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69% of voters see Biden's serious scandal

 Jay Weber Show transcript 5-12-23 8:30

A poll taken after the Biden corruption scandal came to light last week found that nearly half of all Democrats and over 2/3 of independent voters believe the Biden family engaged in serial corruption over decades- and linked to the countries of some of America’s biggest enemies- and that might just affect voter attitudes in 2024. 

Here’s a poll that ‘hints at’ why the left-wing accomplice media is so heavily invested in -not- admitting that the Biden influence peddling scandal is very real-and needs to be reported to the American people. 

family corruption scandal came to light last week- with james comer doing a bunch of interviews on it-and simply previewing what he had- 

But it was taken before Wednesday's actual ‘roll out’ of the more detailed findings-which really laid bare-this scandal. 

This poll was taken before Comer and his GOP house members-flat out detailed and proved influence peddling schemes that netted joe Biden and the Biden family at least ten-million dollars-from deals in countries like Romania and China. 

that needs to be emphasized because any poll results taken now would likely paint an even worse picture for Biden and the democrats. 

What Rasmussen found was- 

 ‘BidenGate’? 69% of Voters See Serious Scandal 

and- given that the president and his family -and entire political party- have laughed off these charges of corruption, bribery, and something akin to treason.... 

I'd call these significant findings: we’ve got nearly half of all democrats and over 2/3 of all independent voters indicating that they-absolutely-believe the Biden family engaged in serial corruption over decades- and linked to the countries of some of America's biggest enemies-  and gee- that might just affect voter attitudes in 2024. no? 

is this, perhaps, a hint at why the Biden regime, all of the top DNC leaders, and nearly all of their accomplices in the MSM are so invested in sticking together under a blanket of denial, here? 

is it any real surprise that after an hour-long news conference in which the scheme to sell access and policy favors to foreigners- as engineered by joe Biden, his brother, and son, the biggest news outlets in the country tried to pretend that the republicans ‘still had nothing’ that led back to joe? 

they know that most of the American people aren’t following along on the finer details of this scandal...and so they assume that they can just keep insisting that there’s no real proof anything corrupt, or criminal occurred here- 

 but even as early as it is in comer’s investigation-he and his investigators have already proven it. 

and the best their accomplice in the media can do is say-well-you don’t have any documents with Joe Biden's actual name on them. 


suddenly, we are using the ‘Al Capone’ or ‘John Gotti’ standard here?   

Miranda Devine of the NY Post has detailed a lot of the information on the Hunter Biden laptop and reported on it over the years. it was the NY Post-and only the post-that was dogged enough to report honestly about what the emails and photos and financial records on hunter’s laptop proved: a Biden family corruption scheme. 

and she says.... well...of course the shell companies and accounts aren’t going to have Joe’s name on them. this is why-hunter’s name-and other Biden family’s names- are on them.  

Deep State can’t cover for scale of Biden corruption

Joe Biden was still vice president. He’s been caught in a flagrant lie. and one that he has repeated-on tape-several times now. 

but, somehow, that’s not newsworthy today? 

These MSM outlets still went with ‘ Comer’s got nothin’. 

Folks-this is what news media corruption looks like, it really is. Cheryl Chumley details some of the things that the major news media members reported on Wednesday and Thursday-instead- of reporting on this Biden scandal. 

Notorious liar and NY turd, George Santos, of course....and Trump....of course they’ve got to focus on Trump and Santos when the liberal ship is sinking...but also... 

but somehow, none of them reported on the Biden criminality exposed- and in granular detail as laid out in a 36 page memo that congressional republicans had handed them. 

Folks-in today’s news media-especially-when staff cuts and overworked reporters mean that fewer stories are being broken and the newsrooms will just take the ‘easiest picking's’ in....most of the stories they write-come to them- via tips or press releases- 

in the day of ‘lazy’ news media- being handed a detailed set of facts on a Pulitzer Prize winning story like this should have had everyone at the NY Times, the Post, and every other major newsroom salivating. and they would have been-if this packet they were handed had detailed republican corruption. 

Alas, it was details on decades long democrat corruption....and so....these closet activists couldn’t dare report it. 

the deep state media complex is -also-very real, and as much as we conservative and alternative sources of information try to balance things out- the truth is that it is still the more legacy, traditional media outlets who command most of the attention and get most of the views from people and voters who-think-they are being informed. 

And I'll emphasize this again today:  any news outlet that doesn’t report on this very real and detailed biden family scandal now...has no credibility anymore. zero. 

Their editors and owners are proving tht they are really left-wing activists masquerading as members of the news media...and they are an to journalism and the so-called ‘fourth estate’  which used to take their mission to keep our leaders honest- seriously. 

Instead, now, they are naked propagandists. 

photo credit: Getty Images
story credit: NY Post and Rasmussen

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