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Dems getting jazzed over the 14th amendment to remove Trump from ballot

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-5-23 7:40am

This effort to have Donald Trump blocked from the 2024 ballot is now taking on steam- given that the numerous indictments against him have only seemed to make trump’s level of support- stronger-on the GOP side of the aisle...

And we’ve talked about how the democrats need to be careful here-not to overplay their hand- because they really do start to look like cheating, conniving scumbags at some point.

And yeah-they have looked that way to us for many years, yes- ever since the smear campaign related to the fake Russian hoax...

But I’m talking about-to average voters- at some point, this jihad to ruin Trump starts to look way too nasty-and way too ‘unamerican’ and it backfires.

Folks-these democrats have already orchestrated an unamerican effort to destroy their biggest political enemy via abusing government agencies and the legal system.

Now they are really going to try to abuse the constitution and civil war era insurrection rules to keep Trump off the ballot.

And I think you understand that keeping trump off the ballot in just a few key states could literally change the outcome of any primary if he’s not even on the ballot in big, key states like California or New York or Illinois, where there are a lot of electors up for grabs...

Which is why I don’t see any of these lawsuits originating until it’s too late to keep him off ballots in the primary states (remember, the dems want him to get the GOP nomination, so they won’t impede that)

But then- in a general election race-barring trump’s name from being on the ballot could easily keep him from being able to reach the 270 electoral votes he needs to win.

And so, the left wing college professors and activist legal minds are really jazzed to try this maneuver. You can tell we-will-have cases, wasting tens of millions of dollars and wasting the court’s time, that take this all the way up to the supreme court.

Listen to dem senator Tim Kaine-who isn’t even a rabid leftist-and what he said this weekend.

I love how it’s just taken ‘as a given’ that Donald Trump orchestrated or participated in an insurrection.

Famously and importantly- trump was never charged with insurrection during his second impeachment trial-which was over January sixth.

And famously- trump wasn’t charged with insurrection when the special prosecutor, jack smith, just recently filed federal charges related to January sixth. Insurrection. Trying to incite an insurrection. Participating in an insurrection-weren’t among the charges.

And so, it’d be easy for the Supreme Court to rule that there’s nothing that bars trump from the ballot.  

No, this movement is growing on the left …on the simple.... pronouncement on the left...that trump is an insurrectionist.

Those pushing the theory are simply acting as if ‘this is a given’. Just as certain as today is Tuesday-Trump is an insurrectionist.

And boy, does that ever free them up to pursue this: the fact that, we’re just taking it as a given that Trump committed insurrection’.

Listen to the genuinely putrid Adam Schiff-one of the authors of the Russia hoax- on this matter:

And don’t buy it for a minute that the ‘section doesn’t say the person needs to be convicted of insurrection’.... bologna.

Of course, they do.

But democrat Sect’s of State in blue states are trying to come up with reasons to keep trump off their ballots...and how to encourage- encourage- private citizens to bring lawsuits.

Remember- you need a standing to sue-and so-in all of these blue states, the sects of state are going to be looking for members of left wing activist groups willing to be the face of their lawsuits.

In fact, there’s a liberal lawyers group called ‘free speech for the people’... That says they are looking to challenge trump’s candidacy in multiple states.

This-will- end up at the US Supreme Court.

How is the best way to defeat your political enemy? Don’t even allow him or her to be on the ballot. 

Do you think today’s leftists are ‘playing for keeps’ yet?

Do you believe us, yet, when i and others outline how today’s leftists are looking to grab permanent control of this country now, in this era, and they will do it any way that they can?

We have democrats here in Wisconsin that insist Ron Johnson is an insurrectionist-

And that congressman Derrick Van Orden quote participated in the insurrection.

Van Orden was- present- at the peaceful march and capitol that day. Sort of ‘in the area’, as I understand it- as tens of thousands of peaceful patriots from across the country were.

Van Orden wasn’t even one of the people who peacefully walked thru the Capitol and stayed within the rope lines.

He was just-in the proximity of the capitol-that day...and the lefties in his district are already framing him as an insurrectionist.

Can you imagine how many republicans would be smeared with that label and targeted for destruction if this gambit worked?

If the supreme court said trump was barred from the ballot?

It won’t happen.

But-it will chew up a lot of time and effort and it will get a lot of media attention-

And hey-just having the conservative court reject it will help the dems in their effort to smear and destroy the court, too.

And so-it’s all worth it to the left. Let’s do it.

they are trying to ensure that he-is-on the ballot in most states.... after they have assured that he cannot possibly win the race.

Remember what this is about: ensuring GOP voters are so enraged they make Trump the nominee...while ensuring that there’s no way he can win.

photo credit: Getty Images

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