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We'll find out tomorrow if Comer really has the goods on the Bidens

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-9-23 7:!0am

It’s one of my hard-and-fast rules: never get your hopes up when it comes to a congressional hearing or investigation- they’re always more hype than ‘results’. The congressmen never do seem to get their answers...and no one is ever held accountable in the end...

So... I am trying to keep that same skepticism when it comes to tomorrow’s news-conference by James Comer and Chuck Grassley- related to the allegations from a new FBI whistleblower who has come forward....and a look at comer’s wider investigation into the Biden family corruption schemes.

James Comer is the head of the house oversight committee-and-now that the republicans control the house again- has been subpoenaing bank records and talking to cooperating witnesses to some of these Biden corruption schemes....

And he was on Maria Bartiromo’s show on Fox, promising to weave this all together for the public-and for the justice department- during a news conference on Wednesday.

Comer used language in the interview that’s going to make him look ridiculous if he doesn’t really have the goods, here and he was describing the information from this new whistleblower as ‘explosive’.


This is the FBI insider who says there’s a federal form that exists that proves-in 2018- the FBI investigated a credible allegation of then Vice President Biden engaging in a bribery scheme involving a foreign national.  

The very existence of that form- suggests that FBI agents investigated the claim and found it credible, and likely took witness statements, etc. And then-for some reason- it was never acted upon, legally. The whistleblower claims this was the Obama-era DOJ protecting VP Biden.

Well-if Comer can provide any proof of this-it really could be a game-changer-in the sense that it would virtually force the accomplice media outlets to cover it.

It sounds as if comer and Grassley are trying to get this information out to the public-before- Merrick Garland and Biden’s dept of justice formally file charges, or dismiss their case, related to hunter Biden’s’ tax evasion and gun charges.  The DOJ is about to announce a charging decision on that case-

And comer wanted to be clear-this whistleblower’s allegation was against joe Biden-directly- but it’s all related to the Biden family corruption schemes...and so...comer said...the DOJ is going to want to hear this.

One thing i have appreciated about James Comer’s approach to this Biden family influence peddling scandal-is that he keeps bringing it back to the president. The big guy. The guy who really was in the position to-first as senator, then as VP- sell access to our federal government and keep promises made- to shady foreign actors- in return for the policy outcome they wanted.

That’s scummy. Probably criminal. And it all starts with Joe.

Comer keeps coming back to the fact that-yes- hunter and Jim Biden were the go-betweens and the family members who went out and drummed up the sleazy foreign deals- but Biden was ‘the big guy’ who agreed to -repeatedly-sell access in influence peddling schemes.

This clearly went on for decades, and comer is promising that, tomorrow, he’ll weave it all together with whistleblower interviews, a timeline, and a shocking number of LLCs that were found in the names of at least 9 members of the Biden family that were being used to launder the foreign money.

And yes, comer says, some of it is criminal:

So, comer insists he has proof that the Biden’s received millions of dollars – with LLCs set up to disguise the sender of the money-and to deceive the IRS so the Biden’s didn’t have to pay taxes on it.

It's a massive scandal that could be blown wide open

This information tomorrow is what could finally blow this Biden-family-corruption scandal wide open...

And here’s one of the great things about it: this is a scandal that virtually every American can understand.... without having to know all the details.

Some political scandals are hard to follow due to the tedious or technical nature of them and a need to know all the players.

On this scandal- the players and many of the details are already known-but it’s not hard to follow Joe Biden and his family were selling favors to skeazy foreign actors- and collecting millions of dollars for it over the years, while declaring none of that money to the IRS.

This is easy to understand.

As Newt Gingrich said on Sunday: millions of foreign dollars went to the Biden family.

Bottom line. That’s just a fact. Millions of dollars went to the Biden family.


And why did they hide it from the IRS and the American people for decades?

This is all- verified fact. And it has been for months. It was-even before-James Comer finally got subpoena power and his investigators got on the case.

This could really be some explosive stuff tomorrow-and of the sort that even the accomplice media outlets cannot ignore.

Folks, depending on what comer and Grassley have-and can go on to prove- this bribery probe might be the final straw-

It might be the thing that has democrats looking to push Joe Biden off the 2024 presidential ticket in favor of someone else.

He’s already too old to do the job-and everyone knows it. Polls are now coming out proving that the American people -know- Biden’s too old.

On top of that, he’s been a sucktacular president, who most Americans don’t want to see more of.

His approval rating is already in historically low territory.

A wide and ugly corruption scandal like this- which has Joe and Jill Biden managing other family members in a scheme to enrich themselves by selling global access to the highest levels of the u-s government-


Our founders would have called that treason and hanged anyone involved. And we are talking about our-sitting- US President.

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