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Biden exposed as a mob boss and MSM claims YOU AIN'T GOT NUTTIN'

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-11-23 6:10am

Yesterday, we ran the James Comer news conference, and I was questioning how the democrats and the MSM accomplices would handle it-

And yes- it was most likely that they were going to try to continue to spin and deny .and spin and deny...but I talked about the two other possibilities that -still- loom here-when it comes to this Biden family corruption scandal-because it’s huge- and it’s not going away.

And depending on how old and incapacitated Joe Biden gets over the next two years. Depending on how unpopular he gets and what his ability to win a second term looks like-

Two possibilities remain. Either the members of the left-wing media and/ or the other powerful democrats themselves could decide to start being honest about this Biden corruption and criminality to shove him off the ticket.

Both of those things are still a possibility: either the socialist progressives in the media turn on Biden and finally admit that this influence peddling stuff is real...and use it to try to force Biden out....

Or- other top party operatives and DNC officials which case.... their accomplices in the MSM would almost certainly join in.

But- for now?

For now-we got a disturbing and genuinely sad new level of spin and denial.

As Monica Crowley put it on twitter: yesterday, the country was presented with vast, concrete evidence that a sitting president took bribes from some of our worst foreign enemies-in in order to influence policy,

She called this ‘next level-enemy within’ stuff-

And she’s right...

These GOP house members-flat out- detailed and proved influence peddling schemes that netted Joe Biden and the Biden family ten-million dollars-from deals in countries like Romania and Russia- and this is just the start of their investigation.

The patterns are clear. The schemes are clear. They had the specific names of over 20 shell corporations and LLCs that hunter and other Biden's had set up as a way to hide and disperse these foreign payments that were coming in from these corrupt schemes....

And the MSM shrugged?


ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC-all avoided taking the news conference live-and of course they did. They can’t ignore the phone book’s worth of evidence that they were handed at yesterday’s event if their viewers saw it live...

And then...immediately afterward.... the members of those news outlets and the biggest lefty rags in the print media put out stories spinning it as essentially nothing and claiming that comer and the GOP still didn’t have any evidence that ties anything to Joe Biden.

Are you kidding me? Biden, himself, was one of nine family members who were being shoveled large sums of money, regularly, from shady companies.  Joe and Jill never checked their bank statements and wondered- where did this 100-grand come from? How did this end up in the account?

Come on.  

Moreover, nine? Family members, including several of the older grand kids, were routinely having money shoveled to them...or sitting in banks in their names.... including Joe and Jill? And they never talked about it? No one ever asked a question about-who is shoveling me all this money, and why? And why do I need to keep my mouth shut?

Come on.

What some of these ‘spin’ attempts by the media reminded me of.... were mobsters denying that the big guy was controlling everything.  

Know what i mean?   Al Capone’s name wasn’t on anything. John Gotti couldn’t be linked to anything. And so, they kept arrogantly telling the feds, ‘You got nothing’. Nothing’’....

I’m not exaggerating here, when i make this comparison. The media outlets embarrassed themselves yesterday, by so openly moving into ‘deny and protect’ mode.  They’re supposed to be unbiased truth tellers. They’re supposed to be jazzed by a good story. They’re supposed to want to root out corruption and keep our lawmakers and leaders honest.

Instead, they sound like mid-level mobsters?

Their reaction to evidence so damning that it amounts to Joe Biden being caught holding a bloody knife. And their take is still- ‘you got nothing’. The republicans got nothing’ on joe’.

It’s embarrassing and it’s just the latest overt, disturbing evidence that we really do have a corrupt, deep state cabal on the east coast that includes virtually every government agency, and even the nation’s most powerful media outlets.

Because- pre-Clinton era? Which is when the liberals in the news media decided they were going to go ‘all in’ as activists for the left?

-pre-Clinton era- this would have blown up into the great and terrible national scandal that it is.

This is really -next level- almost cartoonish-levels of corruption. And instead of wanting to investigate it? The liberal media outlets want to scoff at it and cover it up?

That’s alarming.


Liberal- constitutional expert Jonathan Turley was also flabbergasted at the spin. He was so strong that it could alter the earth’s axis.

And because Jonathan Turley is simply-an honest man-and is willing to admit the obvious- he watched this presser and tweeted afterward:

They were presented with obvious and detailed criminality, yesterday, with a direct link to joe Biden, and decided to go with ‘we still don’t see nothing’.

And they’re news people!

Byron Donaldson is this great, young, African American congressman from Florida, and he sits on this oversight committee and was part of the investigation, too and even sort of taunted the media, yesterday, saying: this is Pulitzer prize winning stuff that we are dropping at your feet.

Donald’s was also in banking before he ran for office, and had good insight on the myriad shell corporations that the bides have been using.

The news media, this morning, could be emphasizing this: that this is the way financial criminals act. The shady money transfers from foreign actors in enemy countries. The dummy accounts spread over at least 12 banks. The dozens or hundreds of shell companies with ridiculous names- all speak to political corruption and financial crimes.

And it’s no longer reasonable to just shrug at it and pretend that this growing mountain of evidence still doesn’t amount to anything.   

If this was a murder case- yesterday- we were essentially shown the video of Hunter Biden murdering the victim and then handing Joe, the dispose of.

That’s where we are on the ‘evidence scale’ here.

This is corruption and criminality on a vast scale, spanning decades. And it directly affects national security, given that the dirty top boss is now the president of the United States, and vulnerable to all sorts of blackmail and bribery schemes by the foreign dealers in enemy countries that he’s taken money from.

Come on, people.

As of today-any news outlet that didn’t report on this, and report on it honestly yesterday, has no credibility. Zero.

Their editors and owners are proving they are activist scumbags masquerading as members of the news media. 

And I know today’s elected democrats no longer have a shred of integrity in them-including Marc Pocan, Tammy Baldwin, and Gwen Moore...

But it’s amazing how not a single elected democrat has been willing to break ranks and admit- ‘this is concerning’.

I’m not even looking for a more honest ‘this is alarming, and we need to verify and impeach’...sort of reaction.

I’m looking for a simple, ‘I’m not an idiot. I’m not willing to sit silent and act as if this isn’t damning. We need to take a closer look.’

Not a single democrat is willing to say that-when- many of them would have- pre-Clinton era, when people who called themselves, democrats still had some integrity.

Newer congresswoman Nancy Mace has been blasted by both sides for trying to tell the truth instead of just follow the party in lock step.

She’s also on this committee-

And had this, yesterday.

photo credit: Getty Images

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