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Trump's PAC has already spent 15 million dollars attacking DeSantis

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-23-23 7:40am

I made some brief comments earlier about the part of ‘Donald Trump 2024’ that I like the least: it’s the always-pervasive anger and nastiness and lashing out at anyone who he disagrees with- or believes wronged him. 

The list of targets includes all sorts of good people and very solid-to great-conservatives who trump loved and praised for the longest time-but suddenly insists he hates-because they are losers, and frauds, and incompetent, etc. 

And this includes all sorts of people who Trump specifically hired and had running his first administration.   Trump and these people had a very successful first run- 

But now, they’re all turds and losers? 

It’s just- the most unappealing part of Trump’s nature and it has been more publicly unleashed than ever before- 

And if- 

If- Donald Trump manages to lose a GOP nomination that he seems to be pre-ordained to get at this point? -Well- it’ll be because of this unappealing, off-putting new nastiness that he’s showing. 

Even as Trump said nice things about Tim SCOTT entering the race yesterday-because he’s no threat to trump and actually helps him out by splitting the not-trump vote- 

EVEN AS HE PRAISED SCOTT-HE WENT OUT OF HIS WAY TO BLAST RON DESANTIS-QUOTE: “good luck to senator Tim Scott in entering the republican presidential primary race it is rapidly loading up with lots of people, and Tim is a big step up from Ron DeSanctimonious, who is totally unelectable.” 

See? The most popular governor in America is ‘unelectable’. 

Donald Trump loved and praised Ron DeSantis for several years...Until DeSantis became a more popular figure and trump perceived a threat for party honcho- 

Then-DeSantis was suddenly awful. In every way. Dreadful. 

And this is the part of the 2024 Donald trump that I hate: the way he is doing more damage to his own party than he is to the democrats. The way he’s using democrat talking points against his rivals...Like any cheap dime-store democrat would. 

And if you think that I'm being too harsh on president Trump-consider this. Insiders say that Trump’s PAC has now spent more on ads attacking and trashing Ron DeSantis with cheap dem attack lines-than he ever spent on backing republican candidate's last fall. 

And it has spent almost zero money actually promoting Trump. 

Trump’s Super-PAC, MAGA Inc. , has already spent 15.3- million dollars attacking Ron DeSantis. How much has it spent on ads supporting Donald trump? 15-hundred dollars. That’s it. 

Every cent spent is on negative DeSantis ads. 

Moreover-last fall-Trump’s PAC only spent 15 million to support all of those hundreds of candidates up and down the ballot that Trump endorsed. That’s not ‘nothing’, but it’s not a large figure... 

And it suggests this, clearly: Donald Trump and his team see more value- in trashing DeSantis and republicans who don’t like Trump than they see in elevating republicans and helping them defeat democrats. 

Trump is clearly angry that Ron DeSantis's message to the party’s biggest donors-for months-has been I can beat Biden, Trump can’t. 

Trump, no doubt, finds that infuriating, but it’s what the polls have showed for six months, and still show in the five swing states that will decide the 2024 general election. 

Trump also has to be angry that he’s lost a number of keys ‘major donors’ that have been with him since 2016- in favor of DeSantis. 

These are long time party insiders and donors who see the same thing I do: Trump’s appeal is limited to 24- and DeSantis isn’t. 

This race already-does-come down to about five or six swing states, and unless Biden's performance remains as awful as it has been-and forces all sorts of Americans to find a new appetite for Trump. 

photo credit: Getty Images

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