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Chicago is about to get a whole lot worse

 Jay Weber Show transcript 5/25/23 7am

It’s been a century of bad budgeting by democrats leading to a modern-day hell hole: Chicago. 

As voters of that city went to the polls, I suggested they had a clear choice to make either vote for a more reasonable candidate and attempt to save their city from a socialist death spiral that its’ entering- or- vote for more of the same. More crime, decay, and vacant buildings. 

And- the people of Chicago voted for more crime, decay, and vacant buildings, which prompted me to say-the day after election day- any decent people still left in Chicago-flee. It’s time to get out. If you’re a republican or a conservative-we’d love to have you up here- 

If you’re a democrat who still hasn’t learned their lesson-and won’t start voting republican- then go elsewhere-but- I said- Chicago is about to get a lot worse. 

Well- in the days since Brandon Johnson's swearing in as Chicago's socialist new mayor- I've been struck by the number of Chicago area pundits and columnists who agree with me.  

Every one of the moves Brandon Johnson has proposed so far- only drives more taxpayers and businesses away. 

Let me put that a different way: all of the moves Johnson is making drives all of the good and productive and ‘community building’ people away.   

More and more, what’s left, is just the takers and the turds. 

And this is what Chicago will become-even more so than it already is. 

Why are today’s democrats so hell-bent on driving away the very people who their communities rely on for economic prosperity and good paying jobs? 

It’s insanity.  

And it gets worse: now that socialist and big government groups know that they have an ally in the mayor’s office in Brandon Johnson-they are coming out of the woodwork to propose even more taxes... 

There is one group-alone- that is calling for 8-billion dollars of new taxation. 

8 billion. 

Don’t be surprised when even long-time Chicago institutions start to move out.  

The Chicago mercantile exchange isn’t threatening it yet-but their CEO is at least talking about it- 

And worse- he’s spent years getting the Merc ready for any necessary move.   

Folks— When the Chicago Merc is preparing to leave- Chicago is becoming unsustainable. 

The democrats are destroying our greatest American cities. 

photo credit: Getty Images

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