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University School is now one of the safest schools in Milwaukee. 

Jay Weber Show transcript 5/8/23 7:10am

Here’s a guarantee: University School is now one of the safest schools in Milwaukee. 

You may have heard that their leaders have decided to arm three of their five security guards. These are former MPD officers, anyway, who have been doing security for them for years, and so, they are more than qualified to carry a gun and make good decisions in any ‘active shooter’ situation.

Initially, the rumor was that university school officials were going to allow teachers to carry concealed-but that was incorrect.

And as it is- university school is in river hills, which is a safe community. It’s a private school that can act on its own and doesn’t need legislative or gubernatorial approval to do this.

Moreover, the school master tells the j/s that the board of trustees and the other leaders of the school came to the decision quietly and felt no need to formalize a notification to the parents

This is a simple-and logical-reaction to the rise in mass shootings across the country- in schools and in places with larger gatherings, like churches, big box stores, and malls.

It seems like we are getting a mass-shooting event every weekend, now, doesn’t it?

For several weekends in a row now, the biggest news of the weekend is another so-called ‘mass shooting’, and so, these school administrators are right to harden themselves at targets, no matter how remote a possibility a mass shooting incident might seem to them.

After all, repeatedly, we have seen schools in quiet, safe communities become targets for mass shootings-

And several of the shooters have explained why: because most schools are-ludicrously- advertised as ‘gun free zones.

By putting those policies in place and then-thru the public debate and as a matter of left-wing, anti-gun pride- then advertising them- we have made our schools into larger targets.

It’s why-if I was in the university school community of parents and adults- I’d say ‘great’-to this new policy, and I’d say, ‘now, let’s make sure it’s known’.

And I’m not talking about doing an advertising campaign. You don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself, either...

But I’d certainly want the word to get out in the media now-and occasionally- that our guards are armed in this school-

I tell you-

We know this from all sorts of mass-shooters, both those captured alive and those who left manifestos or plans behind: time and again, they say they chose ‘soft targets.

Time and again, we’ve had school shooters mention that- i was going to attack ‘that’ school...but it had armed security...or their security was too good...and so, i attacked ‘this school’, instead.

If, after all these mass shootings over all these years-

If we don’t start listening to what these madmen and social misfits are telling us- we are only costing more lives.

I’m an advocate of at least one-armed officer in every school- K-thru-12. I’d also allow select teachers to carry concealed after knowing they’ve gone thru a good training course.

Because we must stop offering-up our children as targets.

So good for university school.

While we are on the topic- I’ll ask you to take note of the fact that most of the democrats in charge of New York city and New York state-now seem to want to admit- that they’ve screwed everything up by listening to the extreme left when it comes to crime. De-policing, de-incarcerating, ending bail laws.

And I say they ‘seem to want to admit’, because they are -clearly-all too cowardly to just come out and admit it-

But Eric Adams and Kathy Hocul, in particular, as the ‘next generation’ leaders who inherited dysfunctional situations that were already being made worse by ‘no bail’ and ‘anti-cop’ policies.... are now trying to pivot without angering their activist base...and so they are going about it in a cowardly way, yes.

Kathy Hocul is particularly pathetic.

She’s been under pressure to reverse course on the state of New York’s new no-bail policies, which have made crime in New York and across the state far worse.

But she’s too cowardly to just come out and admit this is a failed policy that has made us all less safe...

And so, she’s been trying to ‘tweak’ the new no-bail law, instead. 

And so- on Friday-she was making a third attempt at making tweaks. Finally, her moves are sounding more substantive-but-

But those who are ‘in the know’, from NY crime officials to the former governor, himself, Andrew Cuomo-

They all say that this is just more smoke, mirrors, and nonsense. 

They are only interested in trying to navigate the politics surrounding the issue-instead of really addressing the issue.

I ask you: why is Hocul spending so much time trying to ‘parse’ and ‘pretend’ she’s addressing the problem-instead of ‘actually’ addressing the problem?

And the same goes for Eric Adams.

The answer is-because they’re so afraid of these bullying left wing activist groups that they won’t really go ‘all in’ and admit that no-bail policies and de-incarceration were an idiotic mistake and need to be dropped.

That’s why.

I know America has never really had an over-abundance of gutsy, straight forward, straight talking leaders- but my god, we don’t seem to have anything other than weasels and whiners now.

I’m still waiting for a single democrat mayor, councilman, or governor, to stand up and say: my party has been led down the wrong path when it comes to crime and public safety-and we need to reverse course.

This party’s leaders need to tell their activists to stop whining-and they need to push those extremists back onto the fringes of society-and of the party-where they used to reside.

Instead- they keep listening to them- and our overall situation in America keeps getting worse, and worse. Less safe and less free

story credit: J/S online
photo credit: Getty Images

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