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Fauci's covid narrative falls apart

Jay Weber Show transcript 3-9-23 6:40am

Robert Redfield was the director of the centers for disease control under Donald Trump-and when he was- boy- was he silent when I came to the lab leak theory.

But now that he’s retired...he’s eager to talk about it. Redfield-is- a virologist by trade.

He’s someone who immediately knew what a fast-spreading bat virus that had never been seen in the human population before-really meant: it was man-made.

We, the average people, wouldn’t know that-when an animal virus initially leaps to humans it is slow-spreading. It takes time to further mutate and adapt to its new human playground.

And so- any virologist worth his or her degree-apparently- knew immediately that covid-19 was almost certainly created in a lab. Because it raged thru the human population.

It was ‘raring to go’ when it hit a human host.

And Redfield admitted this in his opening statement before testifying in front of congress yesterday. He wanted it known-ahead of time- he is an advocate of the lab leak theory that his colleagues over in a different agency-the national institutes of health- have spent two years trying to dismiss.

Why didn’t Redfield express any of this- as the head of the CDC? I remember hearing him suggest a few of these things-once-in an interview-and that’s it.

And he has never said-flat out: gain of function research -started-a pandemic – but it has never stopped one, and so, we shouldn’t be doing it.

That’s quite a statement coming from a director of the CDC.

Another witness explained how this dangerous research ended up being done-in China.

That ‘other way’ was Fauci.

Dr Anthony Fauci and his boss at the NIH- Francis Collins- were apparently both okay with funneling u-s tax dollars thru a private third-party intermediary in New York- over to the Wuhan lab-to do that research, anyway.

Senator rand Paul is a physician, himself, and has been a very important voice in Washington when it comes to exposing the failures of our covid response-and where the virus came from-

And that includes- very early on- trying to hold Fauci accountable for almost certainly having a hand in it. Rand Paul said yesterday, he hasn’t even started to expose the ‘full truth’ here, in terms of how reckless our health agencies were with taxpayer money-funneled to labs in an enemy country.

Sadly, there is no genuine hope that this committee is going to get to the bottom of the covid leak, or Fauci’s role in it.

I expect any findings to stop well short of that. Because, while the dems on the panel pretend that they want answers, too, most of them engaged in partisan sniping, yesterday...

And their lead-off questioner derailed the entire hearing as he labeled a witness as a racist, due to some paper that he had written in the past.

Right out of the gate-democrats were trying to toss wrenches into the committee’s work.

That doesn’t bode well for the mission of ‘getting answers’ or of holding anyone accountable.

This should end with Fauci and Francis Collins stripped of their government pensions and in federal prison...and instead will live out their retirements with comfortable pensions and a smug knowledge that they ‘got away’ with something.

photo credit: Getty Images

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