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The trans-bullying campaign is backfiring on the left

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-22-23 8:30am

I’ve been noting for some time now that-as the trans bully activists think they are on some sort of ‘winning’ streak here, or something- 

Instead, just about every court case and legislative action is going against them. In truth-the trans bullies are on a major losing streak-and one that they touched off themselves-by insisting on trying raise their political clout and profile-and force America- into accepting their creepy woke-isms and lifestyle. 

And to be clear: transpeople, men dressing as women and vice versa- have been around forever, and here in America- our basic take has been live and let live. 

You live your life the way you want to live it, and the rest of us will be ‘tolerant’ of it, even if we don’t like it: just don’t expect or demand that the rest of us embrace it, or approve of it, or don’t think it’s morally wrong.   Also- don’t think you are protected from any person or organization who disagrees with your lifestyle. This is America. We all have opinions. Some people will like you and some won’t.  

And so- 

That seems like a pretty great position to take -in a melting pot of all sorts of people, ethnicities, religions-etc.- correct? 

Isn’t that about the best possible way to live in America? ‘Live and let live’. 

But there’s a second part to this that needs to be stated: we’re willing to ‘live and let live’.  We’ll be tolerant, just so long as you don’t try to force your thing on the rest of us- or our children. 


Isn’t that the second part of any sort of traditional ‘tolerance’ statement in America? 

 So-what’s changed in the ‘tolerance’ equation that has turned this into a culture war?   

The trans-bullies and their left wing activist friends broke the second part of that agreement: they started to push their trans and alphabet lifestyles onto our young people. 

And don’t tell me that they were just ‘informing’ or ‘teaching’ our children about how people are different: that’s crap. 

The left has spent decades building indoctrination campaigns specifically targeting our children on things like global warming and left wing activism-and-the left’s alphabet issues. 

It started with ‘my two dads’ being okay for the kids- and has morphed into how explicit drag shows and gender reassignment surgeries need to be ‘normalized’ for our kids. 

No. They don’t. The left and these transbullies broke the covenant of ‘live and let live’ and so they shouldn’t’ be surprised at all of the push-back they are getting. 

 And as I say- in both court cases-and in legislatures across the country-they are racking up far more losses than wins. 

In Nebraska on Friday- the activist left lost on both a 12-week abortion limit being put into place-and- a law that bans transgender surgeries for minors. 

Both big wins for the people of Nebraska- both big losses for the activist left-  and who brought them on? Why were those bans formed and put in place? 

I have given credit, over the years, to the Walker-era and post-Walker-era republicans who are controlling things in Madison now, and how they have members that are good at anticipating what the next ‘left wing nonsense’ is going to be- 

And by the way-i am going to credit belling and i and talk radio in general, because we are the ones telling Wisconsin what’s coming down the pipe, next, in terms of left wing actions: whether it’s banning gas stoves, or putting on explicit drag shows in restaurants, or whatever. 

Our GOP lawmakers-here in Wisconsin-have been very good, overall, of getting ahead of it and passing laws that ban and block those actions. 

Well-I notice that-in the Biden era and with the democrats and President Biden now more-wholly- embracing and empowering the crackpot activists- 

That red state republicans, IN GENERAL, HAVE GOTTEN BETTER AT PLAYING PRE-EMPTIVE DEFENSE. They’ve upped their game. 

And here’s Texas house members-getting ahead of any attempt by the activists to find a loop hole for how and where they can expose kids to explicit drag shows. 

My point is: this new brand of bullying leftist is now routinely putting elected members of their own party into uncomfortable and indefensible positions: things like- we demand you vote in favor of children’s drag shows. 

Even democrats are saying, what are you nuts? We don’t wanna do that. 

We demand you support the legal railroading of Daniel Penny...The hero of the subway car. 

What? I don’t really want to do that... 

We demand you support gun bans. 

Huh? I’ve got a family full of hunters and about three guns, myself. No. I don’t want to support that... 

Hillary and barrack destroyed traditional liberalism. The socialists rushed in to grab control of the party. They are now largely calling the shots, and while Biden and Schumer and most dc democrats have rolled over to their demands- mostly because Hillary's loss had them shell-shocked- 

I’m telling’ ya-  more and more- elected democrats are going to have to decide whether to start pushing back against the craziness, wokeism, and bullying, or they are going to be akin to the Vichy French Who participated in-and collaborated in- the Nazification of Europe.  

This is what today’s elected democrats are-if they aren’t going to push back on this ‘new left’s’ marxism and open borders and pro-crime and pro-sexualization of children....Etc.   

They’re collaborators now, if they don’t have the guts to speak up. 

photo credit: Getty Images

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