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We need details on the return of the $7 billion dollar surplus to taxpayers

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-25-23 4:40am

It’s high time for Robin Vos, Devin LeMahieu and the republicans putting together the budget in Madison to start detailing how much of this seven-billion-dollar surplus they are going to return to taxpayers. And how. 

So far- 

For months now-every news story and every bit of focus on this budget they are crafting is about how they are spending the money...Including all of the focus on a very generous revenue sharing package that spends tens of millions more than republicans initially proposed and is likely to lead to even more taxation on residents in the Milwaukee area...  

Well, that’s not conservative-minded thinking. 

It’s fine to address some needs in a time of surplus-but come on- we fiscal conservatives have been patient. We are nearing the end of this process and the one thing that -hasn’t been addressed-by a group of allegedly conservative lawmakers-is tax relief in the time of surplus- 

After all- a large chunk of this 7-billion-dollar surplus is money that represents over-taxation. So-give it back. 

Stop focusing on new freebees and bail outs for Milwaukeeans whose leaders have tragically mismanaged their budgets for decades and start talking like fiscal conservatives again. 

For heaven’s sake- Devin LeMahieu doesn’t even agree that taxpayers should at least have to agree to  a permanent and significant bump in their city and county sales taxes! 

It’s a good time to remind these conservative republicans who are putting the budget together that they are conservative republicans!! 

Enough with the relentless talk of more spending, already. You’re starting to hack off a lot of your fiscally conservative supporters. Including me. I haven’t been overly critical of some of these spending moves they are making, (even if i don’t really like them-) 

But i have been waiting for them to detail how much of this money they are going to be returning to us- the people who overpaid in the first place. 

You promised to give a big chunk of it back...So, give it back. And tell us how you are going to do so.  

A few weeks ago, I had Robin Vos on the show to talk about these budget matters-and the only question that he was vague on-was this one: how much money we taxpayers getting back-and how? 

He said- we will-but didn’t have any concrete answers on-how much or how- 

Well-darn it-we are now getting close to June and close to the end of this budget process. And all we’ve been hearing about is generous spending. You seem to have given plenty of thought to those. You can detail the spending. 

Start detailing the ‘saving’.  

It’s time for these republican lawmakers to remember who voted for them-and what their mission has been in Madison for all these years: cut taxes. Engage in more responsible budgeting. And when there’s a surplus-either save it or give it back so.... Blast it! Start detailing how much of this you will be giving us back! 

So-consider this an official request to any GOP lawmakers listening dammit, get to the tax cutting and the ‘refunding of the surplus’ part of this.... 

photo credit: Fox 6 News/Milwaukee

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