed. Visa reform is needed. We could adjust the caps to let more foreigners in legally each year.

But none of those changes are needed before we can close and control the border- nor is controlling the border predicated on any of them.

Every country in the world has a less generous immigration system then ours in the u-s, and yet every other country in the world seems to be able to close and control their borders.

Including third world countries.

This isn’t even a difficult endeavor if democrats honestly wanted to do it.  They don’t. Their party -wants- open borders and joe Biden’s regime has purposely engineered open borders, while pretending that they are doing their best to stop the flood of illegals.

No, they are not. They are doing their best to encourage it.

I love this idea-but I think Kevin and Mitch will be too wimpy to do it: a few congressmen, like Chip Roy of Texas and Claudia Tenney of New York- want to slash Alejandro Mayorkas’ salary down to one dollar-

A move that congress can, apparently, make. They want to make this part of the current budgeting process.

Slash this evil lizard’s salary!

McCarthy and House Republicans should do it.

photo credit: Getty Images

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